Watch me get my hair cut | Bitcoin | Travel

Watch me get my hair cut | Bitcoin | Travel

Alright guys so you’re gonna see me get my haircut it’s my boy right there so what’s up i’m gonna talk a little bit of bitcoin oh bitcoin finally went down under 4000 today don’t you see that it was that 4500 yesterday and then it just went back under the 4000 right now so all the bitcoin stocks they all crash today did you see them yesterday no i do have – there’s

About 10 bitcoin stocks yeah all of them were up at least 20% 150% yesterday and then today because bitcoin went down under 4500 they all crashed today hard iii was at about 300 bucks it’s been on fire i’ve been buying some etherium but i’ve been buying more litecoin just because it’s cheaper it’s not like $43 and obviously i’ve been accumulating bitcoin bitcoin

Is just something on fire man it went there at 4,500 us yesterday 4,500 us and like a couple weeks ago they were at 2,000 so they doubled it’s been crazy just the line a little bit of the bangs trim sides what’s up people we get our hair done we are at remy’s barber shops number-one shop in vancouver you guys want to get a haircut you got to come to remy’s so sad

Man what stocks you on girl you’re not looking anything i know you’re looking a triple you want ripple are you you don’t know how to get it did you know i set up an account at quad rica yet so have you learned how to apply it so if you can buy for acquired rica you should be able to buy some bitcoin and then transfer it to another account or you can transfer your

Mid point and then you can buy ripple i’ve heard about digit rate have you heard of digit rate they’re right here in vancouver and they’re like a coin base and they give you the option to buy ripple right and they’re right here in vancouver i just signed up whether we’re just getting authorization to start buying through them they’re like coin base but they

Give you a chance to violate the top ten points whereas poin base only lets you buy bitcoin and period so that’s another platform that i’m looking at that i really really like and they’re here in vancouver called digit rate and they’re a public company to di gaf is they’re similar who do the rulla rulla electrical man i just think that they have too many coins

In circulation leo 39 939 billion points yeah that’s why the price isn’t a lot to many people just selling all the time some people what’s up kenny lee some of you guys want to know who’s sad was in our group chat that’s sighs right there guys you guys want a haircut come to remy’s one second move a little closer how much for a shampoo i don’t think they

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Shampoo heard you guys shampoo here not yet one day one day they’ll give you a nice shave and they do good designs in your hair you guys were talking about my villa coming they talked about the dr yeah yeah of course if you guys came down with me then you guys won’t even have to pay at all i don’t know i’m thinking about going maybe in september if you guys

Want to reach yeah well let’s let’s coordinated that i haven’t booked anything yet i just thinking about it you guys are going near the end of september please going do the others yeah i’d be down for that i just want to go on the weather gets cold no use going all the way there’s nice here yeah like february october to february is perfect that’s the best time

To travel plus that’s when it’s really busy over there right right now it’s not as busy because it’s really hot so a lot of people don’t go there when it’s really you look tired usually you’re way more talkative it looks a little rough today it’s all good nice okay time oh no i’ve never been there i love downtown got a time all the time oh yeah all the time

That’s where all my buddies live hate me original only good cuz they got my kids here other than natalie i like the big city i like kids love kids beach my buddy just got apartment there so we’re just down there all very expensive 2,000 a month just for a one-bedroom like a 400 square foot one-bedroom but he’s five blocks from the beach the home that’s really big

So it’s worth it i feel like if you like entertainment you like nightlife a great spot to be it’s a lot of money out there everybody well no of course not if you want to be nice and calm and relaxed come to me bridge you want to go have fun you go downtown everybody knows that yeah there’s no night life for me from hitch unless you want to go to roosters if you

Got a cowboy hat you got it you know how to pick up a roosters just wear cowboy no it’s nothing like montreal good course i’m from toronto right so much girls right there one another well from mississauga but i grew up in downtown mississauga but you know toronto and bc are very different materials different yeah my shows give chris nightlife but that’s pretty

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Much it there’s nothing else to do there and if you don’t speak french they just hate on you i mean they hate on you what you want me to do you only want me to like brutalize your language by trying to speak it you know it makes it it makes it look even worse a little bit look when i’m in the dominican it will come over yeah yeah hola chris – very basic stuff but when

I’m there cuz i’m around it start to speak it more more because you’re in the environment but what if you told me it was good negative azad let’s take a pump and dump to me bro humbly from sixth sense all the way to seven bucks and now down to 27 gasp you didn’t buy any did you okay good that’s the only thing that matters like you didn’t really yeah it’s only got

Sixty two cents on the job though yeah yeah i see something go for the sixth sense the seven bucks down to twenty cents it’s danger it’s got danger in all over it do you know what are the all the bitcoin stocks yeah i’ll give you the list they were on fire the last few days and they all crashed today because bitcoin went down it might be a good time to buy but if

Bitcoin keeps going down i would wait to see how bitcoin responds it was because it’s that 3900 is it gonna work back down to 35 i know it’s crazy it had to come back down well it’s out of control because what goes up must come down there is gravity in stock market oh i think bitcoins going a million broke in the next five to ten years there’s only 16 million coins

In the whole world yeah yeah they mine one bitcoin every ten minutes there’s only 16 million and 5 million got stolen so only 11 million in the world five million got stolen yeah hackers they stole it from the original source sackett oh she akimoto he’s the creator nobody can find them because you know he’s taking out all the bank’s right yeah bitcoin is digital

Currency it’s taking out all the banks so the guy went in hiding there saying he doesn’t even exist they’re saying he doesn’t exist he was just created because nobody wants to admit who created it because all the elite are losing billions of dollars taking on all the bank’s because now you can put your money in your bitcoin wallet you don’t need to put your money

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In a bank anymore which means you don’t have to pay banking fees transaction fees deposit fees it’s taking over it’s taken over the world man it’s taken over the world it’s just a matter of time exactly she’s changing the world man we’re finding a cure for cancer takes up all the huge cancer charities people don’t want that cuz then those cancer charities lose

Billions of dollars they already have a cure for cancer of course they do kenny lee you know kenny’s in our group childhood he survived cancer naturally with cbds but they don’t want to talk about it though because it takes all that billions of dollars that the charities make every single year all that money’s gone they don’t want that cancer society is a huge

Business think about that so if all of a sudden they come up with a cure that whole charities out on all those jobs were gone all those administration joins blowing all that advertising budget gone i think they want that the elite have already proven that we’re all expendable you know they got no problem killing people for money they got no problem sacrificing all

Of us for money what’s the real war about in korea north korea does even have no exam they’ve tried they’ve tried to shoot rooks and every nuke that they tried to shoot is pickle what does that tell you they’d have gotten mimics america is going in there cuz they’re an easy battle and there’s gonna take all their minerals they got trillions of dollars of minerals

What do they do in iraq took all their oil they own america now owns all the oil fields in iraq what was it really all about it wasn’t any nuclear warheads bro several we’re live on youtube right now man i’ll see what’s up to youtube here’s looking good man look you fly we got the tvs in here you got the tvs we got the coaches this is where you want to get your

Hair cut guys all right come on so it’s up to you – all right guys i’m out peace

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