Walking in the water – Sosua Beach – Travel Vlog #11

Naved almost loses his sandals in the Dominican Republic

Alright guys so i just walking up a little further up on the beach this is more of the local side not too many tourists on this side of the beach this is mostly locals so it’s gonna check it out see a lot of a lot of people so oh salute my god there you go people get the corona the new jake oh that nice silbo nice catamaran having it up particularly got a

So this is pretty much what it is guys on the daily basis is what people do right here come to the beach chill during the day relax go home take a nap it’s always better when there’s a little more scenery that’s for sure it’s not too many hotties around off what’s going on over here on the side if i can get these guys here on the water somewhere oh they’re

Going all the way to the water okay oh up another shower there how’s the water boys nice all right i’m gonna get my feet wet guys get my feet a little get my feet a little in the water your boys all right i’m in they’re in the water guys holy wow give me this wow whoa yo these waves are coming pretty nice – pretty huh thanks bro my sandals are about to

Wash your way into the dominican see thanks oh this two tricks right there floating in the water blow this way yeah sure we can walk back towards down a bit the beach let’s go back this way let’s go to go down by the local way the tourists i know okay this is what the tour is i said oh yeah locals do that all right guys continue our journey on the beach honestly

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Guy says no whoa so there is no better feeling than walking on the beach with the wet sand so far these waves are coming stronger because you see my feet look alright man it’s a movie here reporting our rich tv signing off

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Walking in the water – Sosua Beach – Travel Vlog #11 By RICH TV LIVE

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