Undercover at a Sortation Center

I went to work at a sortation center for $13/hr. Since I have been in a cubicle environment for many years, this is a really great change of pace. The physical tax on my body is real and the interaction with my coworkers is interesting. In this video, I leave you with some comments on human interaction and my views on how this relates to finances.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about my undercover experience at a sortation center now in my previous video two or three of you mentioned that i might be taking a job away from someone by taking on a job that is really low wage when i don’t really need it the deal with this job is that it’s a seasonal position and they basically

Hired everybody that they could no one was basically turned out unless they failed the psychological test or the drug test those are the two i have to pass some of you asked me if there’s an employee discount you only get the discount if you are full-time if you’re a part-time you do not get the discount however if you are full-time you get a discount in the order

Of 10% up to $1,000 of whatever you buy so the value of it is up to $100 so far i did the orientation five hours long the training eight hours long and two shifts each of them four hours long so in total i work 21 hours and i’m already sort of getting bored of it already because during my second shift i basically did not learn all that much more that’s new i sort

Of applied everything i learned on my first shift i got a little bit better at what i’m doing but just kinda marginally and it’s sort of like a diminishing return i feel like the next shift i go into i probably will learn nothing at all maybe i’ll get more human interaction where i’ll have more comments on it now the first thing i want to share and this is not

Applicable to you know that very company itself i think this is pretty general in terms of warehouse positions where you have a lot of people gather together the thing i notice is that it’s very very easy for me at least to recognize or to spot really lazy people my whole take on this is i’m gonna go in i’m gonna work my hardest but maybe if you’re gonna be working

A long time at this maybe you cannot push it as strong as i did but yeah when i’m working i’m like yeah you know i’m gonna do whatever i can and just try to move as many boxes as i can even if you know there’s no reward or something i just kind of like you know i just wanted to do it and see how fast i can be the lazy people somehow has asked me on more than one

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Occasion to don’t lift a box and i find that really strange um if it has the heavy stickers on this shirt but more often than not that when people ask me when the lazy people asked me to lift the box i go and help them and when i see oh yeah it’s a pretty big box and then when i lift it i’m like whoa like this it’s like tissue paper or something it’s like really

Light the whole thing was like i don’t know two or three pounds or something you can basically lift it up by yourself and i i don’t know what the deal is with them but they did not want to lift it by themselves so i don’t know i think it was it was kind of like a kind of drag your feet type of thing where you might look like you’re working a lot because if you have

A really big box but it’s light and you have two people holding it yeah it’ll take a lot more time because you’re scooting slowly towards wherever that box is supposed to go generally for me though whenever i see something so light i just kind of you know just lift it i just lift it over my shoulders and put it where it needs to be there is a definite strategy which

Will make you do it a lot faster but then i’m not gonna go over into details about it because i feel like that might be proprietary it’s probably better off that i shared this with the manager there instead but basically you get used to the equipment and you kind of have a feel for the delay times you have a feel for what you need to do in order to make things work

Faster one thing i did notice on two occasions is that people talked about the price of certain things one of the instances with someone talking about five dollar meals being very very cheap they’re like oh yeah you can get a pizza and a drink or something and it’s only five dollars and i’m like five dollars what that’s not that cheap to me because you know i eat

At home and i’m eating rice quinoa some tomato with some chicken breasts and all of those the cost of the ingredients of all of those was roughly like a dollar fifty and i showed this in my other videos i’m like yeah my meal is like a dollar but then they think it’s cheap when they eat for five dollars so there’s a discrepancy here in terms of in spending i think

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Because there’s a certain knowledge to being able to spend really little on a meal and really little on everything else basically and i think having that knowledge of being able to eat cheap and well might do those people really well but i don’t think i’m not gonna like go up to them and go hey you know stop eating out you should cook yourself you know like i think

That might not be go too well i guess also something that i noticed in the parking lot is that yeah i drive up in a porsche boxster but you know it’s an older one so i think maybe that helped camouflage things a bit because yeah it is a nice expensive car but then the value of it is not that much and generally i don’t see people like going you know looking my way

Just because it’s a sports car in fact when i look at the parking lot of all the cars there you don’t get this sense that people are you know low wage workers or anything all the cars are pretty normal looking to me and they are you know normal they’re not especially cheap i would figure if you just asked me before going through this experience i might be like oh

You know maybe it might be the lower end of cars maybe like it’ll be like more civics and more older cars or something but no there are quite a few newer cars and plenty of them are newer than my car my car is 2001 and you know i think all the other cars they might be newer like 2010 or at least or something because my car probably is definitely really much older

Than than everyone else is it just doesn’t look like it so as an update of when i’m gonna quit i think i don’t really want to do this all that much longer it’s not really i’m not gaining all that much and i think trying to stick around long enough so that i can switch from one position to another they tend to like group things into very very specific tasks just

Like any factory job where any single role is very compared to mentalize whatever i was doing it’s very very dead simple there’s a lot of little tiny little different jobs and i think if i were to work there for much longer you know you might like end up working there and then you’re like okay yeah maybe you want to learn something else you can go and switch to do

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Something else but i think this might take weeks and kind of like my time i need to do other things other than be at this job so i don’t know how much longer i’m actually gonna stay the next shift it depends if i’m gonna learn a lot more or suddenly for some reason i’m gonna ask maybe if i can switch to something else i’m not too sure if i should even do that even

Because during the monotony of my second shift i know you guys are probably going oh my gosh you know just the second shift and you’re quitting already yeah well yeah after the first four-hour shift i was sore i was thinking that my body would heal and it would get a little bit stronger but after the second four-hour shift i was sore near a problem or maybe because

I know how to move a little bit more or something or like i got used to things so i was thinking i would not be as sore after the second shift so all in all i think it’s very good exercise because you know i don’t normally get a sore like this from working out so i think i probably don’t have all that much to update as i work more and more shifts so i’m probably

Gonna wrap it up soon and when i do i’ll probably have a conclusion video just talk you know just kind of end things right there and then go yeah i quit already this is the overall experience etc so i’ll probably make you know one just one additional follow-up video regarding this experience don’t forget to give me a like loved this video comment down below just

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