Watching Kate from Extreme Cheapskates

Many have talked about this show on my comments. There are a lot of similarities in terms of frugality but I think most of it is a bit over the line for me. Watch to see what I say about the dozens of penny pinching ways.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna do something a little bit different i’m going to watch an episode of extreme cheapskate and this special episode has kate on it which lives in new york now i’m doing this because a lot of you mention the show and i watched it before and i thought it was very entertaining now most of these extreme

Cheapskate i thought was a little bit more than i personally would do but when i talked to some people a lot of people actually think i am pretty extreme myself but then you know i don’t view myself as that it is true that sometimes i push the boundaries a little bit and i notice oh yeah maybe it is a little bit cheap and other people might have the same view

About me as i have the views about these extreme cheapskate now i want to add something i don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but i do think this kate person you know by all means she does what she does she’s happy with it but i do have my own personal opinion i don’t think people should take me too seriously on this it’s just my own personal opinion so with that

Said i’m going to start this show over here it’s about 20 minutes long okay so let’s watch to intro over here when it comes to money there are those who save there are those who are stingy i haven’t bought any clothes in eight years okay she tries to not pay for anything she hasn’t done laundry for three years and last time she bought clothes eight years ago well

Personally i think seeing that you tried to not pay for anything all the time is i don’t know a little bit extreme a little bit cheap because i can see how if you hang around other people and you’re always like this you know people are not gonna want to hang around you not doing laundry is i think what she meant is she does not do laundry at the laundromat she

Washes her clothes in her tub okay you know it’s still clean so i guess if that’s the case i don’t have too big a problem with it you’re looking at this sock thing where it’s almost worn down but then it does not necessarily have holes i have to admit i’ve done this before i usually wear my socks until a hole develops and i at some point in my life i also wore it

For a little bit and i realized that oh my gosh it’s very very uncomfortable to have a hole in your sock so ever since i realize that it’s uncomfortable i started throwing them away in terms of not buying clothes it’s the same with me i haven’t bought many clothes ever since i went into this minimalism binge i mean this shirt is like only a couple of years old but

I got it for free because i got it through doing these coupon deals with the credit card well not for twenty-five dollars and then there are cheapskates she’s the cheapest person i’ve ever met money manager by day dumpster diver by night $25 for a shirt well i i guess i haven’t bought shirts myself only mainly because i have enough clothes right if i don’t have

Any i would buy a shirt that’s 25 dollars and i think personally for me dumpster diving is kind of not something i would ever want to do maybe if it comes out of necessity if i’m super dead broke and i don’t have any food maybe i would start considering it but i think there’s plenty of food to buy and you don’t have to actually spend all that much right now i’m

Only spending $160 per month or so all my groceries and i can still eat pretty healthily and i enjoy what i eat so i don’t see the need for it because going that route where you are penny-pinching so hard it starts to affect your quality of life so that’s where i draw the line and i think the point here would be that penny-pinching when you do it so hard it might

End up being counterproductive because it wastes your time and you could be spending all this effort in earning more money certainly for me i draw the line at dumpster diving i don’t even really want food that someone has been eaten already so let’s continue and and this just really makes me cringe when her friends comes over and then they can i don’t know maybe

They’re doing this for the show or something but they on their appearance they look educated and this is not something that you want so a little bit about what i would personally do when i invite friends over i would treat them to something brand-new right not even like some leftover to have i would just go out and buy a brand new roast chicken and then for family

I would even buy like premium quality stuff just because i want to treat everybody certainly not dumpster diving the food when i look at it is just gross and i will personally wouldn’t even eat it the criteria to serve other people is that you would want to eat it too you would really really want to eat it you think that it’s tasty if you don’t really want to eat


It you shouldn’t even serve it to other people so it should be a thing where i think it’s tasty that’s why i give it to other people to eat in terms of freshness you want to only give the freshest of the freshest right and i’m an extreme cheapskate i’m a licensed cpa and i’ve lived in new york for three years although it is the most expensive city to live in i

Found ways to get around it okay this whole thing of going to a store and have not having enough cash you just have some change or something and then you know you can’t pay for it i have to say i’ve never purposely done this before but sometimes when i run out of cash i’m like this is all i have i feel so bad about this and i believe i don’t remember because it

Happens so rarely that they usually just give it to you you they see that oh you’re only short like a quarter or ten cents or something we can see here that she’s doing it on purpose you just have certain amount and i feel like this is just i don’t know like not up front and not up standing i guess nothing against her i mean she probably thinks that okay if they

