Wall Street says Sell Everything Now | Stock Market Collapsing

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Well folks i have something absolutely shocking to show you in this video here today folks um there’s something i just heard and i was like there’s no way that’s accurate and then i fact check this thing and i’m like oh my gosh and so if you’re thinking about are we close to a bottom in any of these stocks how much farther do we have to falls in another three months

Of pain six months of pain 12 months of pain those sorts of things i think this is going to be really really helpful to everybody trying to figure this out like i said when i heard this i was like is that accurate i had i had to fact check it and i was like oh my gosh that’s 100 accurate and and this is something i was not even aware of i was like like little

History lesson okay this is absolutely big i got a lot to share with you guys in this video here today thank you for ftx us for sponsoring today’s video a little more on them a little later in the video so it’s funny as soon as i turn on cnbc today this is the headline i am greeted with literally no longer makes sense to own equities i spoke about you know this

This sentiment in the market right now and i spoke about this yesterday on how this is the sentiment of wall street they want no part of stocks right now they’re selling they’re cashing they’re giving their money back to investors like melvin capital did where they’re just like ah we don’t know what to do with the money just you know here you guys just have the

Money back this is the moment in time we’re in in this market right now right where wall street is scared out of their minds i’ve never seen wall street this scared bottom line i can’t not even in march of 2020 i didn’t see them this scared um you know maybe maybe when i was first getting in the market at the end of 08 maybe they would they were this scared in the

Double dip recession i didn’t seem this scared in in december of 2018 in that big bear market i didn’t see him this scared for for me this is the most scared i’ve ever seen wall street and like i said the sentiment that guy has it no longer makes sense to own equities basically what he’s saying is sell your equities that’s like basically you might as well say that

If it no longer makes sense to own them then you’d sell them right so he’s basically saying sell your stocks because you know it doesn’t make sense to own these stocks anymore and that’s just that’s where we’re at in this market right now right now interesting stuff is happening beneath the surface that unless you’re really really up on the market you don’t even

Know what’s going on but let me show you this okay so for months and months and months basically what has been going on is the russell would drop more than the nasdaq okay the nasdaq would drop more on the s p 500 and then the s p 500 would drop more than the dow and so the dow would always do the least bad okay and today we have a perfect 100 flip where the dow

Did the worse s p 500 did a little better than the dow the nasdaq did a little better than that and the russell actually went green today i can tell you this is the second time i’ve seen this in the past a few trading days now and so you know when you start seeing stuff like this and the more you start seeing it day after day after day the more you know you’re in

A flipping of the market and there’s there’s things that are happening in the market that um are are quite interesting compared to what you’re you’re used to seeing okay and so this right here like i said unless you’re really up on the market you have no clue this is going on but this is really good to candy keep in mind those four indexes and how those perform

Okay now a heat map today shows us it’s a very mixed day let’s call it that but ultimately it’s a red day because of this guy right here you know that’s apple is such a huge weight it’s going to pull down the dow if apple’s down two plus percent it’s going to pull down the dow it’s going to pull down the nasdaq and it’s going to pull down the s p 500 that’s just

The way it is when that baby is down it’s going to pull down everything and so yeah that’s what happened and obviously if you tack on top google down that’s how you get the markets down here today okay but yeah when that big baby right there is bright red there’s just almost no hope for the indexes in that sort of situation right now as far as where we’re at for

The market right now as of today’s close the nasdaq is down 29.1 percent once again bear market is usually considered when an index is down over 20 percent so that nasdaq’s obviously immensely into bear market you know we’re way past bear market that’s you know when especially when you start talking about over 30 percent that’s when you really start talking about

Crash 35 40 that’s when you talk about an index crashed right so we’re somewhere in between a bear market and a crash in the nasdaq now at this point in time right iwm stands at almost down 28 percent s p 500 is down about 19 once that hits 20 and then the market in general will be considered a bear market officially um but a lot of people look for the s p 500 to

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Hit that okay the dow’s down over 15 and i’ll be honest the dow in the s p 500 they got some catching up to do they got some catching up to do because this is so abnormal usually the dow in the sp 500 are within five percentage points of the uh nasdaq and the fact that there’s such a wide gap between these i mean we’re talking about 14 percentage points between

The nasdaq and the dow we’re talking about 11 10 11 percentage points between the nasdaq and sp 500 it’s not normal it’s not normal at all it should be three to five percentage points so these babies unfortunately um have some catching up to do on the downside there it’s either that has to happen or the nasdaq has to come back really strong and get more in line

Because this is not this is not right that’s not what happens and every single time throughout history that corrects itself okay i created this watch list probably in the past 24 hours or so called safety stocks and the reason being is these are considered the safest of the safe companies by wall street like if you ask them what are the safest stocks like this

Is the type of list they’ll give you clorox target walmart apple procter gamble general mills coca-cola uh smuckers jam and jelly right costco pepsi kraft heinz microsoft campbell soup campbell soup uh kroger and dollar tree okay that’s the that’s like the list of the safest stocks on the market they’ll give you okay and these stocks got hammered yesterday i mean

