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My grill that I use:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about people who are i’m willing to say maybe you personally are willing to say but then you’re trying to convince a significant other or maybe when i talk about a money-saving idea that you do not agree with and you just go no i’m not gonna do that the whole point with all of this is yes you can

Pick and choose which one you want to apply to your life but do know that out of all these things these are all just little tips and tricks that i’ve calculated over the years i do all of them myself and in aggregate they add up to be a lot of money for example i use a free cell phone plan i cut my own hair i don’t even use trash bags anymore there’s all these

Little things i talk about usually i talk about each one in one single video and usually in the comment section someone would be like oh my gosh you’re pinching pennies you know no i rather spend you know $1 or $10 a month and rather not do this instead another thing that i usually do and i just did this today is butch here my own chickens i buy whole chickens they

Were on sale to 77 cents a pound and then i just cut them all into little pieces and i packaged them all up and then sometimes i have these things called yakitori packs and then sometimes i have these buffalo impacts so i package them up prepackaged them so they can be individually eaten as a meal and i mean if you go to the grocery store no one’s gonna pre-pack

Yakitori packs for you because it’s usually like all these little parts of a chicken but it turns out to be very very tasty when you combine it with that particular grill that i use by the way if you’re interested in that video i’ll leave that in the corner over here or if you’re interested in that grill i’ll leave it in the video description down below all these

Things i do leads to money-saving opportunities now at which level do you insert yourself into this at which standard of living are you willing to live do you go oh you know i’m willing to do this or that i always must absolutely have a fully paid for cell phone plan and that your cell phone service must always work very very well well you can’t use a cell phone

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Service that i use with every single thing there is a little bit of sacrifice involved i’ve tried to structure it myself so that whenever i switch over to anything you know with a lesser service or anything that is cheaper that i’m actually willing to live with it usually i just try it out for something go no is this okay for me or not i try it out for a couple

Weeks or something and then if it happens to do okay then i switch over to it and you know sometimes you know i go oh my gosh this is crazy i’m not gonna do this and then i would switch back so this is more of trying something out or willingness to try something out just to test it out for yourself maybe you can find ways to make it work for yourself to me all of

These little things is just integrated into my personal life it’s like everybody has a certain amount of resources that’s coming in and you can dole it out as you wish where you have a limited number of tokens that you can spend on something you can go okay i’m gonna spend this token on a full-service cellphone plan or i’m gonna use this token for already cut up

Chicken but then there’s a limited amount of this that you can dole it out to you can live a lavish lifestyle and go okay i want everything full-service i want everything done for me or maybe you want to go eat out altogether and you don’t want to cook your own food even because you’re like you know i’m not gonna do peasant stuff i’m not gonna like cook my own food

This is you know for low-class people or something the truth here is that you have a limited amount of tokens that you can spend it’s more about efficient allocation of these tokens you can either you know live now you know get all these things that are very convenient for you or you can take this tokens and put it towards your future or if you do this of course

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You’re gonna end up saving your time you’re gonna end up being able to retire earlier saving you even more time freeing up your time so in the end it’s more about a balance between living your life now and trying to save up for the future but for me i tend to dowel everything really back far down and then i come back a notch or two and try to spend stuff on things

I really do care about and you know the rest i just go okay i’m just gonna spend as little as i can and then the things that i really like then i go spend a little bit more money on and then i can still enjoy myself so whenever someone is i’m willing to make a compromise for certain methods that i present this is okay to have a few things that you’re unwilling to

Compromise on and i assume this is gonna be the same thing if you have a significant other this is a cooperation here so yes go ahead you know if you absolutely must have certain things everybody has their own little little ways that you want to live your life and this is okay to have certain things but it’s not okay to have a lot of certain things that you’re

Unwilling to compromise on you have like a hundred different things you’re like nope i need this nope i need that nope i need this and by the time you’re done with everything you’re like okay you know you’re unwilling to compromise on every little thing and basically you’re just living like everyone else’s and so you know you’re not gaining anything so just know

That it’s more like a gradient the more that you’re willing to compromise the more that you’re gonna save the earlier that you’re gonna be able to retire again this is a fine trade-off and whenever i make a video you know like using a bidet or something and someone would go hey no i’m not gonna spray my butt with water or something like that it’s like i feel like

The more willing you’re at least going to try it okay at least just try it the better that you’re able to save more be more frugal and essentially become more financially free earlier in life rather than later but the more unwilling that you’re able to compromise the later that you’re gonna stretch this out to if you’re unwilling to compromise at all okay sure you

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Know just keep on working till 65 you know probably till 70 and you can live just like everyone else and i’m not personally gonna hold it against you i’m not gonna be mad about this it is up to you and i hope this message gets through to you and to whoever that you may show this video to so thanks for watching this video and i hope this video helps you or anyone

Else that’s willing to watch of course if you’re interested in supporting this channel i’ll have a teacher settle down in a video description below that has a honey badger icon on it that says infinite occation because really the more that you’re willing to compromise on these little data they life things the earlier that you’re gonna be able to reach financial

Independence and have your infinite vacation i also have an audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audiobook game you don’t like this audiobook or this service you can cancel it before this lips you’re saying sparse and can still keep this audiobook for free and help benefit this channel this audiobook is completely free so if you

Have some book that you waiting to read you can just get the subscription have your book for free enjoy this and you don’t have to pay anything so this sort of offsets your normal spending here and if you don’t like this service you can of course cancel it and then wow right there you saved yourself some money i also have a patron over here if you’re interested

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