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Well honey there folks and welcome into this video here today hope you guys are doing great as always this is a big a big week for the ttcf squad tattoo chef okay yeah this is a big one needless to say all right the earnings are coming out this week in a matter of a few days here the earnings are coming out and i thought let’s do a dedicated video i know i saw

Definitely a lot of people requesting this me doing a dedicated video on these earnings do i think they’re going to beat the earnings miss the earnings what do i think is going to happen with the stock price in regards to i think this stock’s about to shoot up on these earnings like crash down um you know do nothing like what’s my opinion on all that so this is

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Market check out the pinned comment down there that is to apply for the private stock group in the private discord chat right already guys let’s get into this so first off where i actually want to start with this video is talking about where the stock has been the past six months all right so it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride needless to say okay i mean

If you go back six months ago the stock’s over 24 okay it’s over 24 things are looking good and then it goes on a dramatic crash down right i mean it didn’t happen all in one day or something like that but it was just it went down and down and down right and basically it wasn’t just tattoo chef got caught up into that anything that was kind of labeled a retail

Trader name all those stocks just got hammered right and from 24 to all of a sudden 420 of all days okay this is when it hit the lows intraday it says 1609 here on yahoo finance but intraday that day it was in the 15s yes you heard me right the 15s i was buying call options left and right and yeah the stock has gotten absolutely devastating and then from there

It starts to slowly come back to life gets all the way over 23 dollars at the beginning of june all to fall back down it has started coming back recently it’s at 2059. the stock is highly volatile needless to say okay i mean that’s you’re talking about some pretty pretty big percentages in quick amount of times we just looked at six months i mean this isn’t i

Mean this is something you might think you know would play out over years this is just a six month span okay so needless to say this stock is a volatile stock absolutely it’s maybe not as crazy as some stocks out there i’m sure there’s much crazier stocks than tattooed chef in terms of volatility but there’s no doubt when you go from 24 to 15 to back to 23 to 20

Like you know you’re moving okay you’re moving all around all right so yeah they need to say it you know for me as somebody that’s a long-term investor when i see a stock go down a ton that i love i get to pick up more and more shares which speaking about that this is where i’m at now with this stock as far as my biggest account okay this is a big dog account i’m

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At 921 000 worth of shares in this account keep in mind i own tattoo chef in other accounts as well and i own call options in regards to tattoo chef and lastly i’m not done buying i’m not done buying this stock either okay i’m still interested in more call options in 2024 call options come out in about a month from now and so needless to say uh you know corsair

Gaming win resorts tattooed chef those are the three the the ones that come to mind when i think about stocks i’m interested in 2024 call options okay this stock’s doing well for us so far just in this account alone we’re up 71 thousand dollars so far um so you know we’re doing good and i’m more than happy to continue to pick up shares of stock especially on

Any major weakness in regards to this one you guys know my stance on this one i believe this is going to be a food giant in the coming years and we’re just getting started this is we’re basically in the uh i would call it now the second inning of tattooed chef we’re in the second inning the first inning was getting the products launched right in 2018 2019 now

They’re starting to get into all the major retailers all the major retailers right just announced kroger very recently remember this came out back in july tattooed chef to launch and kroger stores nationwide keep in mind those numbers aren’t going to be baked into the numbers that are about to come out that’s going to be next quarter in the future quarters right

And um you know it doesn’t get bigger than kroger so i mean kroger target walmart sam’s club costco just about every single big player they’re going to be in them by the end of this year or they’re already in them guys okay and so you know the third inning for the company is really expansion of skus in these retailers and getting more and more skews so really

We’re in the second inning right now next year 2022 that starts the third inning of tattoo chef which is massive skew expansion in more retailers along with major international expansion in future years okay that’s third inning for this guy okay so yeah really really exciting this is why i’m planning to continue to continue to add shares of stock for the long term

Okay let’s talk about these earnings that are expected here let’s talk about it so first thing i want to actually talk about is there’s only two analysts putting up numbers for tattoo chef right now two literally two okay keep in mind this is about to change in a massive massive way starting in 2022 and then moving in future years in my opinion by the end of 2022

There will be a minimum of five analysts covering the stock to potentially all the way up to 10 analysts as this company ramps its revenues it reaches a bigger and bigger market cap over time and dare i say gets closer and closer to profitability this stock will attract more analysts more wall street analysts will cover the stock which is honestly a very very

Good as much as i don’t like analysts the end of the day they are a necessity on wall street because as silly as it sounds a lot of high net worth individuals a lot of institutional money and even fund money invest based upon analysts moving stocks up upgrading downgrading stuff like that as silly as i think it is at the end of the day it is very very important

Okay so right now is only two analysts that cover this stock they expect the company to lose one cent in this quarter all right now that number should be on an adjusted basis keep in mind guys there’s a lot of moving parts here the company is adding a lot of employees they’re adding more lines they’re obviously expanding into new retailers we don’t know if they’re

They’ve cut any of these new retailers on any special deals with the initial kind of shipments there uh we don’t know if there’s any you know i haven’t seen a lot of promotional activity from tattooed chef in regards to like you know uh doing discounts like hey buy you know five of our products get them for five dollars off something like that i haven’t seen