Are able to accept this payment you know it’s kind of like bartering but then you’re using the fact that you don’t have enough money you kind of dress down a little bit in order to get the vendors good site and then they think that oh you need it okay yeah we’ll just give it to you so in this sense it just doesn’t rub me the right way so this is something also

That i would not do not for twenty-five dollars i’ve learned that the best way to live is to be very frugal it’s maybe $10 only $5 worth of change porsche macan house where she goes through these swift stores to buy a $10 shirt right to me it didn’t look that good i think sometimes people get caught up with going the thrift store going through the cheapest places

And in order to buy the cheapest stuff i personally am still able to get some pretty expensive stuff for free still so in a way i’m able to spend less than her even on clothing and yet i do not have to do these things where you know you’re just trying to bar there with someone where it obviously is a place where you do not normally barter so you know when i go to

Foreign countries when you know that they normally barter then this is something i would do if i use a paper towel in the public restroom i’m drying off hands as i washed clean so i keep them and reuse them you can reuse the paper towel many times if i hate to throw something away okay she just used a paper towel to wipe her hands and she just kept it i would say

Yeah this is not something i would actually do when i am outside when i’m at a public restroom or something but this is something i would do when i’m at home if i you know wipe my hands dry and then i still have the paper towel just keep on using it until it’s actually dirty but i don’t think this happens very often because generally at home i don’t dry my hands

With a paper towel i would dry it with a towel a regular towel instead i furnished my place through picking up discarded furniture on the street before the trash picked it up this is pretty dirty but this one looks much cleaner okay so she goes and gets furniture from the streets i think this is okay you can actually go on craigslist and then you know they would

Post furniture all over the place and you can go pick them up and people give them away because you know they’re moving or something but generally i would be very worried about furniture i mean these furniture that i got this is a hand-me-down and this is actually brand new the thing i worry about furniture getting from someone else is it could be infected with

Bedbugs or something so something that you really want to avoid and not bringing you know those kind of use furniture at home i guess that’s the main concern here and to me i don’t even need all that much new furniture the chairs over there at my dining table i bought them brand new and generally i think all my furniture i just kind of buy i would say i probably

Saved at least a couple thousand dollars on furniture this works well and it’s much cleaner so it’s cool that like she goes to the dumpsters i’ve and and i mean you’re not actually swimming in it and you’re not like you know having garbage all over you and you smell or anything so it looks like it’s a little bit more acceptable because when you talk about dumpster

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Diving i just think about all my gosh smelly trash is all around but in this sense she looks at the furniture and make sure that they’re clean before picking them up so in a way it’s it’s a little bit more acceptable then okay so you saves money on furniture i probably definitely did not save i paid money for all all my furniture i averaged about $200 a month in

Basic living expenses 200 a month i own my own home free and clear like okay assuming she’s not counting housing 200 that’s really really little maybe she’s not adding in insurance she doesn’t have a car a car insurance or something but oh my gosh like if you were cpa i feel like you probably earn over a six-figure salary so you can spend i don’t know 20,000 30,000

Dollars every year just on basically living expenses and you can still save a huge amount so when you push yourself to this to this level it’s a very minimal living standard i guess maybe she doesn’t think so i guess there’s a limit for everyone right for me i go down to a certain level and some people think i’m extreme when i look at these extreme cheapskate i

Think they’re extreme and sometimes a lot more extreme than i am and sometimes a lot more cringeworthy than than i am because when you start to affect the people around you when you make people noticeably make this you know sour-faced because you’re serving them you know food that you picked up out of a trash can it’s just something i can’t i can’t stand myself

I just have to pay real estate taxes and condo fees i didn’t pay anything for furniture i got all the furniture that i have either off the street or from hand-me-downs from other people if she i think she owns this apartment right and i don’t know it might cost a million dollars if she’s saving so much he can actually retire super duper early if she’s doing it

Right i feel like she can probably save enough and yet retire early and have a normal type of living standard not not $200 a month which is crazy this is my bed where i sleep yoga mats that somebody okay if you guys are wondering i actually have a real bed it’s elevated because it’s on top of some rack thing so it’s not just on the floor like some very extreme

Minimalist or extreme cheapskates i took them i do consider my bed comfortable and i don’t really have a need for a real bed that’s cost hundreds of dollars and that is absolutely outrageous i know i did one video about where i don’t use trash bags and i just use the ads that are coming in and i think a lot of people did not like that and i can totally see other

People saying oh my gosh that’s an extreme cheapskate move and her complaining about not spending a couple hundred dollars on a bed that’s how i feel about that and you know an equivalent of how people feel about how i wrap my trash in newspaper just you know it doesn’t cost me anything no time i don’t need to buy trash bags and here’s my small kitchen my place came

