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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at richpixdaily.com where you can learn how to win and trade hi how you doing today i’m your host rich here on behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest the ceo of vox royalty corp kyle floyd how you doing today kyle rich fantastic thanks for having me on

Again always a pleasure excited to have you back on the show my first question kyle with inflation at generational highs and breathing down investors backs can you explain why a royalty company like vox offers such a beneficial and unique opportunity for investors absolutely so vox is uniquely positioned as most royalty companies are that are doing their jobs

Right in that we have a portfolio of 55 royalties and streams and the interest is in the top-line revenue of each of these mining operations so we’re not afflicted by the inflationary costs that mining companies are feeling so both their fixed costs and their variable costs are failing the effects of inflation and just the same as you and i as consumers are so

These rapidly rising prices are eating away at the the earnings power of these businesses but vox is uniquely positioned because we’re taking a percentage of the top line not the bottom line and not even either it’s top-line revenue based so that’s very significant for investors to understand the other benefit is typically in inflationary cycles if you look

Back at the last nine inflationary regimes commodities have been the best performer or one of the best performers if not the best and we are uniquely positioned in that we get the benefit of a buoyant commodity cycle without those cost pressures eating into our business and without having to contribute more capital to the growth of these underlying assets

So it’s a unique business model in that we get so much of the upside and leveraged upside because we’re not contributing to the capital efforts to to have the allow these assets to grow we’re just getting the benefit from them we’re not diluted so a lot of the issues with mining companies is you can be tremendously diluted as they continue to grow and then

We have the diversification of 55 royalties and streams so all within a small company a lot more torque in our business model and which we were designed to accomplish going back almost 10 years ago now you’ve been doing a phenomenal job now today vox announced some exciting developments can you break down for us specifically the news on the expiration success

Yeah rich you know it’s really exciting for us to produce the exploration results because our mining engineers and our geologists work really hot really hard behind the scenes to bring great assets into the portfolio that we fundamentally believe are going to become very material very exciting royalties uh for vox and our shareholders and so within this press

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Release that we came out with today there were three very specific exploration updates that were made kind of a material difference in our portfolio in terms of the value of these assets one was the pedro bronco royalty that’s operated by valor it’s the largest developing platinum groups metals project in south america and they doubled their resource size

And this doubling occurred after we bought the royalty so we bought it had about a million ounces of pge exposure now it has over two so that’s highly significant again we didn’t have to fund that that growth of that asset congrats to that team that’s fantastic success it’s shaping up to be a really interesting asset and oh by the way before we could even

Digest that news and get it to market they had already announced this morning that they had more really stunning results from the trenching program finding new targets so really shaping up to be just a tremendous asset that’s a big asset two plus million ounces of pg exposure with the grades that they have it’s a shallow ore body that’s our money engineers

Our geologists doing the hard work and having that pay off then there were another two assets that had very material exploration developments one was another doubling of the resource so that that’s a western australia gold operation doubled the resource by 113 so that’s in the press release again from where we bought it to where it stands today doubling the

Resource that we have a royalty over hugely significant and then there was the main in kind of crystallization of value in terms of the inaugural resource being published on an asset called puzzle north which is really significant for us because we bought this asset we liked the drilling that was happening we believe that there was you know a good chance of

This royalty would be something like a 50x over where we bought it and sure enough with uh with this news that looks to be the case so really on the exploration side of the business exciting and some of these assets are not that far off if you look at what’s going on western australia you can bring a mind from these stages to in production anywhere from call

It one to three years so that’s highly significant in terms of adding to our portfolio of eventually producing assets that are in low risk jurisdiction relatively low risk geology and some pretty exciting resources so excited to announce those results kyle i understand that there was some meaningful development success as well can you go through this for us

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Yeah so one of the royalties that we’re really excited about in the portfolio is an asset called jan and ivy and we bought this royalty pre a very material investment from zijin who’s a 30 billion dollar mostly gold producer but multi-commodity producer as well and we bought this royalty um with the understanding that this was going to happen but you know we

Were certainly using our intelligence on the ground and selecting this royalty for what we believe was going to be the an expansion that made this the largest heat bleach project in all of australia and sure enough that’s happened they’ve uh they just came out and announced that the production uh ramp from this uh this expansion project should be in effect by

The second half of this year so that increases the revenue profile of this asset within our business by about 5x so very very significant development for us and crystallization that that’s happening within the portfolio so that’s great news for us and our investors and then secondly uh the ashburton projects we bought this royalty pre this asset was locked in

A big company called northern star they weren’t doing anything with it we bought it right before they ended up selling it to a nimble junior called kalamazoo kalamazoo has come out and said they’ve done metal metallurgical test work alongside new drilling their target on this is from 1.6 million ounces where it stands today to somewhere between two and three

Million ounces but almost more importantly they came out and said the metallurgical testings were really positive on this which means this asset you can you can process this uh this ore body um successfully and so that’s really de-risked what is a big asset with our whether in our portfolio and one that we’re really excited about so kind of across the spectrum

Rich really exciting really tangible meaty developments within our portfolio and important for your investor audience to understand we didn’t pay anything additional for that to happen we weren’t diluted and when these companies are going to face higher costs in the future because the inflation that we all feel is consumers it’s afflicting them as well we’re

Not exposed to that so we’re a really unique company in today’s marketplace so everywhere i go everyone right now is talking about precious metals everyone’s talking about gold so are you seeing interest increase in commodities and royalty companies you know it’s really interesting rich we spent a lot of time talking to different investor communities and and

You know really across the spectrum from the mining company partners that are moving these assets forward to the investors that are looking for for where to be investing capital and what i’ll tell you is everyone is probably as excited as i’ve ever seen across the spectrum so from the mining companies to the metal traders the metal buyers at the end market

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In terms of where metal prices are going but what i’m seeing is there’s a there’s a change in the investor audience where they’re starting to really invest in the time it takes to understand where to deploy capital within the broader commodity sector and royalty companies are so unique right now with inflation so high and so heavy um that we’re getting the

Benefit of this really buoyant commodity cycle which most are expecting to continue uh certainly far out into the future but we’re not exposed to these rising costs that are coinciding with the rise in commodity prices so i i’m seeing a lot more interest from some of the who’s who of huge investors around the world fox is not always the right home or a small

Cap company we’ve talked about that you know we certainly have the growth engine but there’s a lot of big investors that are looking at the companies like franco nevada and wheaton and royal gold that offer you know this type of liquid exposure in the royalty sector because it’s a really neat place to be put in capital right now there’s so much wind at the

Back of royalty companies companies like fox that it’s really resonating with investors because the facts just line up the realities line up um we’re in an advantage position in today’s marketplace super excited to watch you guys grow and continue to develop thank you for your time today the ceo of vox royalty corp kyle floyd thank you for joining us today

Kyle thanks rich always a privilege to be with you appreciate it always a pleasure i must remind you guys and everyone that’s watching that rich tv live is strictly for information education and entertainment purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that box

Royalty corp has already been a winner for our community we introduced this stock at about two dollars and seventy cents currently trading at three dollars and fifty five cents in canada congratulations to investors all over the world put vox royalty corp on your radar put it on your watch list vox in canada voxcf in america and thank you guys for watching if

You’re not winning probably not watching we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe this is rich from rich to be live with the ceo of vox royalty corp kyle floyd saying have a nice day everybody we’ll see you soon you

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