Valkyrie Funds launches the Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF (NASDAQ: BTF)


Hey guys how you doing this is rich from merch tv live and you can join our club at trading club at where you too can earn rewards and learn how to become a profitable trader in stocks and cryptocurrencies so we have some big breaking news a new bitcoin etf the second bitcoin etf now in america huge news and of course we’re breaking it first

The val kiri funds launches the valkyrie bitcoin strategy etf under the symbol btf which is focused on bitcoin futures btf will trade on nasdaq nashville tennessee today october 22nd 2021 valkyrie funds an emerging investment manager focused on the digital asset class is excited to announce the launch of the bitcoin strategy etf on the nasdaq under the symbol btf

So this is the way it looks right now you can see it’s come down but so has bitcoin so obviously as bitcoin comes down the etf will also go down obviously these guys are coming out with bitcoin being almost at all-time highs so there’s definitely a chance that it could go lower there’s no doubt about that so whenever you see bitcoin at all-time highs bitcoin is

Extremely volatile it has very big highs very big lows and you can see here clearly it opened up around 25 and it’s now at 24. so if you’re looking for exposure to bitcoin and you want to buy a stock as opposed to holding bitcoin or investing in an exchange or putting bitcoin in a wallet if you don’t want to do any of that this is going to be a great way to

Do it and we’ve already seen that with the other etf that just launched the bito we’ll pull that out p-i-t-o and you can see that that one also is down because bitcoin has come down since the ipo and you can clearly see the trend here down as well so this is going to go up and down with bitcoin bitcoin is obviously extremely volatile a lot of investors love

The volatility some investors are concerned or afraid of the volatility i love the volatility in bitcoin i think bitcoin can be very predictable it also can be very unpredictable so what we do in our trading club is we teach you when to buy on dips when to sell on rips and how to lock in profits and the thing with bitcoin is when you’re getting into these etfs a

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Lot of times it’s a buy the room or sell the news event so people are buying bitcoin and they’re and they’re excited about bitcoin in advance of these etfs opening up and then what happens is once the etf opens up it’s a buy the rumor sell the news event bitcoins already at all time highs and then once it opens up and starts to trade people start to take profits

People start saying hey bitcoins at all-time highs i’m going to sell and then the price of bitcoin goes down and then what you see here with these etfs they also will go down well consequently when bitcoin makes its big move up again because that’s what it’s done historically always then you’re gonna see these etfs are gonna explode so the key with bitcoin and

The bitcoin etfs in my opinion is to buy it on dips watch it get to know its trends get to know its history of trading and you got to watch bitcoin if you want to own these etfs because they’re going to go up and down with the price of bitcoin and you can see here that bitcoin’s been on this epic move bitcoin went up over 25 000 in a month so of you know a dip

From 67 000 all-time highs back to 61 000 isn’t that big of a dip for bitcoin when you think about it because technically when bitcoin decides to go back up again we could see it run up another 25 000 and we could see it at 85 000. that’s just how bitcoin moves when it moves it moves it doesn’t move like one or two thousand it moves like five ten thousand at a

Time so realistically this pullback is actually very standard with everything we see when it gets to all-time highs we always see assets make runs up and down and when they make these runs to all-time highs typically the next thing you see is a pullback so you can see clearly that this pullback isn’t a huge pullback on this chart and you can see how it’s just

Gone straight up over the last month so this pullback is pretty standard considering it just went to all-time highs investors have been waiting for all-time highs since april so a lot of investors are taking profits so once all of the selling stops and the buying comes in again because you have to remember i think the number is around 500 000 new investors are


Getting into bitcoin every week on a global scale so as the buying surges in when the buying this is all about supply and demand remember bitcoin only has 21 million coins in circulation ever that will ever have i think i believe right now there’s 17 million in circulation because this has a very tight flow and we love type load assets the supply is never

Going to really grow but the demand is growing significantly every week that’s why you see this asset is growing this pullback is actually very healthy the question is how low does it go and you know did you take profits at the top or are you holding from here i’m still holding all my crypto i’m holding my bitcoin etfs i own two canadian bitcoin etfs btcc.b i own

Bcc and you know i could have sold when it was up here but i’ve held because i believe bitcoin will continue to go higher b t c x dot b now if i felt like bitcoin this run was over and we wouldn’t see bitcoin ever go higher than these prices i would have sold at these higher levels but the reality is i believe bitcoin will go higher because this is the hottest time

Of the year for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and we’re just starting so this run will typically go until january february 2022 so based on historical patterns and tendencies things could change but that’s what my belief is based on what i’ve seen in the past so i’m not personally selling any crypto or bitcoin right now but that could change and if it does i’ll

Definitely let you know and i’ll be letting our club members know first so you guys should be joining the club if you become a vip member you get access to we’re approaching a hundred hours of training on charts trading setting up accounts becoming a profitable trader and looking for great companies to buy low sell high buy on dips sell on rips and we’re all over

The market we watch the entire market every day we know all the hottest stocks that are moving every single day all the hottest cryptos all the new ipos all the new etfs all over the world we watch the entire market and we we believe that we have a very strong profitable wealthy community that’s only going to get stronger only going to get bigger and only going

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To get better and we want you to be a part of it so this new etf btf is the symbol put on your watch list put on your radar love to know your opinion on this you can see that the rsi here is at 47 so there’s a long way for this to go up right now you can see the macd is crossing and kind of turning up here so if we see a movement bitcoin going higher i assume

This will go higher if bitcoin goes lower from here then we’ll see this go lower this is my first video on btf like i said put on your watch list put on your radar love to know what you guys think about these videos if you like the videos please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live if you’re not winning

Probably not watching the valkyrie bitcoin strategy etf symbol btf trading now today for the first time ever and only the second bitcoin etf in america this is creating regulation and regulation is a good thing for the masses and mainstream to pour into bitcoin and cryptocurrencies so in my opinion this is extremely bullish the second only ever bitcoin etf

In america we already have some bitcoin products in canada now we’re getting bitcoin products in america this is extremely bullish for the sector extremely bullish for the industry let me know what you guys think on these videos let me know if you guys are buying this if you like it if you’re holding love to know so you’re bored rich and rich to be live and rich

Picks daily if you’re not winning probably not watching bring in the winners and we bring them to you first and if you’re part of the club you get all the winners first 24 hours a day seven days a week stocks and kryptos we’re on it you should get on it too your board rich and we’re just to be live and about peace etf don’t sleep on it you heard it here first

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Valkyrie Funds launches the Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF (NASDAQ: BTF) By RICH TV LIVE

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