U.S. Cannabis Operator Acreage Holdings Details Plans to Go Public

U.S. Cannabis Operator Acreage Holdings Details Plans to Go Public – RICh TV LIVE – September 23, 2018 –

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Some breaking news u.s. cannabis operator acreage holdings details plans to go public another ipo that you’re more rich is bringing first applied inventions management corp and acreage holdings announced proposed reverse takeover toronto and new york city september 21st 2018 applied inventions management corp otherwise known as applied and high street capital

Partners llc otherwise known as acreage holdings one of the united states largest vertically integrated us cannabis companies and now it’s today that they have entered into a definitive business combination agreement otherwise known as the combination agreement pursuant to which among other things acreage holdings will complete a reverse takeover of applied the

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Proposed transaction and the securities holders of acreage holdings will hold substantially all of the outstanding shares of applied following the proposed transaction otherwise known as the resulting issuer i believe this company is going to be huge okay following an extensive review of strategic options we believe in rto otherwise known as a reverse takeover

Best positions our company to maximize the large footprint operational depth and powerful consumer brands that we are building accessing the capital markets will provide us additional financial resources to continue innovating bringing consumers safe predictable cannabis products and providing them an extremely customer an exemplary customer experience this is the

Ceo kevin murphy of acreage holdings what do you think about this news what do you think about this company do you think that this company will be a winner i believe they will be a huge winner any news that breaks on this company i will break it first but like usual your boy rich wants to bring you the winners and we want to bring them to you first so take a look

At the news it’s trending right now it is acreage farms i believe this has a chance to be huge okay that is my opinion let’s just read what it says here an application has been made to list the resulting issuers subordinate boding shares on the securities canadian securities exchange otherwise known as the exchange upon completion of the proposed transaction the

Listing will be subject to satisfying all of the exchanges initial listing requirements let’s learn about acreage holdings acreage holdings is a vertically integrated multi-state owner of cannabis licenses and assets in states where either medical and or adult use of cannabis is legal headquartered in new york acreage holdings owns or operates cultivation processing

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And dispensary operations and has one of the largest footprints of any cannabis company in the u.s. at right one of the largest footprints of any cannabis company in the u.s. unbelievable acreage holdings is dedicated to building and scaling operations to create a seamless consumer focused branded cannabis experience now this is breaking news and this is going

To go live in november so if you’re interested in getting involved in this bad boy get ready prepare yourself were not far away and my opinion is that it’s going to explode what do you think if you agree with me smash that like button if you disagree let me know i want to know why do you think it’s going to be a winner why do you think it could become a loser why

Do you think it’s going to go up why do you think it’s gonna go down i want to know what you guys think read the news this is on new cannabis ventures and it is going public in november this is big news exciting news what do you think about it please comment down below i want to know what you guys think here it is pursuant to the proposed transaction the applied

Securities holder immediately prior to the completion of the proposed transaction will hold post consolidation applied class a subordinate voting shares with a value of 1.5 million dollars further details of the proposed transaction will be included in disclosure documents which will include business and financial information in respect of acreage holdings to be

Filed by applied in connection with the proposed transaction it is anticipated that a special shareholders meeting of applied to approve among other things the shareholders approval matters and any other necessary matters in connection with the proposed transaction will take place on november 6th 2018 so we’re about six weeks away from getting into this bad boy

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I love it remember who brought it to you first you’re a boy rich when bringing all the winners and we bring them to you first get ready for liftoff acreage holdings will be a winner you heard it here first from your boy rich acreage holdings november 6th around that day will be a new ipo you heard it here first from your boy rich now remember rich tv live is

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Subscribe alright part of people this is your boy rich talking acreage holdings a new ipo i’m oh you’re not winning you’re not watching 23 days 15 hours 27 minutes and 35 seconds away from history in canada peace

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U.S. Cannabis Operator Acreage Holdings Details Plans to Go Public By RICH TV LIVE

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