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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush apparently if you review toothbrushes online you’re gonna get sent even more toothbrushes to review so a company called new smile sent me this free toothbrush to review for them and i just have to tell you right off top that i just tried brushing my teeth right now and i can feel that the brush head is not brushing

My teeth as well previously i recommended this philips sonicare essence toothbrush and it brushed very well because the whole brush head moves and you can feel the bristle getting in between your teeth and that’s what you really want to dig in between the teeth to get out all the grime and all that stuff and then get your teeth clean so i have this new one right

Here and this one i’ve been using for six years and it still cleans pretty well because a brand new one it seems to be able to move a lot better and brush a lot better but my old six year old one as long as i changed ahead it would brush just as well now comparing it to this you smile toothbrush i can put it on my teeth and it feels maybe about 40 50 percent as

Well as this sonic heroin that in itself it’s a major drawback which would cause you to not really want to get it and so if the designers are watching this please watch the rest of this video because i’m gonna try to explain what is wrong with this toothbrush even with that drawback there are a lot of other new features i really like but the main feature that we

Want to use which is the brushing power is not there i actually would like the sonicare essence you’ll have all these extra features you can like combine them and i would like that but let me just go on open the box for you and show you what’s inside now i’m gonna actually dig into this toothbrush open it up and show you what’s inside the good point about this

You small toothbrush is that the backside of the toothbrush doesn’t move it actually rotates it like this so you can see this is the back of the toothbrush it stays the same when it’s on but the bristles in the front kind of brushes okay this is the same thing with the sonic hair essence the back stays still while the front bristles move you want that because you

Don’t want to stick this in your mouth and have the back of the toothbrush vibrate around on your cheek if it stays the same it’ll feel stationary and only your teeth are being brushed and not your cheek but i find that even if i put it in the cleaning mode the highest mode the brushing action is not as much as a sonicare one it’s one thing to have it appear move

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A lot when it’s not in your mouth but as soon as you put it in your mouth it seems like it’s not moving as much which tells me that the motor is doesn’t have enough torque to move the bristles when it’s touching something here’s what the box looks like it says you smile tm power toothbrush recharge a bowl the side the back the other side the top and the bottom

Electric toothbrush the new experience so let me open this there’s nothing in the top of the box right off you can see it comes with a lot of accessories you’ve got two toothbrushes you got the toothbrush itself you have a manual thing for the toothbrush holder and the toothbrush holder that sticks to the glass you have this nice case for travel manual that comes

In multiple languages for your toothbrush and a charge cable interestingly you charge your toothbrush using your computer apparently this is just all foam let’s take one of these toothbrush heads out this thing comes with the cap to protect your bristles when you put this on the first time it feels kind of snug and so taking it out takes a little bit of effort i

Think it was a lot harder the first time i did it but after you do it a few times it slips in and not a bit easier so i had to turn down the lights up a little bit because it’s a little bit too bright to see under the camera but you can see it under normal lighting if you it’s touch sensitive so you can just touch the side and you can see the lights turn on here’s

A battery indicator and it tells you which setting is gonna turn on once you push the button this is the soft level the clean level this is the white so this is low medium high white is the high setting you can see the bristol moving if i turn it on so this is soft this is median this is clean so again this is soft medium is whitening which is high you see it

Seems to move around a lot but as soon as you touch it it doesn’t move as much and you can feel this in your gums any way you remove the brush head and you can put it inside your travel case like this and put the toothbrush in there this is magnetic and it just kind of closes in like that there’s a little port to open for you to do the charging and you plug it in

Like that and you plug this into your computer to charge your toothbrush now i want to know the serviceability of this thing that’s why i’m going to try to open this thing up that you see here there’s a grommet on this thing so it’s trying to be a little bit waterproof i got to remove this little tab just kind of pull that out and then i got a pull on these tabs

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Here and then pushing down on the outside at the same time and this whole thing just slides right out like this some sort of magnetic movement but it doesn’t create as strong as a movement as a sonicare essence we see here a grommet here and if we pull this back we see here that there’s a piece of wire that holds it so to keep the water from flowing through this

Looks pretty strong so i don’t think water will flow through here but water can go around here flow around this and into the unit if we stand this upright all the water every single day it’s gonna slowly drip through here and go inside this unit we do see a lithium ion battery this is relatively large for a rechargeable toothbrush it’s usually maybe two-thirds the

Size that i’ve seen i see two battery tabs here which means when you replace this battery you’re gonna have to buy something similar size and you’re gonna have to do some soldering which makes it a little bit out of reach for the people that do not have a soldering iron here we see a little piece of wire going to the motor there’s a little piece of wire going to

The motor the button the led one two three four and then the fifth one for the low we see here to charge poor and also this strip of copper i think this is copper that goes all the way around here and then it’s the only one connection here which tells me that this is a capacitive sensor so as long as something touches around this area of this strip or right here

Or right here it’s gonna wake up and then turn on these lights so let me demonstrate you just go and touch this see it goes and turns on so let me put this whole thing back hopefully a and i need to put this tab back in that in this thing goes like this and we have the whole thing back together so let me demonstrate this suction cup holder thing that attaches to

The mirror you peel the back off right here this is the suction cup stick this onto your mirror and you turn this which pulls on the suction cup hey pull it to a certain amount and it gets pretty grippy like this and it’s not gonna fall off they designed a hole right here which means that if you stick your toothbrush right here perhaps see we’re counting on some

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Water dripping down and it goes down to the bottom it’s just gonna fall right through but if you watch my other two crutch videos you’ll know i like putting my toothbrush upside down because after you brush every single time the water tends to drip down its gonna get into the mechanicals right any kind of mechanical thing moving over time the water’s gonna seep in

And it’s gonna destroy your toothbrush so the best way to make it last really long is after you brush you put it upside down like this so any kind of water it’s gonna drip away from all your electronics this thing you can actually go like this stick the two push through this hole and put it upside down check it out i really like this just because of this you can

Put your toothbrush down and it’s never gonna hurt any of your electronics the bad thing about this is that this is a hole which means you have to stick your toothbrush through that hole and it’s not big enough where your toothbrush should not touch the edges of the hole so if you have this a little dirty from you know other things or something you got to clean

Em every once in a while so that it’s clean and you can push this through i think that could improve this is if you have this open a little bit and you can slide the nick of your toothbrush in there kind of slide it in this way i could cut this and just kind of slide it in that way and that would work well so you see what i mean that this toothbrush has a lot of

Great features it has multiple strengths it has a really huge battery that will make it last for a really long time it’s rechargeable it has that stand that you can put this upside down in but the brushing power is only 40% of my sonicare essence which is my favorite right now still so my recommendation for these guys is to make the motor bigger not to make it

Move faster more vigorously but it needs more torque it needs to do the same exact movement but with more power so that if anything touches it it will still be brushing at the same speed now if you’re still interested in getting one of these two pictures because of all the great features you can check out my referral link down in the video description down below

Give me a like over here comment down below let me know what you think of all the internals of this toothbrush all the features and what you think of it and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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