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A rough one out there today okay we got a lot to get into in this video let’s put it that way okay i got a lot to cover in regards to situation my opinion on this the shorts think they’ve now won okay after today and we’re going to talk about that a little bit we’re going to explain exactly what’s going on here go into a little stuff that’s going on behind the

Scenes i don’t think a lot of folks know about and uh yeah a lot to cover especially from a shorter term perspective obviously i’m a long-term investor in the chef we always talk about the fundamentals of the company the 62 branded revenue growth and uh the sku expansion store expansion all those things not gonna hear a lot of that in this video okay we got other

Stuff to talk about but yeah i can’t record myself today i just got to put up the picture that’s the we just lost a lot of money picture there okay yeah down a hundred thousand a day yeah no it is what it is well down more if you add up the other accounts i got chef and other accounts too down a lot more than that hey uh right off the bat here by the way uh if

You don’t mind smash that like button for me i need it today okay on a day when i get destroyed like this i i just need some love okay and the love is the like button and that’s it okay i appreciate you guys for being here so log into fidelity here and i get a message i’ve never seen before jeremy you have a margin call that is outstanding you are now bankrupt no

I’m just kidding okay no but in all seriousness i’ve never seen this message before earn income by lending securities you already own with fidelity’s fully paid lending program now i’ve heard of them you know fidelity or other brokerages sending emails emails to their customers about getting in this program so they can make a bunch of money but to have it right

At the top right when i log into my my big dog account right there it’s like hmm why are they doing this well because i own a lot of the chef shares right but it’s interesting that they’re so prominently just putting it out there right on the front page right and it’s because i got a lot of chef right the chef is at a current interest rate of over 20 percent so

Meaning that my hypothetical monthly income and i think this is just on my big dog account is near 5 000 monthly income that i could make for essentially lending my shares out there right and why would i lend it well you you lend it you’re lending it to basically those shares to be borrowed for short sellers okay now do i am i interested in this okay no okay

You ever seen the movie die hard uh a great movie okay you gotta watch the clock you know if you’re into action movies you gotta watch the the old school die hard man it’s a classic it’s the og okay it’s the best christmas movie y’all ever seen all right so there’s a there’s a scene in die hard he gets the end of the table the guy goes oh oh you’re at the end of

The table pal hey next time you have a chance to destroy your dirty short seller don’t hesitate and then bruce willis uh pulls out his long position in his margin account and says boom boom boom boom boom he says uh you know uh thanks for the you know thanks for the heads up essentially right and uh that’s how i feel right now at the you know as a against like

Short sellers like why would i go lend them a hand right now like you know what i mean like these people are the biggest trash talkers in the world they they make up whatever they’ll say whatever about stocks like why am i going to help them out you know it’s just no i’m good okay i’m in chef to make hundreds of percent over time or maybe even long term maybe a

Thousand percent right i’m not in this just to make 20 or something like that so that’s my opinion there i’m not trying to help these you know dirty short sellers out for even a second i’m good on a lot okay now let’s talk for a moment okay so the market is closed on monday so we’re seeing big selling pressure day stock down anywhere from seven to eight percent

We’ll see where it closes at here today we still got about an hour and a half before the market closes for the day right definitely some selling pressure keep in mind what did the chef do this week and last week to be honest it went on a massive run we knew eventually there was going to have to be a pullback day right i mean you know those you can’t go up every

Single day eventually something’s going to break here in the short term and the stocks kind of go down right it was just like counting the second still happened essentially you knew it just you know there’s no such thing as a stock goes up every day every day every day forever right eventually even the best stocks they have down days and we were due for one of

Those this stock rose all the way from 16 you know you could buy the stock two weeks ago for 16 bucks sixteen dollars right and it rose from 16 to where was trading at at the market open today was 24 and some change i mean when you have that type of rise in that quick amount of time you know that’s a crazy percentage increase from 16 to 24 plus in like like a

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Snap of fingers right i mean we’re talking what is that closest you know around a 50 percent you know rise in the stock price in a couple weeks it’s crazy right so definitely have some folks sell out short-term traders long-term investors like myself we don’t care like if the stock’s at 24 on friday 22 20 18 26 it doesn’t matter to us right but there’s definitely

A lot of short-term money in this right now and some of those folks said hey long long weekend let me go ahead let me go ahead and you know close some positions here and we’ll see what kind of happens when the market opens back up on tuesday now keep in mind this is a long weekend right and um you know folks that are really in the stock market what do they like

To do on the weekend they like to maybe do a little research uh maybe go on some forums maybe go on wall street bets other places right and um the chef has just barely started to get popular in some of these forums right you know the chef might seem like a really popular stock because i you know we talk about it on my channel a lot right but i can promise you

The chef is not a popular stock in the market in general it’s just very very popular on my channel right and it’s just starting to be talked about on a lot of these forums like wall street bets we’re seeing out there more and more i’m hearing of definitely uh and saw you know other big youtubers starting to make videos about tattoo chef right that are in the

