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Amado Digital Meat Thermometer I used:

How’s it goin everybody this is pete the bush amato sent me this digital meat thermometer and i’m not actually gonna cook meat with this i’m actually gonna make tea instead and show you how to properly make tea first i’m gonna unbox this for you and then i’m gonna test out different teas steep that different temperatures to see really if there’s a difference or

Not says it will be your best choice it says working voltage 1.5 included that does not mean include a battery though put a battery in and then it seems like it turns on when you flip this open so i’ll get to about 98 and a half that’s what the body temperature is mmm no my it went over a little bit he’s going back down so then it became pretty stable at 98.7 i

Might be a little warm from maybe talking so now let’s look at what temperature does steep your tia i’ve got to tell you most of time when i make tea i don’t exactly follow by this chart mainly because i don’t have a thermometer like this to stick in my water all the time for black tea experimentally i figured yeah it needs to boil before you can make good bhakti

Boiling is 212 fahrenheit however for white and green teas you kind of want it to cool down a bit not exactly boiling because you can actually burn the leaves and it won’t taste very good now there’s a temperature aspect and there’s also the time at which you should steep it for sometimes the crushed leaves in the tea bag takes a little less time whereas if you

Have full leaves that are in like little balls and it’s a whole leaf after you steep it then you might need a little bit longer generally maybe a minute more so it’s important to note you don’t have to go buy this by the letter you just go oh exactly three minutes right sometimes maybe you want things to taste a little bit stronger or a little bit lighter so it

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Really depends on your preferences you might try a different temperature at which you start steeping and you might try a little longer or less long depending on your taste preferences today i’m gonna make some black tea with varying starting temperatures at 212 208 and also one at 200 just to see how different they actually taste this one is 212 202 is a 100 so

About ten degrees fahrenheit difference for each one i’m gonna start the timer i’m gonna actually steep it for three and a half minutes two minutes in and you can see the color is tiny little bit different okay i’m going for three and a half minutes eight seven three two one it’s probably a little too hot to drink right now but i’m gonna try a little bit these

Are bail teas by the way i got them while i was in new zealand good for milk and sugar added to it but i need to taste it without the milk and sugar because it masks the flavor of the tea so i’m just testing the tea just now it’s actually hard to tell the difference though it seems like the hardest one which is supposed to be brewed that way has a little bit more

Body to it this one brewed at a lower temperature kind of tastes like cheaper wine when it tastes kinda a little bit more watered down i mean it still tastes like black tea and it still tastes good it’s just very subtle there’s a very subtle difference between these i mean i’m glad i’m doing this test with different temperatures because now i kind of know what a

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Really well brewed black tea is compared to a not as good the really well brewed black tea the water was actually boiling when i put the teabag in there it just kind of splatters a little bit so that’s when you know it’s really really hot so i like milk tea much much better than just regular black tea so i’m gonna put my milk and sugar in each one of these this is

Warmed milk because i don’t want to reduce a temperature too much you know what i just realized i probably haven’t been brewing my black tea hot enough because my morning black tea actually tastes like this yeah it’s black tea but then it feels like it’s a little water down kind of like cheap milk is a little bit watered down or like cheap wine it’s a little bit

Watered down it’s kind of there but not fully you know what i’ve been going to those boba place and i’ve been wondering how come their tea tastes better than mine i mean i’m brewing it just the same i add the milk i add sugar yeah it tastes like this it’s it’s surprising i’m surprising myself and this is really really watered down you know with the milk and sugar

These two tastes similar it’s almost as if there’s a cliff where you have to get it pretty hot in order to get the true flavor out this tastes more like what i’m really into which is royal milk tea royal milk tea has this really strong royal flavor this is very interesting well i guess i’ve been brewing my black tea all wrong all this time i guess i couldn’t tell

That much of a difference when i didn’t add the milk and sugar because i normally have milk tea as the default i don’t go and drink black tea i drink milk tea in the morning so i have a palette that is very adjustable to the flavor of milk tea and when it’s good you can kind of tell a little bit better so i needed to add the milk and sugar to figure it out it seems

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Well i’m pretty pleasantly surprised by using this thermometer on my hot tea because now i can actually make better hot tea this server is actually for meat stuff really when you’re grilling or something you stick it in to make sure you cook the meat so you kind of need to know what the temperature of the meat every single time you cook whereas for milk tea you

Can just gauge it to the point where you know it’s boiling for me i would know the next time i need to make the water really really hot before putting in the black tea now when you go and make your own black tea you just kind of make sure it’s really boiling you don’t actually need the thermometer for this i hope for those of you that drink a lot of milk tea you

Can have something to take away from this because making it does make a difference i wouldn’t have noticed until i compared them side by side like this don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you already make sure your hot water is completely boiling before you make your black tea don’t forget our motto gave me this part for

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