These talks were down like six to twelve percent and here today these stocks are getting absolutely obliterated again here today the safety stocks right and so when i say we got catching up to do for the dow and the s p this is exactly what i’m talking about and this is exactly why these stocks are all dropping and you’re looking at it and it’s like holy smokes man

Why are these stocks starting to trade like like why is clorox starting to trade like it’s freaking shopify stock over here okay this is what happens you’re at the you’re at the final uh stage of the market crash now when i say the final stage it’s very important for everybody to understand this very important okay when you’re at the final stage it can last several

Weeks it can still last several months but we are at the final stage now because we already got this new spec stocks that meme stocks to drop first that started around february of 2021 okay from there we got small caps to fall from there we got mid caps fall from there we got big tech defaults first this more speculative big tech then everything big tech now and

The last ones to fall are like energy utilities and these safety stocks okay and so that that’s why i created that list so i can keep track of this now that we’re in this kind of final stage of this uh let’s call it crash and like i said you know when you’re in the final stage like i said it can last potentially several weeks it can last potentially several months

But just like if you look at history we are in that final stage right now and this is the stage where like i said everything gets hit the indexes get hit the dowed smp and everything that had held up just starts giving in and it’s like holy smokes man we there’s nothing that’s working in this market right clorox i i no clue about this okay this is insane this is a

Five-year chart of clorox clorox is up four percent in the past five years think about that for a moment five years four percent and think about how much they benefited from rona is that not just insane to blow your mind they’re like crazy to think about this stocks only gain four percent five years when they a once in a hundred year health event happened that you

Know clorox obviously benefited from us anybody that was selling anything that was a disinfecting type product benefited massively right kathy woodstock’s on a tear today you know tarc which is that 2x arc fund is probably up you know somewhere around close to 10 percent today so huge move there unity massive move zoom you know if you just get any sort of buying

Activity those stocks are just ready to fly when it comes to kathy woodstocks okay now i got some insane stuff to share with you guys it’s going to absolutely blow your mind in just a moment here but first i got a shout out ftxus the official crypto partner i personally use ftx they just got into stocks today as well so it’s absolutely amazing and with when it

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For order flow so that’s gonna be massive for ftx i’m really really excited about what they’re going to do in the stock space as well as the crypto space and right now if you use my link down there that is the pinned comment and use referral code holy smokers you can basically get a free crypto on every trade over ten dollars and also get up to a hundred dollars

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In free crypto when you deposit through the platform okay so yeah definitely take advantage of that make sure you use my referral code down there and that will be pin comment they also partner with folks like tom brady steph curry and i just saw they sponsored the miami heat arena 2 which is pretty darn awesome okay so um yeah we’ll see what happens in the finals

Alrighty guys let’s get more into those okay sofi stock is up over 50 in the past few trading days now i i think i mentioned to you guys that i listened to that sofi conference call i walked back and forth in the backyard listen at sofi conference call last week i was blown away that was it was really impressive i mean everything from their numbers to the average

Credit score of somebody that’s using their products right to the um average income of folks that use their product like i was absolutely blown away by how good those numbers were and the stock was very obviously disrespected but you look at how much we haven’t even had a big move in the matter of fact the nasdaq’s probably down since this time and here sulfi is

Up 51 in a matter of a few trading days imagine what would happen a sofa stock if we just got some dang momentum in the market right this is this has gone up 51 in a few trading days with basically no momentum in the market so you know this is why i say when it comes to stocks i just have to continue to add shares and add shares of stocks i love i’m not personally a

Shareholder so far by the way but because when you see the market just starts to turn a little bit you know the 20 30 40 50 60 70 moves happen quickly and that’s that’s out of every single every single crash bear market whatever you want to call it every single time the stocks that got nailed the biggest came back the fastest and we see that with the sofa here today

Uh lumber i don’t know if you guys been keeping track of lumber this is a three month chart of lumbar who would have thought it lumber’s down over 40 in the past three months all right absolutely incredible no it you know this to me is goes back to worries and housing goes back to worries in the economy when you see lumber just falling off a cliff like that right

Now the stock like rocket benefited today on the back of this five percent you know at the end of the day just because lumber’s going down it doesn’t mean magically like um people are gonna go buy houses because at the end of the day you know housing is driven by how much are the houses how much are people making and what are interest rates in interest rates and

And basically how much people are making is not in the best place especially when you consider inflation and uh how expensive homes are right now so i wouldn’t say that okay now i just saw this as i was you know prepping this video raw stores down 15 and this just is a continuation of the retail rack i call it that’s going on right now where these retail stocks are

Spinning absolutely devastated at the moment right and you look at target targets it went down again another five percent here today this stock is down over 30 percent in just the past five days now me in regards to target i’ll say this i’m not a shareholder a target but i gotta say i like the stock i actually like it um i actually think it’s um a pretty darn good

Value actually a really darn good value i love the way the company’s been run um of the of the sectors i know really well or just kind of the spaces in the stock market i know food and drink companies really well i know needs-based companies really well and i know retail really really well like those are my strengths and i’m usually able to forecast the long-term