With a dishwasher the dishwasher is a waste of water and energy so now it’s just stores you know what she should do with the dishwasher if she never uses it and it looks pretty new she can just sell it and then put like a new cabinet in there instead of the dishwasher this is an electric stove that i got using the free gift certificate yeah you know like with the

Free electric stove i get plenty of free stuff all the time i can just look around and these are round sound speakers that you see around i got it for half price anyway i have a lot of stuff that’s free i have this my place came with a gas stove an oven but the utility company was charging me 17 dollars a month minimum monthly fee just for having the gas turn on

I rarely cook oh that’s actually a pretty good idea she turned off her gas because she doesn’t use it instead she used an electric range and you could do equivalent things for like water right because my water they charge like 25-30 dollars every single month but i meet i need my water do i need my gas yeah i need my gas to generate hot water i haven’t bought any

Clothes in probably eight years like every box sucks this is one of my undershirts that i’ve had since i was a child pretty much so her socks you can kind of see that all the fibers are worn out and it’s almost see-through so to me when you wear that kind of sock you can kind of feel the bottom of your shoe and that’s very very uncomfortable because your feet per

Spray right and then when you touch the bottom of your shoe it kind of feels a little bit sticky and so that’s why if it wears to that point then i definitely won’t have those kind of socks she showed a t-shirt where it had a lot of holes i have to admit i personally had a few of those before and i forget what happened there’s this incident where i just thought

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Hey you know what i need to turn a new leaf so i just threw away much of those things with a lot of holes my reasoning is that these t-shirts they’re actually really really comfortable but they look terrible because they’re so worn it’s more like a comfort thing so you kind of wear those things at home when no one else looks at you huh but when you are in front of

Everybody when you’re all making youtube videos then you know you wear a brand new shirt and wore out over the years so i i actually have a pair like that right now oh you know what i did with that it was actually this pair of underwear where the elastic wore out when it did wear out i finally like got really annoyed with it and i did throw it away i think what you

Can do with other things like sweatpants where the elastic is the main thing that’s holding it sometimes it also has a drawstring right so then if it also has a drawstring you can actually tie you know tie it around your waist and your pants are not gonna fall down of course it’s not gonna be at its nice because the elastic is no longer there but it’s gonna gonna

Hold it up generally if it does not have the drawstring and you have to use a binder clip i think this is like you know over the line for me i definitely won’t use a binder clip to clip my pants on so this is an example of you know my toiletries in this box i don’t believe in paying for toiletries i’m subscribed to many different mailing lists and i also keep my

Eyes on freebie sites whenever i hear and the free sample offer debts were something that i would actually use i would go and fill out the form so she collects a lot of freebies i am nothing wrong with that what i find out is that yeah i do take all those those toiletries from hotels whenever i do go to them and then i find out that when you do collect them you

Just accumulate so much of it and when i went on my minimalism binge i’d actually like went and try to use them all up and i did most of it is used up right now and all i have is my regular stuff so whenever i get new toiletries from hotels and stuff i don’t actually go and get freebies anymore maybe you get freebies from like trade shows or something but these

Days i’m like oh my gosh you know because i’m a more like more minimalistic now and so when you bring them home that’s the first thing that you use you want to use those up so that you don’t accumulate a big pile of this stuff and takes up space and also like sometimes like go to some promotion what you think yeah and so with all those tradeshow freebies i just

Feel like it’s a waste of space a waste of product even because most of it it does it’s not very useful it’s not as useful as a real product that you buy most of the time sometimes there’s like little things that you might be able to use but what i found out is i would collect a whole bunch of them right and a lot of my friends we would all go to tradeshow and

Then we would get like bags and bags of this stuff really haha look it’s free and then when you bring it home you don’t use any of it you have like how many drawstring bags you want how many like little reflector sticker things you know there’s all these swag stuff and what i did with my minimalism binge in the last round is that i just collected them all up and

Then i just threw them away most of them right i just looked at okay which ones do i really want to keep and i just threw away one wave of it and then after i have a smaller batch i’m like let me look at it again and then i kind of like divide it it by half some more and then i just took more and more away and then until the very end i’m like oh my gosh i can’t

Believe this is there’s like not many items i actually want to keep because they’re all useless anyway i’m only 5 minutes into this video and i think if i keep on talking it’s it’s gonna be too long a video so i’m gonna cut it short right here if you guys are interested in me continuing with watching this show i’m gonna make a part b or part 3 or something leave

A comment down below let me know if you want me to keep on commenting on this don’t forget to give me a like push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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