Vizsla Resources CEO Michael Konnert (TSX-V: VZLA) (OTCQB: VIZSF)

Vizsla Resources Corp. (TSX-V: VZLA) (OTCQB: VIZSF) (Frankfurt: 0G3) (“Vizsla” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide results from sixteen new holes at the Napoleon prospect at the Panuco silver-gold project (“Panuco” or the “Project”) in Mexico. These results expand the discovery to the south and at depth where it remains open beneath wide intercepts.

Hi how’s everybody doing today this is rich from be have rich tv live with our very special guest it is michael connert the president and ceo of vizsla resources how you doing today michael very good thank you and uh thank you for having me thank you for joining us now vizila is a precious metals exploration company focused on the panuco gold silver project in

Mexico can you tell us a little bit more about the company and the project sure so visel’s actually consolidated a long-lived silver and gold district in mexico for the first time ever and uh we’re actually the first group to go in and explore this project as a whole with with modern techniques and and already this has paid off um very well for us we made one

Of mexico’s highest grade discoveries in years uh at our napoleon vein corridor there with six meters over eight kilos uh silver equivalent so fantastic grades uh we’re the first group to ever explore it as a whole in this new uh new format it’s in and um we have a pathway to production through uh through an option on a mail and all the production facilities

At the project very good now since you began drilling on the project you’ve made three significant discoveries can you tell us about those sure so as i said we’re you know we’re exploring uh veins that have never been drilled before never really been explored uh but they have been mined uh in the past and so you know maybe hundreds of years ago but in the

Past uh you know there’s old workings on these veins and so we’ve gone in with modern techniques we’ve zoned in on where to to drill and we’ve had you know excellent success with with uh you know naturally now over four um kilo plus discoveries in the last uh four months so it’s uh spectacular we’re we’re finding more kilo plus gold than anyone else in mexico

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This time right now it’s really exciting that’s impressive now vizla completed a 30 million oversubscribed private placement in july including a hefty investment from the one and only eric sprott can you tell us a little bit more about that well we’re so excited to have this uh the support uh behind us you know and so what happened was we we drilled that um

Hole uh seven which was a fantastic intercept you know as i said six meters at eight kilos and um on the back of that we were able to attract some some you know very very strong shareholders including eric sprott and we’re very uh grateful for that now this gives us the the runway and the ability to drill um you know as i said this district that really needs

This drilling it’s so exciting and we have now uh you know multiple years of drilling ahead of us and through the warrants that were involved in that that financing we have the ability to finance the acquisition of that mail and the production facilities now too so um you know that kind of changed everything for us wow now the punuco project offers vizla an

Accelerated pathway to production what does that mean and why is it so significant for a precious metals exploration company well exactly so i’m sure most people have heard of the the lassonde curve that pierre lassonde you know came out with i believe in the 80s and the idea there is that you know junior minors they they get excitement when there’s a discovery

And as they go towards permitting and development there’s excitement that kind of wanes and then as they go into production uh you know that comes back into uh to the excitement level now with the mail and the permits and the hedo agreements that we have under option and the roads and the power and everything that we would need um you know to be in production


We essentially can buy out that uh what is referred to as the valley of despair we can buy that out for as low as 23 million dollars to to buy the mail in production and we can we can really not overnight because there will be some uh you know some optimization some some work on the mill but in a very very uh short time period we can move into production wow

That’s that’s exciting now vizsla’s management team has quite an impressive background can you briefly touch on the key members and what they bring to the table sure so um i’m i’m president and ceo i have a commerce background my last business was a cobalt business that myself and our chairman craig perry started uh and we sold that to uh to a company out of

Australia uh which created a a massive return for our investors there uh craig perry who i just mentioned is our chairman uh one of the founders of next gen energy uh founding shareholder of emr capital a multi-billion dollar private equity firm just a an all-around very well respected accomplished mining executive additionally we have simon smerlick who is

The ceo of osanco engineering uh the world’s forefront uh mind builder and epcm company uh and we also have stuart smith as uh as our third director who is a phd geologist very well respected geologist most recently at tech resources but we also are very very lucky to have charles funk as our vpx charles funk is a very accomplished young geologist and someone

That we relied on very heavily to him and his team to to to make these discoveries and uh and have us work so so well in mexico so a very strong team now our community is a community of investors that are looking for undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities what can investors expect from vizsla resources next well uh you know with 30 million

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Plus in the bank we uh we’re going to be drilling uh non-stop we have four rigs turning on the project right now um you know the amount of useful that can come out of that amount of potential new discoveries that can come out of that is is really you know it’s so impressive and it’s going to be so exciting to watch this uh the potential for high grade silver

And gold uh news coming out of our project and as i said you know when we’re successful with that uh we execute on the option and we can enter into production uh very rapidly so you know if you’re looking for a silver and gold story you know that has discovery it has uh you know product has all these elements to it uh but it’s also joined some of the highest

Grade that mexico’s seen in years um you know it’s it’s a it’s a fantastic opportunity now if an investor wants to get in contact with you or someone wants to do a joint venture loi do some business with you what’s the best way for them to reach you sure well our website has all those contact information our social media would be on there as well too so uh

Visa fantastic well thank you so much for your time today michael michael connor the ceo and president of vizsla resources corp we wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors thank you very much and appreciate being on here thank you so much for watching everybody have yourselves a nice day you

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Vizsla Resources CEO Michael Konnert (TSX-V: VZLA) (OTCQB: VIZSF) By RICH TV LIVE

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