More trading community and so when you start seeing some of this stuff it’s like hmm there’s more tension out there coming right this one says uh 16 hours ago was posted ttcf update wall street bets going on a diet vegan attendees diet bars and chips tdcf okay and you know let’s read a little bit through this and kind of what they’re talking about here ttcf has

Patents filed in july 16 2021 this just got you know came out very recently we covered this on the channel yesterday right all around this right he says this means that they have new products being created to expand their business outside of just a frozen food section this is a huge upside to ttcf because most people say they’re just a lousy frozen food company

Right this expansion of the business could really give positive price action when this is publicly announced and boy hungry dieting people will pay a pretty penny for meal replacements that taste good and keep in mind this is this has all happened on dl right i covered it on my channel and uh you know it’s been covered on wall street that’s a little bit but

Let’s be quite honest guys this is on the dl right now this is not you know the these patents and things like that and trademarks getting out there not not a big thing right uh you know it’s very in like very niche circles people know about this but not like the the mass or folks that are in the wall uh you know the stock market in general right going further

Down this rabbit hole looking at uh imitation rabbit meat of course on september 14 2021 on two tuesdays tdcf management will be having a fireside chat at cowan wealth health wellness summit this could be a day that they say something positively for the company boosting the stock price my theory is that they might reveal a new line of chips or dietary bars etc

Because of the patents they filed about a month ago and they’ve been hinting if anybody’s been listening to conference calls which you can listen to conference calls on the hungry bull app have you downloaded it yet that’s a way to track the markets track your stocks in general and listen to conference calls okay and if you listen any conference calls from ttcf

Recently right they’ve been hinting around the idea of getting into new product categories and snacks and things like that right and so they’ve been hinting around to this but they haven’t announced anything yet let’s be quite clear about that they haven’t said hey well now we’re going to start selling this chip product or these protein bars or something they

Haven’t done that yet right that’s just something coming right stick with me now september 17 the day the majority of these options are going to be expiring forcing shorts and funds to be covering themselves and buying shares of in the money contracts we can expect the price to be at least above 27 dollars by then this person says this will ultimately create a

Huge squeeze catalyst as of right now 4 million shares would have been purchased and people are just starting to pile into the stock also 4 million shares is a little more than double the normal volume of shares this combination of positive price action on september 14th will cause more calls to be bought and expiring in the money could cause a massive catalyst

If the squeeze hasn’t happened by september 17 and the price is above 27 dollars there’s no way in doubt that this will not squeeze the following week they say okay now this is obviously a huge deal in terms of that conference i i will say it makes sense what they’re saying here at least in terms of the company potentially launching their first products or

Showing off their first products that day or maybe a day or two before this actual conference the cowan health wellness summit i mean you know it does kind of fit i’m not gonna you know as a long in the stock i’m not gonna you know feel like down if they don’t launch something by that day i’m not gonna be like oh i’m selling all the stock because they didn’t launch

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Something between the before this conference or whatever right but i will say it honestly when you put the pieces together it makes sense that they might show off or announce they’re officially entering a certain category now do they announce they’re going to enter all these categories at once chips and dietary bars and all the other things they talked about

Right maybe not but they might at least announce one product you know prior to that conference essentially and then they might talk about that and you know why they think they’re going to be successful there what they’re planning on doing and the product categories they get in overtime right and then also in this story goes from people just trying to categorize

And when i say people mainly short sellers right just trying to categorize the stock as a frozen food company to oh yeah this is a frozen food company that just had 62 branded revenue growth last year which was nothing to seize that and tell me another food company growing those type of rates other than maybe my other stock the very good food company right that’s

Crazy numbers right but then all of a sudden you’re like oh yeah we’re going to launch this product and this product and they’re outside the frozen food aisles right that’s crazy and so think about the revenue expansion opportunity for the chef over the coming years right so that definitely kind of makes sense now they make another point here they say their final

Point the shorts are relatively just starting to feel the pressure they say most of shorts were not read until today the majority of shorts entered into their positions from february to june from this point onward the stubborn shorts have a haven’t had a good reason to start covering their positions they weren’t in the red and no fundamental change has happened

In the company they are still shorting they still believe that the company’s going under 16 eventually however they’re starting to be in the red this person says they they feel about half of them are about three percent red right now right now i have a little difference of opinion on this uh particular part here okay i i think there’s a lot of shorts that are

Actually much more red than maybe are talked about here i believe most shorts are shorted anywheres between 17 and 21 in the stock meaning i think the average short is in at about 19 roughly so if the stock is you know whatever it’s at today let’s see where it’s at today right uh 21.99 i believe the far majority of short sellers are red right now okay when it

Spiked up to that 28 i think that was for like a day and then it was down to like 24 or like a day or two later or something insane right there was a very short-lived kind of huge rally there that happened in the stock previously and so i personally believe most shorts are probably at an average of around 19 which guess what is right around the same price as my

Cost basis as a long this is honestly i feel like where most people are at roughly in regards to stock in the 18 to 19 dollar range i feel like there’s a lot of longs in those prices and shorts and so that if you’re talking about the real battleground prices 18 and 19 right and so you know some longs will look at and they’ll say they’re only going to buy if it

