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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush are you interested in saving money i mean really really save have you ever had one of these products where you used to buy and then somehow you come to this brand new realization about said product and then all of a sudden you completely went cold turkey you do not buy anymore and you do not even want to buy it all

Of a sudden instead of buying that stuff you’re not spending money on that anymore maybe you’re buying something else but at least you’re not buying that one item i personally have plenty of these products i can give an example for i’m sure you guys have a lot of these of you just kind of think about this this video is brought to you by the ridge if you’re looking

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Front pocket they have sold over half a million of these things and have 30,000 five-star reviews get 10% off today with free worldwide shipping by going to ridge dot-com forward slash beat the bush that’s ridge comm ford slash beat the bush and use promo code beat the bush link in the description first example would be sodas i used to just blindly just buy soda

Just because you know it tasted good i wanted to drink with it somehow i was really addicted to it so i did not care about the price when i went to the supermarket i just thought this is a product i must have and i must buy at least maybe one can a day so maybe for a month i need maybe two 12-packs and then given that this is a requirement you go to the store and

Then you think okay what is the cheapest way i can get this for some people they just go buy these things without discount i have always been sort of frugal so then i wait for a sale before i stock up on it now this does not just apply to soda i’m only using soda as one specific example and i’m gonna give other examples later on at one point what got me started

Was to realize how much sugar was in sodas given this knowledge i slowly began to wean off of it i remember while i was drinking soda i had friends and family tried to convince me oh you should drinks less soda but then it just kind of fell on deaf ears i absolutely needed the soda even though i knew it was very bad for me it wasn’t until that i dug deep into it

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And then i finally was able to wean off of it and now i have this new realization where i don’t actually have to buy any soda at all so you can see the multiple tiers of saving here at first you buy full price and then you do various things like buying it as cheap as possible buying it in bulk and then finally this brand new realization causes me to not buy it at

All so this is the ultimate saving the third level where you completely don’t need it at all now i’m going to use movie passes as the next example first you buy a full price you go to the movies you just walk into the movies and then you pay at the ticket counter second you might go oh i’m watching a lot of movies i require your movies so i’m gonna go to costco

And buy some discount tickets eight dollar movie passes and then maybe you’re super frugal and you use these cash back credit cards maybe you get 5% cash back maybe you get 2% cash back whatever couple percent back and then if you scheme it a little bit maybe sometimes you get lucky you can get the movie passes for free sometimes there are free movie screenings

Or maybe you have free movies that you can see at work if you’re a blogger or reviewer you might be able to review movies for free because they’re gonna give you tickets just so that you can see it so that you can make a review about it online youtube on websites the third level is really to not even want to see said movie in the first place now how can this be

Because some people really really like movies let me recount what i personally went through because i used to really want to watch movies i always want to keep up with it watch maybe 2 to 6 movies every year i would say this is pretty low already but these days i don’t even need to watch that many movies what mainly got me to this realization is to really just not

Watch regular tv anymore by not watching regular tv i’m not exposed to all the ads with brand new movies that are coming out so sometimes i’m just kind of oblivious to these really really great movies but you can actually get the same content except it’s the little bit shifted from everybody else you can wait until it comes out of dvd you rent it out that way or


Maybe can rent it out from the library you do not actually have to talk about a brand-new movie as something to talk about with your friends so you can see how this is like completely shift in mentality you might not agree with this way of thinking because some people be just absolutely must get their movie fixed that is exactly what i thought when i used to watch

All those movies because i’m like how can i not watch it i’m gonna mess up people are gonna talk about this and i won’t be able to keep up with the conversation the thing is when i go travelling on my international flights there happens to be something i can actually watch when i’m on their flights what used to happen is i would watch a lot of movies before and

When i’m on those flights i run out of things to watch but now because of me not watching all these movies at the theater it’s kind of like all-you-can-eat and i’m super duper entertaining when i go on international flights the whole way because i’m like oh i haven’t seen this movie i haven’t seen that one and i just watched like four movies in a row and i’m like

Okay you know i got my fix of all the ones i actually do want to watch now i’m sure there’s still a lot of products that you really like and you get it on a weekly basis let me give another example which is beef i used to buy huge packs of ribeye and then i would cut them up in serving sizes and then stick them in the freezer so then i can take them out and eat

Them anytime i want as a state what used to be a pretty huge expense because you know one large pack might be 2530 dollars or something when there’s like four ribeye steaks in there the realization came not with me noting that beef you know red meat in general is really bad for you but rather when i ate certain kind of beef you know those low quality stuff i just

Did not feel very well it happens that my body revolted against it so it’s not really my choice i might have just kept on eating beef but as you can see these examples are a shift in mindset in thinking about said product that you used to buy before changing into this mindset it’s inconceivable that i would absolutely stop buying these things so that i absolutely

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Required it movies i thought i really needed it red meat in terms of beef i thought i really needed it these are the things i used to buy on weekly basis and so i think if you really want to step it up to the next notch of saving you need to find excuses to not buy that thing very very good excuses because sometimes once you realize something like that you do not

Absolutely buy in fact we would really dislike buying that thing this is as opposed to trying to save money you really like beef steaks or something and then you go okay i’m not gonna buy that anymore and then you have this urge to eat it still because you really really like it once you find out that you know maybe your body doesn’t like it or maybe you find out

You know all these things you can watch on internet and youtube videos about you know animals and you know all that stuff in fact the next time you look at that item you’re gonna go you know you’ll feel completely revolted against it and you would advise other people to not buy it either so you see the mentality is so different here because when you look at that

Item you go oh my gosh you know you don’t want it at all sometimes even if people are giving it to you for free you don’t even want it kind of like soda if people give me like a tool pack i wouldn’t know what to do with it maybe i’ll use it like to use it as acid to kind of remove rust or something movie passes will likely sit around because i have a whole bunch

Of other things to do so really the trick here is fine ways to not want that thing i know maybe there are things and you really really like french fries let’s say but maybe once you find out that french fries is fried with a bunch of oil that’s gonna clog your arteries it’s a high cancer cause or maybe that’s enough to push you over to not even want to eat french

Fries anymore i know right now i still kind of like french fries even when i know all those bad health effects thanks for watching everybody i know this is more like a meta discussion of how to save money rather than the very specific don’t forget to give me a like over here push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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