Watching Kate from Extreme Cheapskates Part 3

This is the third part of me reviewing the show. I go step by step in all the crazy things she does. Kate Hashimoto is the main character of this episode where she shows off her extreme cheapness for better or worse. You may want to go watch the original show without jumps and cuts before or after this video.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna finish watching kate from extreme cheapskate now this is the third one i’m doing hopefully i can finish this up because it looks like you know there’s probably about two fits left i’m gonna skip some of it just so that i can finish it this time because i think four parts is way too much anyway let’s begin

Tearing her apart now i don’t know this awkward encounter over here she hasn’t seen her friend for over a year and what i noticed is it’s kind of awkward maybe it’s a camera person being there some things she’s like oh hi you know like a little little bit awkward so i came to visit kate to see her in action i haven’t seen met in over a year and i have never been

Used to cheap you know i think i personally might have this problem as well so if you guys follow me on instagram by the way my instagram is to beat the bush you might have noticed me kind of trying to turn a new leaf you know being a little bit less rugal because i can anyway let’s move on my first reaction i walked in was whoa this is really small and clutter i

Don’t think they know what cluttered is because sometimes if you look at the hoarders show right it’s so bad that you can’t even walk in her place her place looks not that cluttered to me actually i mean it’s certainly not like a minimalist you know looks like a catalogue or anything but it looks functional a lot of stuff everywhere but this is my makeshift couch

No makeshift couch alex’s looks at all looks weird i don’t think anyone wants to sit on that this mattress was from a dorm dumpster dying oh no she talked about dumpster dive stuff i think a lot of people would be very uncomfortable if they knew the furniture they have is dumpster dive especially if it’s wrapped around plastic like that people might be concerned

About bedbugs and things so you know they don’t want to sit on that stuff bags over it so like the spikes don’t accumulate in there it’s so funny i don’t know if they coached her into wearing those short shorts maybe i had the binder clip on or something like really worn out clothes we know from the part two that i did that this show is slightly staged and we don’t

Know how exaggerated she is being that’s not something i would do no it’s just a little table what i found off the curb i don’t know this is this is almost sad now i don’t even know if i should just keep on reviewing this thing or commenting on it because the her friends some of you have mentioned actually that she was being a little rude i guess sometimes okay if

I were to go to someone and i was completely shocked at their frugal nurse you know sometimes you just be like yes yes right but you know you wouldn’t outright you know say mean things which which i think that’s what the lady was doing this is where i sleep you sleep on this wow yeah oh my gosh i cannot believe the guy said that i mean how can you tell if something

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Is comfortable or not just from the looks of it i mean from the looks of it to me it looks normal okay i think they’ve been conditioned maybe the producers were telling them to be like kind of like type of thing yeah kate she doesn’t spend money at all it’s just very troubling to me this is actually this show is making me a little sad just looking at this you’re

Seeing kate dig herself into a hole she’s like publicly purposely humiliating herself gets sick just physically getting hot and she’s turning red i don’t know like hey i guess sometimes you can just exaggerate a bit you know you can even make yourself flush you know if you get in the mood right oh i think this is really overreacting i mean like i think all the

Things that she said i mean there’s no reason to get so hot unless it’s like actually warm in there i’ve heard of people with electric bills of a couple hundred dollars a month in this i don’t know this is completely staged it seems maybe the producer saw her that she’s so frugal and then they’re egging her on they’re trying to find out what would make for a good

Show so what does make for a good show you ask some people somewhere for her friends to come over and ridicule her because this is what it seems like it’s doing it’s sad that it’s staged this way what’s small yes it’s in new york city of course it’s supposed to be small as pair of shorts wore out so i have to use one of these blinder clips to clip them together so

They don’t she or she is using the binder clips to hold her pants together oh i don’t know okay the thing is i actually have clothes that or at least 10 years old i actually forget how old this was five or something i don’t know if i’m learning anything 10 years old but i do have clothes ten years old some things that they do lasts a really long time but you know

If the elastic band goes out like that i wouldn’t use a binder clip i feel like she probably took her worst piece of clothing and wore that for the show i try to avoid paying for food there are many upscale grocery stores in manhattan and they throw out their food in in trash bags i know i guess now she’s just going over whatever she showed everybody in the first

Part of the show and now she’s showing all these things to her friends and just kind of explaining to them what she does i’ve been cooking up a surprise for you guys begin oh my gosh you don’t do that they totally staged it like you don’t i don’t know i think it i think she probably could have told them first and probably the producers didn’t want to they’re

