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Well holy smokes folks you gotta be flipping my flapjacks what in the world so i wake up this morning my favorite app the hungry ball and trying to see what’s going on the market you know what’s going on with my stocks it’s on monday here looking down having a good day nasdaq’s having a really good day s p 500 is having a good day russell’s having an okay day up

0.43 so i’m like you know i should be green today it should be a decent day for me out there here today nothing crazy though because a lot of the stocks i have been buying in the past few months are russell stocks smaller caps in general so i’m like ah it’s probably not going to be too crazy here today okay i checked corsair gaming corsair is up one point six four

Percent i’m like okay solid day for corsair check palantir palantir is up three percent i’m like oh this is decent oh my what in the world chef the chef what the heck up eight percent out of nowhere i did not expect this when the chef is going on here oh my goodness look at this one taken off guys we got to talk about the chef in this video okay what’s going on

Here how do i view this whole situation here today like just out of nowhere up eight percent what in the world you gotta be flipping my flapjacks okay so um a couple things i saw out there and i don’t know if either of these are behind this move in the chef here today uh they could not be at all this could just be a freak move in this stock you know i don’t know

But i saw this this was uh you know from the fly largest borrow rate increases among liquid names latest data shows the largest indicative borrow rates increases among liquid option names and it names off a few stocks including tattooed chef here okay now i do not know once again if this has anything to do with the chef’s move here today but i do know chef was kind

Of tied in this situation and it’s absolutely a crazy move there okay also saw this over the weekend how much a tattoo chef is owned by insiders if you want to know who really controls tattoos jeff then you better know jeremy lafave excuse me uh then you’ll have to look at the makeup of its share registry large companies usually have institutions as shareholders

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And we usually see insiders owning shares in smaller companies i quite like to see at least a little bit of insider ownership as charlie munger said quote show me the incentive and i will show you the outcome powerful words from a wise charlie monger there tattoo chef is not owned by hedge funds looking at our data we can see that the largest shareholder is the

Ceo salvatore goletti sam goletti with 39 of shares outstanding meanwhile the second and third largest shareholders hold 3.9 and 3.7 of the shares outstanding respectively our research also brought to light the fact that roughly 50 percent of the company is controlled by the top four shareholders suggesting that these owners we wield significant influence on the

Business absolutely okay absolutely that’s the way it is and i feel very comfortable in that sort of situation honestly even a lot of the bigger companies i think a lot of people think some of these big techs nowadays and things like that uh they can control those companies even those companies are almost uncontrollable because the way they’re starting to structure

A lot of the big tech companies now is where essentially even if let’s say a zuckerberg or somebody like that might have 20 percent of the shares the thing that they do now is they basically make it so the voting shares are all their shares and so the rest of shareholders votes don’t really matter and they still hold the majority even though they don’t hold the

Majority of share so there’s different ways you know different companies structure things nowadays and i think it’s very important to keep that in mind our information suggests that insiders maintain a significant holding at tattooed chef insiders own 589 million dollars worth of shares of the 1.3 billion dollar company that’s quite meaningful most would be pleased

To see that the board is investing alongside them the general public holds a 29 stake in tattooed chef while this group can’t necessarily call the shots it certainly has a real influence on how the company is run our data indicates that private companies hold four point five percent of the company’s shares private companies can be related parties sometimes insiders

Have an interest in a public company through a holding in a private company rather than their own capacity as an individual while it’s hard to draw any broad stroke conclusions it’s worth noting for another area of further research and so you know you gotta understand with a stock like tattoo chef you know this isn’t even like a big wall street this isn’t a big

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This isn’t a wall street stock at all right now okay uh over the next several years i believe it will turn into a wall street start a stock i believe the hedge funds will jump in i believe wall street money is going to come flooding into the stock but it’s not like that today and at the end of the day even when the wall street money comes flooding in the stock over

The next few years uh sam goletti in the in the you know the big dogs they are still going to have by far and away the biggest ownership stake that doesn’t change it’s just you know at the end of the day like the big dog is going to run in and that’s what’s ultimately going to have a huge uh move in in the stock price in my personal opinion there okay if the

Company fundamentals would be the company fundamentals and they’ll be beautiful in my opinion but what will really get the stock price up in a massive way will be the big wall street money coming into stock over the next several years okay look at this i mean my gosh this is the the account i have the biggest position tattoo chef this particular account i have

50 499 shares of tattoo chef 76 000 upward movie today absolutely massive gargantuan move now okay so the question and the next question is going to be well is this just a one day dealio um is this gonna all go away tomorrow and the stock’s down nine percent it’s like oh that was a fun one day and then it’s back down eight nine percent whatever i mean you know

Still about an hour and a half of in the trading day left so we’ll see kind of what happens there you know so my personal opinion on this is first off who could have seen this move up here today where the stock is up eight nine percent here today like truly who could have saw this move uh i surely didn’t see this move happening today right i love this stock for

The long term but as far as like predicting whether the stock would go up or down you know eight nine percent no i mean i would definitely tell you if i had to guess um the odds are definitely in the favor of tattoo chef going up eight percent versus down eight percent but in terms of volume coming in the stock like a beast today no i could never have predicted

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This no one could have predicted this would happen today i mean look at the volume on the share state 2.4 million shares have traded and we still got over an hour and a half left in the trading day when usual volume is 1.6 million okay so this is a this is obviously in and right from the jump even if you look at kind of the beginning of the day here today i mean

Right off the bat it started in the 17s and then from there just went up and next thing you know it was in the 18s right so you know these sorts of moves no one can predict this whether the stock’s down up seven eight nine percent tomorrow i have no clue i don’t think anybody has any clue about that uh we will say that okay but at the end of the day like you know

Focus on the long term that could be the biggest thing i could tell folks focus on the long term you know if this stock’s up let’s say another seven eight nine percent tomorrow i’m not going to sell the stock i’m not popping champagne bottles it is what it is i think the stock is going to be an incredible beast over the next five years so whatever happens tomorrow

Doesn’t matter i’m not gonna if the stock’s down eight percent tomorrow i’m not going to cry myself to say oh shopping 80 today like it is what it is guys you got to focus on the long term these things you got to know how to value companies take advantage of great deals in the market and uh make some dang money and then that’s how it’s done folks so anyways hope

You enjoyed this as always if you want to download literally everything i possibly know about picking stocks making money from stocks running portfolios things like that as well as reading financial statements all those sorts of things check out the pinned comment down there you don’t want to play this game with a blindfold on take that blindfold off you got to

Know what you’re doing out there much love as always guys and have a great day

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