Watch Me Stop Hoarding Part 1

Do you have a hoarding problem? How can you tell? I certainly didn’t think I did until recently. So finally, watch me overcome the mental obstacles on camera to allow me to ditch all these items I’ve been holding on for years. This was a difficult video for me and I can only throw away 10 year old things so many times. I wish for you to see the steps I take and learn from them. Use them in your life to help yourself remove these objects from you life that clouds your mind.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today’s gonna be a little bit of a personal video because i’m gonna talk about my hoarding problem and what that has to do with building wealth you see a couple of videos ago i talked about me having a gazillion hobbies and i showed a whole bunch of different things on camera some of you commented that might be a

Hoarder and when i first read it i was like oh yeah of course not i’m not a hoarder you see what you see on camera is basically cleaned up very well compared to the rest of the place i live in generally in the living room is pretty clean but in the garage in the bedroom in my closet in everywhere else basically it’s just jam-packed it’s not so bad like those pack

White people that appear on television i have space to walk through stuff the point here though i have so much stuff that it’s embarrassing to show on camera so that’s why you don’t see me carry the camera everywhere every which way throughout the whole place now here’s a problem say me if you have something around even if it has very little value let’s say it’s

Half a penny or one penny you tend to want to keep it because it has some value to it if it’s for personal use i personally want to use it until it’s completely used up to the very last drop and then i’m like okay it’s completely used now i can finally throw it away for example if it’s a piece of electronics that i can fix i might just fix it and then just keep on

Using it now i want to thank those one or two commenters i said i was a hoarder it did not really resonate with me because when i first read it i just kind of dismissed it very quickly i’m like i’m not a hoarder look you know my living space is just fine but upon thinking about it some more and then looking at the stuff i have the stacks and stacks of paper the

Magazines all the other stuff i’m gonna show you really made me realize that maybe i am a hoarder after all so i’m really glad that i put these things on video and then people are commenting it’s kind of like a self-help and you guys are helping me so yeah i’m just gonna run with this because whenever i watched some other videos about hoarders is like all they

Piled it really high they have like really huge problem and i look at myself i’m like oh yeah i’m not anywhere near that i certainly am not however i can see the parallels here i’m kind of like you know if a 10 is like really really rabid hoarder i’m probably at like four or five i think so as a wolf builder i currently don’t buy that much stuff however i used to


Buy a lot and all this residual stuff from before i never got rid of and i’m just kind of trying to get rid of it by selling them one of the things i realized that as you live your life you accumulate stuff and if you think that you’re going to try to sell them all the time you’re gonna end up accumulating more and more if you’re working a full-time dump is likely

To be very hard to purge all this stuff at a faster rate than you accumulate so if there’s a net inflow of things you’re just going to keep on accumulating stuff and things are gonna start filling your place up now i wash a whole bunch of videos on how to stop hoarding but the first three videos i looked at was saying yeah this is how you hoard you should sign

Up to our class go to our website and buy some book or something and then you’ll find out how to stop hoarding so naturally i’m like wow why didn’t you just go to the video and just start telling people how to stop hoarding instead for me it’s not really the mechanics of it because i understand yeah you should you know have a limited size box for all your cables

And if it goes over you should throw them away the problem lies in the difficulty of why you should throw the excess away because as a hoarder you don’t want to throw the excess away at all for me it’s an emotional card here that allows me to get rid of excess stuff what does this mean it means i finally realized that yeah maybe i have a little bit of a hoarding

Problem and i need to take care of it to realize that this stuff is weighing me down keeping me from being able to easily move from one place to another easily to go traveling and maybe free up my mind so that i have a more free space so that i can be more creative making you know youtube videos or whatnot i think those things is what caused me to finally look at

Something and be able to toss something away even though there’s some residual value left in them now sentimental things you’re supposed to keep a limited amount of it now yeah i tend to keep like all kinds of wedding invitations and i tend to have a release big pile of it by now and you know letters and things like that but i think any kind of birthday invitation

Wedding invitations you can safely throw these away and still keep you know more important things like letters or whatnot now non sentimental things that you don’t really use every single day i personally do not have a problem of cell the problem lies if the value of that thing is too low it will cost too much time to sell i found that it might cost you about 15

