US scientists prepare for high-tech wars of the future

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These days it’s china not russia that the us sees as its chief competitor and in darker moments the greatest long-term threat to peace most degree war between the us and china would be catastrophic yet both sides worry about the other developing a decisive edge in any conflict they have plunged their researchers into an arms race worthy of the most audacious of

Science fiction writing stretching from combat robots to battles in space in search of such cutting-edge weapons i visited aberdeen proving ground a facility on america’s east coast that hosts a us army research base i went to explore the military technologies in the making that will shape the warfare of the future we’re always going to be our war unfortunately

Is human nature take the exoskeleton lab scientists stress that the days of the terminator are still far off but here at the us army research lab they are taking the first mechanical steps to develop ways to team human and machine this is like one of the the simplest attempts an exoskeleton is just an arm that attaches to your you know torso through the body armor

And it allows you to carry over 25 pounds of weight so this is just a research device for a future soldier who wants to be more mobile and more lethal how early do you think something like this could be deployed are we looking in to 5/10 unforseen no hopefully not that so it depends on how fast the technology transitions so what you’re wearing is some imu sensors

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So they measure accelerations and body orientation and then you’re also wearing some electromyography sensors which basically captures the electrical signals associated with muscle contractions and we’re able to look at accuracy precision and also target engagement time when you’re using the third arm versus when you’re not using the third arm to see whether

Or not it’s actually having the benefits that it’s being designed have a scientists make advances in artificial intelligence and endeavor likely to take decades to come to fruition many at the pentagon believe robots will make the most difference to warfare but that they will still ultimately answer to human control i do believe that the intelligent things that

Robotics is probably the most impactful yes dr. cot who has studied artificial intelligence for 30 years argues that robots might also bring down the human costs of war by reducing casualty rates humans might not be physically present at all and can you imagine a scenario robots fighting robots robots probably will fight robots absolutely there’s no question about

It for example one of the things we want to do is to have robots that are constantly out there watching for those other enemy drones and defeating them and it’s probably going to happen very soon in their robot lab scientists are developing the mini-tour a motorized robot that will eventually be able to sense and traverse any landscape i’m looking at animals such

As greyhounds cheetahs highly dynamic animals and looking at different leg joe matriz like a kangaroo or a cheetah leg is one more mobile and more diverse than the other the tanks military vehicles and armed drones of the future may one day walk on legs just like humans so the thing that a human can do that a truck and a tank can’t is balance and the team here is

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Trying to marshal that quality known as proprioception and put it into mechanical vehicles that can react to any kind of condition underfoot while some breakthroughs are still far into the future the era of stealth fighter jets that radar can’t detect has already arrived the u.s. claims no other country will be able to touch its flagship a new fighter the f-35 for

Decades the first time i took off and i saw everything that exists around me i i knew i was in a completely different ballgame than ever besides being stealthy it also amasses and sends live data acting as the flying eyes ears and brain of combat able to send information to missiles ships and commanders coping with the fog of war it’s really about this clear visor

In the projects on here how fast we’re going oh hi we are where we’re heading where our enemies are and where our home base is in space which the us now sees is another potential arena for warfare humans may simply react too slowly for the kind of lightning-fast communication that is needed as the us and china raced to develop the upper hand in a bid to deter the

Other from engaging in conflict they are chasing after the most futuristic technology labs like this one are trying to turn the most cutting-edge ideas into reality

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US scientists prepare for high-tech wars of the future By Financial Times

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