wallstreetbets – GOING ALL IN THESE 3 STOCKS NOW

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Well holy smokes folks this ain’t no dang jokers i just spent the last uh probably two hours on uh wall street bets on reddit yes the very very popular wall street bets that have been on there for a while and i’ve been trying to look for like the three most popular stocks that are kind of being talked about uh over the past day or two on there and i want to share

My opinion on these three stocks in this video and uh you might think like oh it must just be gamestop and amc but i could tell you no like lately i like i checked all those posts i ran up and down and it was hardly any like actual post around gamestop or amc on there so it’s a little different than it was uh let’s say three or six months ago and they’re talking

About some different stocks now so i thought let me go ahead and kind of give my two cents on these as always hope you guys appreciate today’s video all i ask in returns they smash that like button that’s literally let’s flip some flapjacks guys and get on into this so first one up here is a stock called wish okay this meme that was posted a day ago over 3 300

Uh i don’t know what you call on reddit uh it’s not really like a thumbs up but uh an upvote i guess oh man look at this look at this meme oh it’s so true around wish stock but yeah wish stock very very talked about on there needless to say and um so let me be very clear about wish stock you know you guys know i love a beating down dog stock and look at the stock

Price i mean the stock was 32 and 85 cents and uh you know it’s been trading about four dollars and some change here today 495 to 536 518 as i took the screenshot here man you know it’s so tempting for me to get in a beating down dog stock it really is like i see a stock down like that much and i’m like i think i got to buy it i think i got to buy it but here’s the

Deal i don’t like wishes underlying fundamentals i really don’t i’ve done some research in this company and i just don’t like the uh product they have essentially i don’t think it’s very good and that makes it a very hard investment here’s the other thing when it comes to wish stock oh as much i would love to buy this beaten down dog it’s it’s it’s a money loser

Now it’s one thing if you got big growth in your money loser because people will look past that and they’ll say well you know they’re growing so fast they got so much growth ahead of them that you know who cares they’ll find a way to get to profitability they’re going to outgrow this issue around losing money well it’s a money-losing company that has revenues that

Are expected to go down double digits this year and then next year they’re expected to be around breakeven and it’s a pretty good amount of analysts that cover the stock 10 10 analysts here for these numbers 11 analysts here for these numbers so that is usually a very extremely bad sign for stock like i said if you’re going to be a money losing company you better

Come with some crazy growth and when you come with double-digit expected declines uh yeah that’s a really really bad sign so this makes wish kind of one of those stocks that i just can’t get in so yeah i wish uh yeah i think it needs a wish if that stock’s going to be saved sdc smile direct club wow i saw a lot of posts around this one in there very very popular

Stock there was this one has 2000 up votes from a day ago says sdc 175 000 yellow my life savings along with my wife’s boyfriend’s life savings all in they’re all in literally all in uh the smile direct club okay now smile direct club’s a stock that i’m actually personally invest in very very small position for me i did not put uh you know all my money in it i did

Not put all my wife’s boyfriend’s money in it either what i did is i just put my um my my kids college fund in it that’s what i did here because i figured they don’t need college like why they need college like one of my sons has got to get a full ride scholarship to play football at alabama the other son’s going to be in the olympics you know by time he’s even

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College age like there’s really no reason to even think about college for them so i said put the college fund in smile direct club so that’s what i did so far it’s working out really darn well i will say that up uh over ten thousand dollars on this already and that’s in a very very short amount of time cost based on this one is four dollars in 98 cents now let me

Be clear with smile direct club this is a company that i like their underlying business actually and i’m a big believer in their underlying business over time and the thing that differentiates small direct club versus a stock like wish is yes this is a money losing company the losses are expected to decline significantly over the next year but here’s a deal this

One actually is going to grow big okay so 15 plus expected revenue growth 2021 that was versus wish was a negative 11 percent okay and then next year right wish was supposed to not even grow versus smile direct club is supposed to grow 20 plus as far as their revenues so when i look at smile direct clubs actual underlying business model and when i look at the

Expectations around the stock and and on top of my personal expectations this is a stock that i feel like is is primed and ready to be a bee stock over the coming years now it has started out way hotter than i expected but there’s no doubt i have huge belief in this business model and this is absolutely a stock that i can see being 20 25 30 a share and not too

