Universal PropTech NEW listing on the OTCQB *UPIPF*

Universal PropTech NEW Listing on the OTCQB *UPIPF* – RICH TV LIVE – APRIL 20, 2021 – Universal PropTech Inc. (TSXV: UPI) (FSE:8LH) (“UPI” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has received approval and will begin trading on the OTCQB, a U.S. market operated by OTC Markets Group Inc. (“OTC”) in New York. The Company’s shares will begin trading on the OTCQB on April 21, 2021, under the symbol “UPIPF”.

Foreign rich picks daily is an online community for traders to exchange smart straightforward and profitable investment ideas and join us today at richpixdaily.com subscribe to us on youtube to learn useful stock trading secrets and discover the next 10 bagger hey guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and i got some big news our shareholders have

Been waiting for universal prop tech to get a us symbol and we got it u p i p f finally we’ve got our us symbol for universal proptech inc with the symbol u p i p f obviously in canada it’s upi our american friends down south have been anxiously waiting for universal proptech to get listed in america and finally the day is here you p i p f put on your watch

List put on your radar we love this company for many different reasons tight share structure and let’s just go through some of the reasons okay so many different reasons and we’re going to get through it so right off the bat universal proptech upi invests in and secures defined agency rights for isbrg group corp spotlight 19 technology designed to detect kova 19

Non-evasively in under one minute that’s right one minute so this is one of the partnerships they’ve had that is a game changer you can see here isbrg is a data analytics company which has developed a spotlight technology platform designed to generate comprehensive healthcare data non-invasively within seconds at a nominal incremental cost huge huge huge deal

And per test a very non-incremental cost per test spotlight 19 is non-evasive isbr g is undertaking trials to determine efficacy in detecting kovid 19. in addition to its minority investment upi will act as an exclusive sales agent for spotlight 19 technology and other future platform offerings for the government and education sectors in canada this was dated

February 18 2021 we broke this news and the news read like this upi is pleased to announce it has completed an investment into isbr g corp from minority interest and secured agency rights to their spotlight 19 technology isbrg is a data analytics company which has developed the spotlight 19 technology platform designed to generate comprehensive healthcare

Data non-evasively within seconds at a nominal incremental cost per test and right now kova 19 is running rampant in canada we need this now more than ever spotlight19 is non-invasive and isbrg is undertaking trials to determine efficacy in detecting covet 19. in addition to its minority investment upi will act as an exclusive sales agent for spotlight 19

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Technology and other future platform offerings for the government and education sectors in canada what did chris hazelton president ceo of universal product tech say we are proud and excited to be a strategic investor in isbrg we have been committed to ensuring safe and healthy workplace for our clients and facilitating the return of workers to workspaces in

The face of the pandemic and it is only getting worse here in canada and spotlight 19 as a rapid inexpensive and reusable testing platform to ensure safe work environments could be a catalyst to opening up global economies upon completion of trials and relevant government approvals universal prop tech expects it will aggressively market spotlight 19 products

And supporting services to all government and education providers across canada what did duncan mcintyre founder of ceo and ceo of isbrg say our technology stems from the belief and technological innovation and strategic partnerships will restore economic growth globally in the midst of a pandemic that is challenging the speed accuracy and effectiveness of

Existing tests so this is the big news that has been circulating and let’s take a look at some of the companies the big name companies they’re working with you can see that they’ve got relationships with lumina ultra they’ve got relationships with air sniper they’ve got relationships with fish fresh air uv and they’ve got relationships with atmos air so

You can see lots of relationships this is all on their website real quickly we’ll go through it lumen ultra upi is using the lumen ultra gene count rapid sars cove 2 surface testing solution to audit effectiveness of disinfection protocols and air quality equipment upi is rolling out to support its own effectiveness of designing and deploying its air quality

Equipment and auditing the effectiveness and other conditions and systems within the government facilities and select service aviation operators air sniper upi brings products to market air sniper’s advantage lies in the power of its technology by combining elements of intensity proximity dwell time and cfm air sniper has developed a solution that properly

Applies ultraviolet germicidal irritation to its uvc technology and is suitable for industrial scale applications how about fresh air uv upi brings products to market fresh air uv is a leading north american manufacturer and developer of germicidal uv light and carbon ceramic systems designed for residential commercial industrial agricultural health care and

