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Holy smoke is it’s a rough one out there today guys we got the dow down over 400 points today we have the nasdaq down over two point two six percent now these screen shots were taken about an hour before the market closed so it could get even worse i don’t know we’ll have to see as far as stocks i track up eighty-three stocks i track on a daily basis there are very

Few that are actually green today this is the whole amount of green ones out of eighty three stocks i’d track all those everything out there’s red today if we look at the big tech giant’s google mcdougal down over three percent today microsoft down two and a half percent apple down two and a half percent in amazings on down over four and a half percent today now there

Are a few reasons why the markets down today i’ll give you a couple minor reasons then we’ll give into the the major reasons why the markets down today i’m actually surprised the market is not down more today i would have thought with some of these things that came out maybe we would have a down six hundred day or down seven hundred day or maybe even a down eight

Hundred day to only be only be down four hundred-plus on the dow i’m actually a little surprised i thought it would be a little worse guys i also want to share with you guys how much money i have in cash right now versus invested and then i’m at the very end i got to show you guys a video that you got to go watch after this one it will make you guys laugh believe

Me okay all right so first off here couple minor reasons first off the investor known as the warren buffett of boston rattles davos crowds basically these davos is a big conference going on basically i couldn’t even go to it they called me broke boy there and that’s going on right now you got headlines like this ray dalio founder of the world’s biggest hedge fund

Sees a significant risk of a possible us recession in 2020 those type of things are just like the minor reasons the the major reasons we’ll get into now but yeah i feel like almost every time ray dalio goes on tv the market goes down that day he obviously as a very has a very pessimistic look on the markets right now and you know i just swear every time he goes on

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Cnbc or bloomberg right now which is the markets just drops and that person that particular day and sure enough today he goes on talking about possible us recession in 2020 while he thinks that and big drop in the market but as far as the main reasons the market is down today the first off came out a late last night it was around china’s economy and that it grew

At the slowest annual rate since nine teen 90 okay a long time ago fourth-quarter gdp figures slips 26.4% as trade war hits consumer sentiment out there in china it is just getting worse and worse this is one of the big reasons why the market is down today and there’s no stability in in the weakness right now almost every single quarter is just getting weaker and

Weaker and weaker in china and you got to ask ourselves like where is the bottom in the cell the whole situation is there our bottom is it just going to get worse and worse for several quarters maybe even a year maybe even two years in the future like like we’ve got to see some stability in china and right now there’s no signs that we’re gonna see any stability in

China anytime soon okay and when you have things like this come out this next headline it makes it even worse in china okay united states cancels trade planning meeting with china sources say the white house has rejected a trade planning meeting with china this week due to the outstanding disagreements over intellectual property rules should beijing in washington

Fail to agree on a parliament solution by march 1st obviously the tariffs are gonna go to 25% okay the white house tells cnbc that the team remains in touch in preparation for high-level talks with vice premier liu he by the end of this month all right now this is the main reason honestly the markets are down so big today you know when you have china just weakening

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And weakening we just saw more economic data that it’s weakening then on top of that you have a possibility that the tariffs will go to a 25% rate and that could mean absolute disaster for china that could mean they go from their numbers are weakening to their numbers has become an absolute disaster toward the back half of 2019 if those 25% tariffs end up getting

Hit on china guys that would be a massive massive move you’ll see a lot more companies moving production to other countries maybe india or maybe back to the states or things like that and that would be a very very ugly situation so now you have the markets freaked out in a major way cuz we haven’t see china weakening weakening and how many companies is that gonna

Hurt across the us stock market and that’s a bad situation there guys so this is something that has really freaked out a lot of people because a lot of people like myself believe there’s gonna be a trade deal done i really believe there will be a trade deal done by march first but when you see a headline like that when you see news like that it makes you say dang

Maybe i could be wrong about this maybe there’s not going to be a trade deal like come by march first and then that could mean an absolute disaster for the stock market like that would get really ugly in my opinion because it would just make china get to a very volatile stage and then a lot of a us investors will just freak out okay this is why i’m around 30% cash

Right now in 70% invested so i want to stay very invested because i believe the trade deal will get done and i believe then you know china will start to recover and i believe like the us will probably strengthen after that and everything will be okay but here’s the thing that might not happen okay who knows maybe all some march first comes no trade deal gets done

And also a 25% tariff gets hit on china and it maybe even brings down the us some and then china gets to a really really weak stage that’s why i want to you know have a good amount of money in cash still this this stage in the game i’m kind of almost hedging my bets a bit you know i got a lot of money invested but yeah i also got a lot of money on the sidelines i’m

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Still like buying little shares here and there i’ll buy like two thousand dollars worth of a stock that i feel like is very undervalued or three thousand dollars but in terms of me just flooding money in the market like tens of thousands of dollars at a time right now i’m just not doing it because i’m like what if i’m wrong about this what if i’m wrong about the

Trade deal getting done what if that never gets done you know that’s a situation where i just think it’s gonna be ugly for the market it’s going to be ugly for the chinese economy and it could actually have a spillover negative effect in the us economy to a certain extent so that’s what kind of worries me and that’s why i’m like i’m know so i’m just you know i’m

Gonna have a lot of cash right now i’ll buy a little shares here and there but i’m gonna keep a lot of cash on the sidelines just in case the you know the trade deal doesn’t get done and we have an ugly ugly situation out there guys so that’s kind of my feeling on let me know whether the amount of money you guys haven’t cashed right now versus actually invested

Would love to hear from you guys a video i would love for you guys to watch this so funny i just saw this headline i’m like oh my gosh i gotta tell my subscribers to watch this video this is hilarious just type in youtube cortes economic genius that will make you guys laugh you will thoroughly enjoy that video that’s all i can say come back to this video when

You’re done let me know if you thought that was pretty funny in the comment section if you thought it was funny or more of a i would love to hear from you guys as always thank you for watching have a great day

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