Distant of the future it’s not like we’re talking about 100 years from now or something like that keep in mind align technologies which most folks would view align technologies as a main competitor to smile direct club keep in mind align technologies trades at over a 50 billion dollar market cap now when it comes to smile direct club they might never be aligned

Technologies they might never get this sort of valuation that align technologies gets the market cap right but i do not believe it is too very crazy at all to imagine a day when smile direct club has a 20 billion dollar tight market cap on it and the company’s doing 700 million dollars to a billion dollars of net income on the bottom line i think that’s a realistic

Possibility by the end of this decade by 2030 essentially when i look at what their revenue growth is expected to do over the coming years when i think about how this business will scale over the coming years international expansion in my personal opinion when it comes to smile direct club and the way they position that business the way they’re building out more and

More partnerships with a dental offices the way the company’s expanding into becoming more than just uh you know uh somebody that’s gonna straighten your teeth in my opinion smile direct club we’re going to look at that company in a decade from now in my opinion smile direct clown is going to be viewed as an overall dental giant i don’t think it’s just going to be

Like oh is this company that you send in a mold of your teeth and then they go ahead and they you know straighten your teeth and whatnot for 1995 like they do now in my opinion longer term smile direct club’s going to be viewed as an overall dental giant they are getting into a lot of businesses that just have to do with dental in relation like i bought some small

Direct club toothpaste on on amazon recently and i just see them going more and more down that route over the next five ten years and i wouldn’t be surprised long term if they have their own dental shop smile direct club in which essentially you know they have their own dentist in the office that will do just about anything you need whether that means uh getting a

Filling done whether that means getting your teeth cleaned or whitened in the office like like overall i see smile direct club being an overall dental giant long term and so like i said i don’t think it’s impossible to imagine that company ends up scaling into a 10 billion 20 billion type market cap over time could it become bigger than a line maybe someday we’ll

See uh but i’m not my bet on smile direct club is not a bet that you know is basically baking in that they have to become bigger than align technologies my investment in smile direct club could be extremely successful regardless if they ever be beat a line or not they could come in second place in this game over the next decade and still be a huge money maker

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Because also keep in mind a line is valued at 52 billion but think about it this way where’s the line going to be valued at 10 years from now maybe it’s lower than this maybe it’s a lot higher than this and some food for thought there right okay align technologies you look at this stock 10 years ago this is a stock that’s value you know this stock price is 17 a

Share and here today is well over 600 dollars a share alliance done a phenomenal job with their business overall it’s a huge market it’s a huge tam and i think smile direct club is gonna be a beast in this market over time okay next one up here oh man a little corsair showing up here somebody to post four hours ago already has 776 up votes here and uh definitely

Saw quite a few posts from about corsair essentially okay from different folks corsair stock crsr stock corsair gaming has 50 percent upside baby buckle up apes and enjoy the ride so they go all into you know how it’s a low flow high short interest it’s undervalued earnings around the corner and uh they make a lot of the same points that i make in regards to corsair

Gaming all the time right uh i don’t talk about the high short interest very often i think we’ve only spoke about it once maybe twice out of like the probably 20 or 30 times i’ve spoke about corsair in the channels over time and this is a stock i’ve been investing in heavily uh for the last several several months now where i’ve been buying the stock as it’s falling

And buying and buying and buying and i’m probably not done buying coors airstock to be completely honest this is a stock that in my main account now uh the big dog account i’ve got you know over a half million dollars in this now the loss right now over 90 000 loss i have on the stock right now right now the the short sellers and the haters you know laugh at

That all you want you know have a good time you’re down 90 000 and you’re so stupid you know have fun with that in my opinion long term this is going to switch from a 90 000 loss to a 900 000 gain over the coming years i think this stock is primed in a position where it’s it’s ready to go on an absolute beast run the valuations ridiculously low on the stock the

Company is so well run people absolutely love corsair products elgato products you’re talking about gaming streaming industries that are just getting bigger and bigger and corsair they keep their foot on the gas the pedal to the metal they continue to release new products and expand their overall team that this company’s going after and so i’m happy to have you