Goes under their cost basis so if they’re at a cost basis of 19 they’re like it has to go under 19. shorts are like oh you know i’m not going to cover unless it goes to 25 and so if it doesn’t go to 25 they don’t cover they still keep their short out there right and so this is where definitely this individual and myself have a difference of opinion i believe the

Majority of shorts are actually at an average price of around 19 if i if i had to guess on this okay and uh i’m sure there’s some shorts that are higher than that but keep in mind yeah when it starts to get scary as a short seller when it goes from you know 19 to 24 now you’re severely red right you’re you’re very very red and there’s a short there’s unlimited

Loss on the other side and there’s so much more fear that comes from being a short seller right me as a long like me is a long like if if tattooed chef goes down um you know 10 20 let’s say 20 it’s a bigger number but let’s say 20 i’m not scared i’m like i’m just buying the dip you know i’m a long-term investor in this i’m in this for years to go in the future

As a short the the thing that you got to understand from the short side the tattoo chef is going to keep beasting numbers and keep growing this business at a rapid clip and so short sellers the more time goes on the the higher and higher probability they’re going to lose a fortune and then if they’re having to pay high interest rates on top of all that this

Compounds the chances they’re going to lose bigger and bigger money right and so from the short side you start getting into this real pickle situation and then you get you know tagged on to these crazy interest rates that also talked about if they’re if fidelity’s gonna pay me 20 plus percent can you imagine the number the shorts are having to pay right now if

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They want to short this stock keep this in mind guys and so when you look at it from this perspective i think the shorts are in a world of hurt and i think there’s a lot to be scared about and then if also the tattoo chef doesn’t just have that crazy revenue growth in the frozen category but they’re like oh yeah we’re launching into chips we’re launching into this

Product that product and all of a sudden you know now they’re going from a place where they might have four or six skus in a store to also they have 10 skus in a store 20 skus in a store 30 skus in a store revenue starts ramping up 300 mil a year 400 mil a year 500 million a year and they have this huge short position on this just from the short side it doesn’t

Make any sense like what are they hoping for in this stock it doesn’t make any sense you don’t the last thing you want to do is short massive growth companies that have huge building brands like tattoo chef does right you just you end up in a situation where you’re just it’s so hard to win that it’s so hard to win that dang battle okay so it doesn’t you know

Doesn’t make any dang sense now in terms of kind of what what i’m viewing as things going on here right you know and this is a stock that is a battleground you know 18 19 it is a real battleground 16 has been the price that longs consistently have not let that stock go under right for the most part like 16 right around there also next thing you know the stock

Spikes up now we’ve also seen definitely some resistance around 24. so in the short term it’s going to be you know i feel like a a bystander in this situation as a long-term investor in the stock i’m expecting more fireworks between the shorts and and the the short term longs it’s calling that right you got the short sellers and then you got the short term longs

On this stock if you can call them longs right um but this is called more the trader community the trader activity and keep in mind as a stock is more and more popular out there more and more folks are going to catch on on the long term story that is involved in the stock and are going to get interested and keep in mind you know in a lot of stocks i’ve been in

In the past that have had some ridiculous runs like revolve upwork some of those stocks um the planet uh obviously tesla you know if you think about tesla you know some folk got in tesla just for the short term what was going on there right it was like oh the stock was starting to spike up and definitely some uh you know some some more short term in nature folks

Got on tesla hoping to ride that bandwagon right but then all sudden they really did some research in the company they realized how many big things they were going after they started doing some you know uh he started kind of finding out you know kathy woods bullsh thesis and a lot of very high level thinkers on where tesla is going over the coming years and they

A lot of those folks end up turning into being longs for the stock and i mean like holding for years and years to go in the future i think a similar situation just not nearly at the scale tesla happened but i think a definitely a very similar situation is going to happen here with ttcf where this talks talked about more and more it’s you know it’s it’s mentioned

More and more not just to the retail community but starts getting out through the funds folks maybe start get jumping in it for a short term something right and then also next thing you know uh they’re like huh maybe i’ll hold this stock for for the for the long term because this story is actually compelling even even you know you saw it with tesla right where

Tesla turned short sellers into longs right folks got in that because they’re like oh the tesla looks like it’s trading at some stupid valuation let me short the stock right then they start hearing the story more and more and they start putting these pieces together and they’re like i’m losing money this is dumb uh tesla’s got this huge future oh let me go long

I think i’ve actually a very very similar situation could happen with the chef where folks jump in it thinking oh this is an easy short it’s going to go to 12 or something like that right and then also they realize oh wow this company has this they have that and also in their short thesis starts to deteriorate more and more and more as the days and the weeks and

The months pass and the quarters pass right and then they end up turning into longs on these stocks and like man i can’t i can’t make money on the short side let me make some money on the long side because this is pretty darn exciting right so yeah as a long i’m a bystander in this situation but it’s pretty darn exciting hope you guys enjoyed this video as always

If you’re looking to apply for a brand new course how to invest like a pro in 24 hours or less check out that that’ll be the first pin comment down there much love as always guys and have a great day

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