Other specialized markets fresh air uv systems are designed to improve indoor air quality by addressing biological contaminants such as viruses bacteria and mold as well as odors and volatile organic compounds vocs systems are designed for airstream and surface disinfection as well as specialized products for ice machines and other unique applications how

About atmos air upi brings products to market at most air proven indoor air quality technologies act as a continuous disinfectant actively reducing a wide range of airborne surface contaminants such as vocs volatile organic compounds viruses bacteria and germs it reduces odors while impacting dust particulate mold mildew and allergens so those are some of

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The companies they are working with obviously the technology that protects the people that is what upi is all about they’ve got a very smart investment strategy you can download their investor deck at universal proptech.com and you can contact the company as you see now i just want to show you what these guys really focus on and here it is upi operates through

Vci controls and its current and future division and operating companies so you can see here vci controls you can see universal prop tech and you can see all the different areas of focus kova 19 air quality mechanical controls energy resources building performance and innovation and distribution that’s universal prop tech so this is a company that is a

Growing company and we love to bring you the winners and we’d love to bring them to you first this is their website universalproptech.com and you can see they now have the canadian symbol upi they’ve got the otc qb market symbol up ipf on their website and they’ve got the frankfurt symbol 8 lh so they are now listed in canada the united states and frankfurt as

They said they would and we brought them to you first gotta love it and let’s just talk about what else they’ve done how about universal proptech inc calls remaining debentures and further strengthens balance sheet with exercise of warrants and options so not only are they growing but these guys just announced on march 17th that it has called the outstanding

Senior convertible debentures in the principal amount of 96 584 an aggregate of 1 million fifty nine thousand nine hundred forty two dollars principal amount of debentures were issued on july 14 2020 the principal amount other than the amount being redeemed has been converted into common shares of the company in accordance with the provisions of the debentures

The redemption of the ventures together with approximately 689 584 dollars in additional capital from the exercise of warrants and options over the last several weeks is expected to strengthen the company’s balance sheet so this is a company that is debt free look at what chris hazelton said ceo of the company you guys know i love companies that are growing

In revenue tight share structure with little to no debt and that’s universal prop tech chris hazelton ceo of the company commented i’m excited to announce that we are debt free that’s right let’s say it again debt free and we are further improved as already a strong balance sheet with additional cash from exercise warrants and options we have cash to support

The growth of our business lines and the investment in isbr g corp and in additional investment opportunities that may present themselves so huge huge huge and you can see as of march 16 2021 assuming the redemption of the debentures the company had the following securities issued outstanding only 45 million 937 331 shares issued outstanding i told you guys

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A tight float is 100 million shares 50 million shares or less is bingo this is bingo only 45 million shares a company that’s growing in revenue and zero debt love it and now they are listed in america and you can see here that universal prop tech clearly deploying the best real estate technology artificial intelligence machine learning big data internet of

Things and cloud have enabled significant value accretion to real estate technologies proptech whether they be the elimination of existing costs in the sector or the improvement of designing operations in new build operations and maintenance of real estate assets what’s the potential growth a six billion dollar growth opportunity proptech has seen significant

Growth in the last several years with 6.3 billion in investments globally seven billion dollar market prop tech has a 7.3 billion u.s market opportunity size in the u.s and canada so you can see the market opportunities i’m not going to go through all of this you could just see there is enormous growth potential here in canada and the united states for upi

I’m not gonna go through everything here i’m not gonna go through the entire deck but you can see that these guys got their hands involved in so much and super exciting that we get the opportunity to tell the story and be a part of this super hyper growth company in the early stages you can see they’re involved in contact long-term upkeep and maintenance

Health building services healthy building services smart real estate real estate fintech fintech financing and collaborative economy utilizes its own proprietary so obviously universal prop tech is used by utilizing its own proprietary healthy building control systems and invests in additional proptech to expand its footprint provides technology developers with

Enabling investment capital pathway to market offers processes and resources to scale and repeat for multiple property technologies takes advantage of its position in the canadian market to de-risk tech investments and deployment and enables the launch of products at scale they’re all about strategic access acquisitions and de-risking proptech okay and obviously

We’re living in a covey 19 world and this is a company that is at the right place at the right time and you can see all the different areas of focus like i said i’m not going to go through all of this i’ve done this before the biggest piece of news universal prop tech is now live to trade in america under the symbol u p i p f if you’re not winning you’re not

Watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first you

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Universal PropTech NEW listing on the OTCQB *UPIPF* By RICH TV LIVE

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