VICINITY(TM) BUSES SELECTED FOR WASHINGTON STATEWIDE CONTRACT (TSXV:VMC)(OTCQX:BUSXD)(FRA:6LG) – RICH TV LIVE – April 6, 2021 – Vicinity Motor Corp. (TSXV:VMC)(OTCQX:BUSXF)(FRA:6LG) (“Vicinity Motor” or the “Company”) (Formerly Grande West Transportation Group), a leading supplier of electric, CNG, gas and clean diesel buses, today announced the State of Washington has selected Vicinity buses in a statewide purchasing contract that gives State transit agencies the right to purchase from the Company’s diverse bus portfolio.

Rich picks daily is an online community for traders to exchange smart straightforward and profitable investment ideas and join us today at subscribe to us on youtube to learn useful stock trading secrets and discover the next 10 bagger hey guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and i wanted to talk to you about vicinity motor corp

Otherwise known as bus we introduced this to you as bus when it was like at around 1.50 it did a somewhat of a three to one reverse and a lot of people were worried and they were panicking and they were selling and creating all kinds of fear and look at what it’s done since the reverse it was initially around 7 27 it hit 880 yesterday and it just looks like it’s

Going to continue this move up and that’s the symbol in canada vmc and in america the symbol is bus xd and a lot of the same as you can see here looks extremely similar it’s just a beautiful trend up so both of these stocks look like they are trending up and going in the right direction and then once again there was news today and the news just keeps coming for

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Vicinity motors corp vicinity trademark buses select for washington statewide contract the news just keeps coming vicinity motor corp vmc in canada on the toronto stock venture exchange bus i believe it’s xd or xf but it says xf here and 6lg in frankfurt germany formerly grand west transportation group a leading supplier of electric cng gas and clean diesel buses

Today announced the state of washington has selected vicinity buses and a statewide purchasing contract that gives state transit agencies the right to purchase from the company’s diverse bus portfolio vehicles for selection can be produced from the companies planned by american act compliant assembly vicinity facility in washington state which will be capable

Of producing 1 000 electric cng gas and clean diesel units annually across all sizes and power trains that’s right 1 000 buses we are pleased to announce that vicinity motor corp has been chosen as an oem supplier for washington state’s growing fleet of buses driving forward the transition to a more sustainable public transportation system said william traynor

Chief executive officer of vicinity motor corp this contract win marks yet another exciting milestone in our expansion into the significant u.s market where our purpose-built vicinity trademark line of products quality and consistency allows us to capture market share our guidance to deliver over 100 buses in the first half of 2021 is a testament to the value

Proposition that vicinity brings to private and public transportation operators i look forward to continued execution in the months ahead creating sustainable long-term value for our shareholders concluded trainer the company also announced that certain eligible directors have requested that their respective director’s remuneration for the calendar year 2021

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Be paid in deferred share units dsus and accordingly the company is granted 3269 dsus in connection with directors renumeration for q1 above vicinity motor corp vicinity motor corp vmc bus xf 6lg is a leading supplier of electric cng gas and clean diesel buses for both public and commercial enterprise use in the us and canada the company’s flagship line of

Vicinity buses which maintains a dominant market share in canada are produced by the company’s world-class manufacturing partners or at the company’s buy america at compliant assembly facility in washington state the company’s innovative vicinity lightning trademark electric vehicle bus enabled through a tier one strategic supply agreement with bmw batteries

And components seeks to lead the global transition to more sustainable transit vehicles in the private public markets for more information please visit or vicinitybus for product details so here’s so you can see this website is literally developing this website is literally developing you can subscribe for updates and they will be

Launching soon so just simply subscribe and you will get the updates as this website develops so it’s pretty exciting to see what it’s going to look like when it’s done and let’s see if there’s any changes to the vicinity website let’s quickly look at that as well so no changes yet to the sites as of now still looks similar as what

It did before so remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live always invest in the best the best is blessed and you deserve the best vmc has been on a tear since it did the reverse what do you guys think it does


Today the trend is up let’s see if that trend continues this is rich from rich to be live if you’re not winning you’re not watching we’re bringing the winners and we bring them to you first if you like the video smash the like button comment on the video subscribe and share it everywhere vmc put on your watch just put on your radar if you’re not winning you’re

Not watching we bring you the winners and we bring them to your first what do you guys think of this news i think it’s big news get your popcorn ready put vicinity motor corp on your radar put on your watch list the news says b-u-s-x-f but it’s still listed as b-u-s-x-d in america your boy rich must be live and i’m out peace you

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