VirtualArmour International Inc.

VirtualArmour International Inc. (CSE:VAI) (3V3:F) (OTCQB:VTLR), a premier cybersecurity managed services provider, has been named to Branham300 2018 Edition as one of the top 250 public and private technology companies in Canada.

Hey guys this is rich from rich tv live and i want to talk to you about virtual armor i brought it to you guys first i brought it to you when it was under 20 cents in canada it rocketed up to almost 40 cents in canada while i was on vacation in the dominican republic and now i’m back and i’m watching it again and i’m reading all this information and i just have to

Bring it to you the people because we want to analyze stocks and bring them to you before they explode before everybody else knows them let me remind you guys i talked about a little company that nobody knew about called aurora cannabis two years ago now everybody talks about aurora cannabis i wouldn’t be surprised to see virtual armorer be like aurora cannabis in a

Few years and the sense that everyone’s talking about virtual armor the key is to get it now before everybody knows its name so let’s talk about virtual armor network and security cyber security blog virtual armor ranks as the top public technology company in canada okay this was printed on june 27 2000 18 virtual armor international inc v ai in canada on the cse

Symbol f in 3v3 in frankfurt germany and vtl are on the otcqb in america a premier cybersecurity managed services provider has been named to the bram 300 2018 edition as one of the top 250 public and private technology companies in canada the bram 300 is the best well-known and most widely referencing listing reference listing of canada’s top ict companies ranked

By revenue the listing also tracks the top ict multinationals like virtual armor operating in canada as well as up-and-coming firms and those brand ham group believes will soon be big hits while headquartered in centennial colorado virtual armor first went public on the canadian stock exchange before becoming dual listed on the otc markets and frankfurt exchange

The company maintains 24/7 client during and service management with security operations centers located in the us and europe it is a great achievement for virtual armor to be recognized and listed alongside many innovative and progressive canadian companies set virtual armor ceo russ arm burst armbrust as concerns around cybersecurity continue to gain consistent

Global attention that demand for customizable solutions by enterprise clients has been growing exponentially our skilled teams and proprietary prevention technologies enable us to capitalize on this global market opportunity and we’re well positioned to grow with the accelerating market i think this company has so much potential about virtual armor virtual armor

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International is a global cybersecurity and managed services provider that delivers customized solutions to help businesses build month monitor maintain and secure their networks the company maintains 24/7 client monitoring and service management with specialist teams located in its us and uk based security operation centers through partnerships with best-in-class

Technology providers virtual armor delivers leading hardware and software solutions for customers that are both sophisticated and scalable and backed by industry-leading customer service and experience virtual armors proprietary cloud caster client portal and prevention platform provides clients with unparalleled access to real-time reporting on threat levels

Breach prevention and overall network security virtual armor gives me virtual armor services a wide range of clients which include fortune 500 companies and several industry sectors in over 30 countries across five continents for further information visit virtual armor comm we’re gonna click on that and here’s the website we are a managed security services provider

Operating around the globe and they’re trading under 30 cents it’s crazy now another thing i wanted to mention is that james west from the – letter has already put a buy rating on virtual armor and has publicly stated that he really likes this company okay so james west from midas letter is a big fan of virtual armor okay so if you’re a fan of james west in the –

Letter and you think that he’s got good picks this is one of his picks and once i saw that that was one of his picks and i started doing my due diligence and i started with my research i found out that very quickly why it was one of his top picks and i believe for him to be correct here in his thinking that this is the type of company with the internet growing so

Quickly and cybersecurity being a major problem that this is a type of company that could become a global powerhouse okay and this is their website it’s virtual armored calm okay you can go and sign it up for their latest news in cybersecurity take a look at their innovation their values their management team take a look at the management team right here and they’ve

Got a video that you can watch as well and learn a little bit more about the company global reach and local attitude really like what i see here from this company i just find it to be so exciting and just so new and i really don’t think too many people know about it and we’re just gonna keep talking about it until you guys start listening i mean that’s just what we

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Do i mean that’s always what we’ve done we just continue to talk about a stock we’ll continue to talk about a stock we’ll continue to watch them and we’ll continue to monitor them until you start to pay attention cyber security 500 the world’s hottest security companies it’s one of the top 500 virtual armor armor is highly ranked recognized as one of the world’s

Hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies to watch in 2018 by cybersecurity ventures the world leaving cybersecurity forecaster named – brad 300 2018 edition as one of the top 250 public and private technology companies in canada i’m gonna take a look at that a little bit closer take a look at this proven leadership in a growing industry virtual armor

Is a global managed service provider msp delivering customizable management of advanced network and security services to global businesses across numerous industry sectors it is a trusted partner of several fortune 500 organizations and uses only best in breed technology to protect and secure its clients virtual armor services operate around the clock through

Its security operation centers soc s located in middlesbrough uk and salt lake city utah why invest virtual armor is the only pure play cyber security company on the csc specialized in managed security services the company generates revenue through managed cyber security services professional services and hardware sales seasoned executive team growing reoccurring

Revenue business large cyber security market opportunity top-tier and international customer base proprietary cloud caster customer portal and 95% plus customer retention rate this company is going to be a monster virtual armor is ranked one of the world’s hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies to watch in 2017 by cybersecurity ventures the world’s

Leading cybersecurity forecaster one of the top 25 movers and shakers on the bram 300 a list of who’s who in canadian ict so do your due diligence do your research i think this is a company to watch here is the bram top 250 canadian ict companies and as you can see here virtual armor is ranked 157 in 2017 it was ranked 174th in 2016 so it’s ranking is only going

Higher and i believe that will continue now if we look at the price we can see her there currently priced at 29 cents when i brought him to you first it was literally at the bottom and we’ll take a look at the three-month chart you can see here i marked it when i did the video and it was around 18 cents and you can see it exploded when i was on vacation all the

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Way to around 40 cents so it was up a hundred percent since i did my video it’s recently come back down now it’s kind of finding its floor i believe around 29 cents i’d like to know what you guys think now is this a buying opportunity for you guys guys remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do

Research before you invest in anything that we talk about here enrich to be live but it really love to know what you think about virtual armor if you like them smash the like button comment down below let me know have you bought this stock are you planning on buying the stock do you think about buying the stock you know what are your feelings about this stock and

If you like this video and you feel it’s shareable please share it everywhere put it everywhere let people know about this stock because nobody knows about this stock okay and like usual i want to bring it to you first so let’s bring it to first in fact james west brought it first when i started doing my research i saw that james west really liked it and james west

Has a really good track record with midas letter and he’s been very successful so i believe that this will continue to be a winner and i’d love to know what you guys think thank you guys for watching i really appreciate everything you guys do your support is unparalleled that is why we are one of the fastest growing communities of investing in stocks and investing

In general in the world and we’ve just built a telegram chat which is unlimited we can have unlimited members if you’d like to join my telegram please let me know i’ll put a link to the telegram in the description of this video today so you guys are welcome to join so you can get access to our picks 24 hours a day seven days a week thank you guys for watching is

Your boy rich bringing virtual armor a company that i believe is going to be an absolute monster we’ll keep you updated on everything that happens with virtual armor as it transpires have a great trading day if you’re not winning you’re not watching it’s true this is your boy rich and i’m out peace

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