Minutes of time in order to tick pictures list them package the thing up and send it off into the mail so i think the item itself plus shipping needs to be valued at 8 dollars or more in order for you to go through the trouble of listing it because by the time you subtract out fees shipping costs and things like that you’re only gonna get a few dollars back so


4 dollars for every 15 minutes then that means you’re making $16 an hour so you might go beat the bush your time is worth more than $16 i tend to agree but it’s really hard to raise this threshold for myself and i think throwing stuff away that’s valued at $8 or lower is pretty good already now if you have a lot of similar items that’s valued at $8 or less you

Can definitely pull them together and then list them and then it’ll be worth your while now i don’t want to bore you guys with all the cables i have but i do have two bins of it like this big of just you know different cables that’s sorted into different things like midi cables usb cables telephone cables all kinds of cables so realizing that i’ve never touched

Us in the past five years and it’s really causing me you know just mental blockage over here i’m going to cut these up on camera to make sure that i don’t sneekly go behind the camera and go oh you know i’m just gonna keep these you know i just mean i made the video already i’m gonna like keep them somehow i don’t know why i’m keeping these because i like to keep

Everything grouped together and after doing group together you figure you would just look at it and go wow i do have a lot of them i need to get rid of some but that kind of stopped there for me i just group things together and and they just sit there like like this so you know this is pretty hard for me to do but realizing what i just told you all the emotional

Things this is becoming easier so i’m going to cut this you know just sort of destroy it so that i must throw it away now i have to throw that one away i have to go you know what these are gross like some of them are sticky so there you go goodbye cable goodbye cable i don’t even have a landline phone you guys oh my gosh i cannot believe i think i had a bag of these

For like a really long time what this is i don’t know what this is there’s this like weird big cable thing here so this bag is gone no one is ever gonna use this and you know i cannot save these i definitely won’t save these cut up cables now so you guys see me wear this nice purple shirt but sometimes at home i like to just lounge around with any kind of shirt even

If there’s a hole in it see this shirt has a hole in it and i use this for a while even with the hole in it but these days i haven’t used this for a really long time and apparently i should be throwing it away most people would but somehow i kept it is just sitting there i don’t use it so now i’m definitely going to throw this away this one the whole collar fell

Off this one it’s kind of weird color this one you see the arm right here has a hole in it oh my gosh somehow this shirt is very tiny it’s shrunk but i kept it somehow this shirt is really tiny so i think i can donate it someone else can fit it but these things with holes in it i probably just throw it in the trash see this is what i mean with the t-shirt with

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Holes in it well not i’m gonna throw that away another really torn up t-shirts a funny thing is i have about like 50 other t-shirts that are you know does not have holes in it so this is just a sampling of it i’m gonna go through my clothes on more just to streamline everything i’m just starting right now so for awhile i was collecting these used shampoo bottles

And i thought yeah i’m gonna reuse these little pump bottles i’m gonna put something else in it but turns out after several years well i didn’t use them even once so then yeah just recently just couple of days ago i took all of them which is like you know a bag worth of this much i threw it away so i guess the criteria here is whatever that you’re hoarding you have

To look at it and go did you ever use it in the past maybe you did maybe you used it like one tiny time but certainly there’s probably a lot of different items that people do hoard that they never ever touched and if you can just realize that you did not touch them for a couple years or something you’re safe to throw it away here’s a sampling of a whole bunch of

Magazines i have i don’t think i’ve ever thrown away a magazine subscription that came in the mail for me i collected them all they’re in boxes everywhere but i think now i’m going to start throwing this away and to show you guys that i am really going to throw this away i’m gonna rip it like this c9 definitely won’t keep them now right but i’m gonna recycle them

Definitely i can only do it one at a time i never looked at these i think for this series power electronics i actually you know didn’t really read this magazine all that much when it came anyway luckily i did not pay for this magazine it just comes in the mail for free i think just for these magazines i have enough to fill this couch up to about here volumetrically

Like to here so this is just a sampling and i’m glad i did it on video because you know ripping them i think this helps me to to get rid of stuff just to start me off so i did look at how much you can sell magazines for and that was the thought that maybe later on maybe when it’s really old you can sell the magazines for money but the thing is um i looked up these

Things you know something related to this it’s goes for about like a dollar dollar 50 but keeping a magazine for let’s say 20 years and you can only sell it for one dollar at the end makes it really not worth it

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Watch Me Stop Hoarding Part 1 By BeatTheBush

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