Know keep buying the stock if it keeps dipping i’ll continue to buy i’ll continue to buy and uh like i said ultimately long term i think this is a stock that will make me a mid to high six figures in the stock over time maybe it becomes a seven figure gainer someday i’m not gonna you know say that but there’s definitely that possibility there when it comes to

Corsair gaming when this baby rolls it’s not coming back okay it will be long gone whenever this stock goes on its run it will go on its run let’s just put it that way and the reason it’s going to go on such an insane run when it does is because the valuation is just getting so compressed and compressed and pushed down and pushed down you have stocks that shoot

Way to the upside sometimes you have stocks that shoot weight to the downside right when a stock shoots way to the upside where it gets extremely overvalued you know that it’s just a ticking time bomb to just get absolutely decimated right it’s just like oh man when this one falls it’s going to fall dramatically and then the flip side with something like corsair

Gaming when the stock has just gotten pushed down and down and down and down never mind if it continues to get pushed down and down i mean you’re looking at a stock that is a coiled spring essentially that when this baby finally lets loose it is gonna fly you know i don’t want to say fly to the moon because it’s an overused expression in the stock market and the

Financial markets especially nowadays but when it moves it’s it’s gonna move let’s just put it that way and uh it won’t be coming back now where i think some folks have gotten themselves into some trouble in regards to corsair gaming is i think some folks and i don’t know if this particular person they might just have shares but i know i’ve seen a lot of people


That are writing short term call options on corsair right options that expire in the next couple months or in the next six months or so and you know for those folks the problem is even if you’re in a stock that is a coiled spring you buy call options that doesn’t mean it’s going to go up when you think it’s going to go up right i i think most of us are convinced

That when corsair goes on its run it’s going to be epic right but on the on the flip side you got to look at this and you’ve got to say who is to say this stock is going to move next week or next month or three months from now right we could think it could move but that’s just a guess right no one really knows when this stock is going to go on its major run

And maybe we have to wait another six months 12 months heck what if we have to wait 18 months on this one to run right so that’s just kind of some food for thought there that if you’re a long-term investor it’s like who cares it goes down short term buy some more shares right and whenever it’s ready to go on it’s run we’re ready to have some fun there right but

When you’re playing it from the call option side especially short-term calls which a lot of folks have gotten into you know that can get a bit risky there’s no doubt about it because you’re you’re counting on this spring to pop now and there’s there’s no telling if it will pop now right in regards to corsair gaming it’s like i said it’s gaming is streaming it’s

In the perfect position eps expected to rise over the next year love that it very strong revenue growth i think these numbers next year a little sandbagged and it cracks me up that only nine analysts cover the stock right now there needs to be 15 20 25 analysts covering this stock over time i’m looking at some of these other stocks that aren’t nearly as relevant

As corsair and they got you know 12 15 17 analyst cover and i’m like course they’re so much more of a relevant company than a lot of these companies go and um you know i wouldn’t be surprised if they end up beating that number especially when you look at how many products corsair is launching recently don’t be surprised at all if they come in with a much much

Better the number than that so i absolutely love corsair game i’m going to continue to buy this stock and it’s cool to see a lot of folks on wall street pets behind the stock as well and like i said over overall long term i think this one’s going to be a beast it’s just we no one knows when it’s going to make its move and we we were i think we’re all convinced

It’s going to make a massive move we just don’t know when it’s actually going to happen and the massive move is not a 3 move when this stock moves it you’ll know it moves when it’s like up 50 percent in like a month or two right that’s when we’re talking about a real movement in the stock so overall i gotta say uh i think i’m i’m actually i’m impressed uh by wall

Street bats i think they got they got some um you know good thoughts there i think a lot of the folks in wall street bets have leveled up over the last few years a few years ago i felt like the only reason to go to wall street bets was for the memes but i gotta say i feel like they’ve leveled up that whole community over there and i feel like there’s a lot of folks

That um you know are actually looking at some of these stocks and and it makes sense not every single one certainly but there’s definitely a good amount that it’s like hey you know they got something there they got something hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as always just so you know right now we got a free seven-day trial going on for the private stock group

If you want to check that out check out pin comment that’s for the discord chat course curriculums everything like that enjoy that best of luck getting in there and applying much love and have a great day

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