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Hello there ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for joining me today so today i’m just gonna give you my verdict on this whole stock market news channel type thing i asked about last week i did a video where i asked you guys what you thought about me doing a stock market news type channel and making a new channel i got a ton of great feedback the response from you

Guys was overwhelmingly yes to do it some of you guys suggested other innovative ideas like me doing a weekly series on this channel or something like that so my verdict basically is i am probably going to do it i’m probably gonna do it it’s like 90 percent sure right now i’m not gonna rush it i’m not gonna rush this decision and just put it out there because i want

To do it the right way that new channel i want to have my strategy down on on how much i’ll actually talk about each subject how many subjects will i even cover per day you know what i want the format to look like do i want a ticker bar symbol to go on the bottom of the screen all those types of things and basically the channel once again i want to reiterate what

I’m thinking is it’s not just like a news channel where you’re trying to get news i’m gonna cover the biggest stories in my opinion in my opinion what the biggest stories were that day in the stock market and i’m gonna give my take on those stories so say like right now for instance at&t is trying to acquire time warner cable and that’s a huge huge acquisition


We’re talking like 85 billion dollars well if i had the stock market news channel i could go ahead and give my opinion on that news story today and say you know is that a great deal is it gonna work out what are the potential catalysts and all those types of things so it could be like a learning experience and just kind of hearing me speak about a subject like that

And maybe you can kind of change your thought process or kind of see how i look at it at least so that’s what the channel would be about and once again i want to reiterate that nothing if i do start that channel nothing with this channel will change and still do five to seven uploads per week right now i’m doing like seven i’m doing one per day it seems recently

And so nothing’s gonna change what the financial education channels still be talking about stocks and doing all the same series i do all those the things so nothing changes with this channel but here’s my next point right now i’m very busy i’m very very busy between this channel between my actual business in between having a family i got a kid i got a wife so i’m

Busy doing a lot of things here’s my thinking i started this channel the financial education channel in around january last year it was just after the new year’s i think i created the channel or maybe posted my first video on i believe january 5th january 5th of this of this year so what i’m thinking is i’ll think about this process over the next month two months

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So november december and get my my whole i guess you could say theme set up and whatnot how i want to do the channel and then maybe right after the new year’s i could officially start it the reason being is my business kind of will probably drop off a bit my regular business will probably drop off a bit in the month of december january february because i basically

I do a lot of community related stuff and all the trees die in that time year so not a lot of people want to do community videos community photos all that kind of stuff and that’s it that takes up a decent amount of time maybe 20% 30% of my time each week doing those type of projects so i’m gonna have more time and i can either use that time to go ahead and try to

Reach out to new customers in that business or you can use that time to create this new channel and right now i’m thinking i want to create this new channel and see how it goes and try really hard for two three months and then see you know our video sticking is it something i’m really enjoying doing at that point with that news channel or is it something i’m just

Kind of like you know what i’m just dreading this i’m not enjoying it and if i’m not enjoying it then i’ll just probably just end up throwing it away but i don’t really want that to happen because if i spend time in something i don’t really quit it i make sure it works and i figure out a way to make sure it works i’m just that type of person so we’ll see how it all

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Plays out but regardless i’m probably going to do the channel that’s tape number one take number two is i was probably not gonna be for at least a couple months prolly we’re looking at the beginning in january because i got a long trip planned in december so i’m gonna have to film videos for this channel in december like prior to the so i can still release videos

While i’m gone and whatnot and all that good stuff another than that that’s about it leave me any comments if you have any comments on this if you guys are looking forward to this channel i know you guys are based upon the last video so i don’t really need any more feedback necessarily you guys gave so many thumbs up to that video and you also left so many comments

Encouraging me to do it so i’m looking pretty forward to it i’ll keep you guys updated on the ol this this whole process as time rolls on and we’ll see how everything goes thank you for joining me guys have a great day you you

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Verdict on New Channel – Stock Market News Channel By Financial Education

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