Trajectories of certain companies and i gotta say target target does a damn good job and they’ve been the most impressive big box retailer by a mile and i think they’ve done way better running their business and then walmart has over the past five ten years so i’ve been nothing but super impressed by target and everything they’ve done and i gotta say targets actually

Buy this is a stock that i probably would have been picking up today if it wasn’t for the fact that there’s a million other stocks that are so heavily discounted right now and but the issue with target i’ll say though okay you know everybody talks about it is there a credibility issue with the fed well the issue with stocks right now is stocks have a credibility

Issue because target missed eps so bad you know in walmart inventory climbed like over 30 because those companies had such bad numbers they have credibility issues no one really believes so you can see that stock and it says 11 forward p and you’re like oh my gosh like are you kidding me like target for an 11 ford p is this some kind of sick joke like give me

The shares how many can i take okay but right now the market looks at that and they’re like is it 11 4p or is it more like a 14 or is it more like a 17 or is it more like a 22 ford p right and so that’s what the market’s kind of looking at right it has trust issues right now the market has big trust issues and for good reason because when some of these companies

Miss eps as bad as they’ve missed when they’ve missed margins as bad as they miss it creates trust issues in the market it creates credibility problems in the market at the end of the day targets a buy that’s what i’ll say about that target is a buy um you know anything in the 150s or below that stock is a buy and maybe eventually i pick up some shares it’s just

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It’s hard for me to buy a target when there’s a lot of other stocks that are honestly much better deals on target right now and it doesn’t mean target’s not a good deal because it is and target at 150 is a really good deal but there’s stocks out there that just have way more reward potential than than something like a target right now this insane okay so i had see

On as like background noise right and this gentleman right here he brought out some information that i was not aware of okay so basically everybody’s trying to figure out recently this market crash we’re going through is this like a 0.709 like we’re gonna have a great recession where everybody’s gonna be scared that we’re gonna lose entire financial system where

Real estate’s gonna crash 50 percent okay or is this more of a tech bubble situation where um you know stocks the whole indexes fall for several years right or is it maybe a combo of both right so what this gentleman was bringing out as a point is we all look back at that time period and we look at the indexes right we don’t look on an individual stock basis and

Even myself i’ve never looked at really an individual stock base and say where did this stock bottom back then and what if you look back at the that uh you know crash let’s call it that the tech bubble crash what you’re going to find is the indexes s p nasdaq and whatnot bottomed around mid to late 2002 into like early 2003 and started going up all right and so

Therefore you you’re like okay the crash started in 2000 it was like a two to three year kind of just down cycle crash right and so it leads you to say okay well if this is similar to that then we’ve got still another you know 12 to 18 months to go here of just down market down market but what he brought out is a great point is he said and i had to fact check this

He said if you look at a lot of the the companies back then they all bottomed in 2001 way before the indexes bottom and they already had started doubling up tripling up quadrupling up in price before the index has ever fell and so i said to myself i said okay let me look at one of the stocks that was you know a speculative stock back then and let me let me see what

That stock ended up doing and this stock peaked to draw fell over 90 percent okay and some of you guys might know this company because you probably shop at this company every day dang life okay and it absolutely blew my mind but this man’s not telling lies he’s telling the truth and i give him respect because there’s not been a lot of people telling the truth in

This market right now amazon bottomed in september 2001. by the time and this stock was five dollars a share at that time by the time the market bottom which was like you know lato2 and o3 amazon was already 15 20 a share so think about that for a moment and so basically the point he was making is you if you love some of these growth companies that have fallen

You know 60 70 80 90 percent you have to pick up those stocks now you can’t kind of sit around waiting and say well we might be down for another 12 to 18 months you’ve got to pick up those sheriffs now and i’ll say that’s a brave statement to make because everybody on wall street right now is acting so dang scared they’re afraid to put a dollar in in apple stock

For pete’s sake okay they’re panicked and this is why i continue to just be a buyer this year because i’m not betting that the market’s going to be down again in 2023 and down again in 2024 i’m not willing to make that bet the bet i’m willing to make is i see great deals on stocks i love that have in my opinion amazing long-term futures i’m going to pick up those

Shares now and i’ll continue to pick up those shares in 2022 as long as this market’s weak because it’s very possible that a lot of these stocks could go up 50 100 200 300 percent beef four the index has ever bottom we’ve seen this play out in history we’ve seen this before and look at a sofa a sofa is a perfect example of that a company that you know the stock

Price has climbed 50 in a matter of a few trading days in a situation where you know the market hasn’t even done anything imagine if the market had done something positive over that same time period imagine what sofi would have done right and so that’s why you can’t just sit on your hands and you know that’s why i can’t do that i gotta i gotta be out there and be

A buyer and take advantage of good deals in the market so that’s my name of the game hope you guys enjoy this as always make sure you sign up for ftx us with the pin comment down there use the referral code holy smokers and get y’all free crypto much love as always and have a great day

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