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A lot of that anywhere pretty much so now to say it’s not happening it’s just i’m not seeing a lot of it so i doubt there’s much of that going on but also the company spending on marketing how much did they spend this last quarter these are all things to factor in if you’re thinking about profitability of the company right along with obviously shipping costs

We’ve heard from a lot of companies just transportation cost in general right has been pretty substantially high and so is this something that’s hurting tattoo chef so this is a wild card number i don’t know what to expect all i know is tattooed chef i mean for myself and i think almost anybody that’s in this talk i mean we don’t care about the profitability in

The short term we all know or we’re all convinced and i’m certainly convinced this is going to be a profit beast long term right now i all i care about this company executes continues to put out better and better products more and more skus uh continues to build their brand and get more and more retailers with more and more products that’s what i care about the

Profitability in a food business comes and it when when it okay that’s all i gotta say about that when you scale up the you know food and drink businesses it is incredibly profitable and with the type of management team that that the tattoo chef has there’s no question in my mind that this is going to be a very very profitable business long term okay and so this

Number you know if they beat great if they miss great yeah it doesn’t matter okay the really important number for this company at this stage right now is right here that number right there that average estimate okay that’s important number folks that’s an important one 54 million dollars is expected for this company this is very key now i pulled up this for

You folks here okay this shows last quarter so last quarter the company did revenue of 52.7 mill so with most stocks i hold and most companies i hold usually i like to look at year over year numbers however when you’re in a business that is rapidly growing revenues at like a ridiculous clip like tattoo chef is right 59 last revenue or excuse me 59 increase in

Revenue in the last quarter right when you’re talking about that sort of business it’s really really darn key needless to say that you compare the previous quarter versus a previous quarter so 52.7 mil 54 mil i think they’re gonna be okay i really do think they’re gonna be how much i don’t know um i could see maybe a 5 million dollar beat a 10 million dollar

Beat you know they definitely had some big deals that went through in that previous quarter but guess what they all said some big deals that went through in this quarter as well as well as you know obviously uh filling in of product specifically i’m thinking about target so i don’t think this is a crazy number at all and i could see them doing 59 mil maybe maybe

Even 64 mil revenue i don’t want to get too ahead of myself and and you know i’d rather be a little a little uh more pessimistic in regards to numbers than optimistic but i it is not out of a stretch of the imagination at all for this company to you know maybe have done 59 mil to 64 mill in the previous quarter now keep in mind the kroger numbers aren’t in this

Okay so although that deal was announced you know in july like no kroger numbers aren’t in that kroger numbers will be in this quarter a little bit but really in in future quarters okay so yeah i think they’re honestly going to beat on revenues guys i really truly do okay i really do i don’t think it’s uh crazy to imagine that at all all right so let’s talk

About the stock price and kind of my view on on where it’s going to go in regards to these earnings so first thing i like to think about is okay i’m pretty confident they’re going to beat on on revenue right but maybe that’s already baked in maybe a lot of folks already expect them to be beat on revenue so maybe if they do let’s say they do 60 million revenue

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Instead of 54 ml does the stock pop on that i don’t know maybe not okay here’s why tattoo chef right now if we really think about who are the people that are really backing this it’s a lot of folks like myself right that are individual investors it’s kind of a newer company the markets it’s super fast growth right but it’s a food company and a 1 billion something

Dollar market cap this is not wall street stock yet next year it will be a wall street stock in moving into future years right right now it is not this is a a retail trader or retail investor name right and so when i look at tattooed chef although i expect them to beat on revenues and put up some really nice numbers and some incredible growth metrics year over

Year and even quarter over quarter i’m not so sure that the stock pops huge just for the mere fact that retail investors if they want to get in the stock they’re probably already in this stock now the one wild card here is if this is a quarter in which it puts it onto wall street’s radar i don’t i don’t think it’s quite that time yet i think like i said 2022

Is more that year it really starts getting on wall street’s radar but i can promise you i’m gonna promise you this okay if we see any major move up in the stock price that will likely be wall street money coming in okay there will not be retail investor trader money in my opinion retail trader investors are in this stock retail trader investors like myself are

Ready to buy this stock if we get any major dip at all in the stock like let’s say it goes back to 19 or 18 for whatever reason you know folks like myself are ready to buy right like okay give us more shares for the long term sweet awesome okay but if the stock goes up a bunch i’m not so sure like the retail investors or traders like i got to buy some because at

The same time we would likely be buying already right or we were already bought or we’d be buying right now right so that’s the way i kind of view this if it has any major substantial move up it’s likely big wall street money already getting in this one and i tell you if if they’re already getting in this one wee okay that’s all i’m gonna say about that we are uh

Yeah that’s that’s gonna be pretty darn exciting needless to say so i’m ready i’m ready to rock and roll uh i’m just really excited to see the numbers more than the stock price reaction the stock price reaction the job what always gets the attention right oh it’s up five percent oh it’s down five percent oh it’s up ten percent it’s down ten percent right that’s

What gets all the attention in the headlines but i’m honestly really excited just to see the raw numbers and uh what this company does guys i’m jacked up so i hope everybody that’s in tattooed chef squad is jacked up and uh and those sorts of things guys thanks so much for joining me as always i appreciate you guys for being here much love as always don’t forget

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