US sanctions come into effect, German GDP figures out

The FT’s Vanessa Kortekaas highlights the key stories to watch for, including a new round of tariffs from China on US imports coming into effect at the same time as US sanctions against Russia take effect, and a look at German quarterly GDP figures.

Here’s some of the top stories we’re watching this week all eyes will be on the us with tariffs from china and us sanctions against russia coming into effect we’ll find out how the euro zone’s powerhouse is faring when germany releases its second quarter gdp figures and the uk’s second-largest house builder will report its half-year results giving us a look into the

State of the house building sector we’ll start in the us where two upcoming events will illustrate the scope of president donald trump’s impact on u.s. foreign policy the first is a new round of tariffs from china on us imports and the second is a new set of us sanctions against russia which are due to come into effect by august 22nd the chinese tariffs will target

American imports including coal oil chemicals and medical equipment they’re the latest escalation in the china-us trade war that began earlier this year and president trump’s tariffs gambit represents one of several instances where he is distanced himself from policy positions that once appeared orthodox to the republican party another example is his largely positive

Rhetoric about russia and vladimir putin even as mr. trump’s administration imposes increasingly stringent sanctions against the putin regime here’s courtney weaver in washington dc with more with these this new round of sanctions against russia in the tariffs that china is about to impose on the us you’re really going to see the initial effects of trump’s foreign

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Policy and how this is going to affect a the us economy and be the republican party’s chances in the midterm elections the sanctions against russia were cheered by conservatives and members of the republican party who think that trump has not been tough enough on russia yet so that could provide a boost for the president and his party on the other hand with the

Tariffs even though the trade war has been going on for a number of months now you’re really going to start seeing that the big impact of this come november right before the midterm elections take place so will be interesting to see how that impacts the republican party’s chances as well now on friday we’ll get a detailed breakdown of german economic growth between

The first and second quarter of this year after a 0.4 percent rise in the previous three months the hope is that the expansion of the euro zone’s most important economy remains on track with almost a third of all eurozone economic output coming from germany weaker growth there would raise concerns of a broader regional slowdown but german industry is heavily reliant

On export sales and confidence among businesses has dipped amid the trade war between the us and china here’s clare jones on the outlook for the german economy the german economy is by far the eurozone’s largest economy and over the past few years it’s also been one of the strongest now the trade tensions between the us and china have derailed confidence in the

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Economy somewhat because germany’s model is so reliant on trade the question now is whether stronger domestic demand in germany can keep growth on track now unemployment is very low here we’re also starting to see better wage growth so the sense is that high consumer spending a little bit higher government spending could save the day at a time when export growth

Is perhaps not gonna be as strong as it has been in recent years and finally in the uk housebuilder persimmon will report its half-year results on tuesday the company has spent much of this you’re battling with angry shareholders over its lucrative executive bonus scheme its most vocal critic the scottish fund manager aberdeen standard investments called chief

Executive geoff fair burns a hundred and ten million pound pay packet preposterous and politicians have also criticized the builder for paying top executives large sums while benefiting from the government’s help to buy equity loan scheme uk house builders have broadly continued to report rising profits with favorable mortgage rates and the government’s help to buy

Scheme enabling people to borrow enough to purchase their homes however analysts are warning that brexit induced labor shortages rising costs and sluggish house price growth will all make it difficult for profit margins to keep increasing here’s amy williams with more details on persimmon recently at its annual general meeting persimmon the uk’s second-largest

House builder face uproar from investors who are angry about the high level of pay chief executive geoff fairburn was receiving he then offered to give some of the money back and the company will be hoping that’s now behind them on tuesday it’ll be telling investors how much profit it made having already told us that it made five percent more revenues in the half


Year so far more broadly investors will be looking at they increase in the house builders costs over the year so far most of its competitors have been estimating an increase in cost that’s both labor and materials of three to four percent and people will be keeping an eye on that on tuesday and that’s what the week ahead looks like from the financial times in london

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US sanctions come into effect, German GDP figures out By Financial Times

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