Like yeah yeah you know what give this food to them and tell them after they ate a few bites of first bite or something that it’s from the dumpster you’re not supposed to do that okay okay she did it i think it’s all in the plating right because it’s like all mashed in together they’re a little bit hesitant and given what they’ve seen already in the apartment that

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They don’t want to eat that stuff but usually you know what happens when you go over to a friend’s place and they served you something that looks disgusting right a lot of times you’d be like haha you know yeah i’ll have some and then when you do go to eat it i guess you only pick at it right or or you know you don’t you don’t really eat it all that much but i’m

Surprised they even ate it because it looks weird okay i don’t think it would be all that not fresh because i think whatever she picked up in the dumpster it probably it’s edible and it would actually taste very typical that’s what i think it’s it would taste like i feel like the taste would be just fine it’s just the whole thought of where it came from i think

The food probably is completely edible it’s just kind of like mashed together doesn’t look very good it’s just all in the plating at least our eating it we saw that her dumpster-dive food they were all in containers i think i don’t think any bugs actually did touch it but you should not give it to someone that does not expect to eat it right this is kind of like

A betrayal right you give someone food and you trust them that they’re gonna give you food that is clean edible and then you put it in your mouth you eat it and then you find out they’re like haha just kidding this is from from dumpster so you know yeah you shouldn’t be doing that i think i think it’s a show that did this it actually looks fine i mean i think she

Fished out like the the cleaner stuff the not spoiled or rotten stuff i personally if i were you know presented with this stuff and then they go oh this is dumpster sci food i would be pretty hesitant to eat it you never know if someone with whatever diseases friday they touched it and it’s half-eaten or like they sneezed on it or something or i don’t know something

Could be in that food that is not sanitary and that is probably the reason why i would you know be hesitant to eat this stuff but you know if you just look at what it looks like all those pastries all those fruits and stuff they look fine if it were like behind a glass shelf you would not suspect anything of it but because of this situation i think they’re like just

Kind of like i don’t care what it looks like not not touching it’s probably all from the dumpster it’s a surprise what does that chicken taste like just doesn’t taste good to me you know what sometimes when i go to the grocery store sometimes they sell like lower price items right i forget when i did this but sometimes they sell things that are close to expiration

They go oh it’s superduper cheap right and maybe it’s like a dollar off or something and i remember buying something like that before and usually they don’t taste as fresh so when this guy says it doesn’t taste as fresh i kind of believe him usually this food is a little bit stale and you know by the time they need to go in the trash and they can’t even mark it’s

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Um you know 50 cents one dollar off or something then it probably isn’t all that fresh yeah stale huh a little bit i’d like to try some carrot cake going they said they’re gonna go like oh i don’t know i think if the camera people weren’t there they wouldn’t say they’re gonna go it’s all very staged you never know like what they were gonna do on their own if let’s

Say you know hidden cameras we’re there instead instead of like big ol cameras they’re probably holding cameras this big i guess we’ll be seeing you soon hopefully i would come back and visit kate again i would prefer to meet somewhere else preferably where the food was fresh yeah i think you know what just having that experience i don’t know maybe they can laugh

About that but i feel like you know doing something like that even in the context of the show i mean maybe if they were warned way ahead about it you know it’s like okay this is what you need to do maybe they’re getting paid or something but i don’t know that it felt like it would have damaged her friendship a little bit just just you know if they were actually not

Warned about this and if they weren’t paid that’s it for the show i feel a little bit bad for her because of the video i am unbeautiful and she actually outright said i am unbeautiful this is just kind of like admitting to yourself you know it’s kind of like a defeat you should never never say that right it’s like a self-confidence thing it almost feels like she

Gave up and then go okay i am unbeautiful which i think she’s not that unbeautiful it just makes me a little mad that sometimes when economics coerce people into saying certain things being on a show like this whatever they paid her for this i i don’t know how much they have to pay her for this to be worth it because the whole internet i don’t know they watched it

Like six million times or eight million times or something like that you know everybody is probably gonna recognize her if she walks in new york on the streets people are gonna recognize her just from this single video the damage it’s done to her personal life i think in order for this to be worth it for her it needs to be paid quite a bit and i don’t think they

Probably paid her that much in order for this to be worth it for her thanks for watching everybody i hope you enjoyed my comments on this show i know this kind of turned a little bit towards you know kind of be angry rather than critique of her frugal ways thank you for watching don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you

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