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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush a model sent me one of these watermelon slicers now i never had one to do so i don’t really know how convenient it really is so let me put boxes and test this out for you and then we’ll see how good it really is any quality problem we guarantee you a lifetime warranty this watermelon slicers will be a useful helper

For enjoying your fruit even we cut off the fruit and get the most out of them avoiding any waste that one was passable so here’s a packaging this is it will be your best choice made of stainless steel cut the fruit avoid waste useful helper for enjoying your fruit cut and serve watermelon in a fast and clean way any quality problem guaranteed lifetime well you

Don’t really need much instructions to use this thing a hot summer day delicious watermelons cantaloupes and fruits are the best comfort imagine when you back home take watermelon slicer it only takes one minute you can get chunks of watermelon how wonderful you can’t deny this very handy tool this watermelon slicer is made of stainless steel and it’s so lightweight

Easy to clean it will be your best choice and become one of the most useful tools in your kitchen one side the other side no instruction booklet inside so here it is there’s these little dents here to put your thumb and your index finger you can push this in a little bit but it’s being held open by this little wire i’m not too sure what these features here are for


Maybe for grip and on the other side these things are also for a grip i assume it has a slight burr it’s slightly sharp here and not completely rounded out these holes has a little burr in it too i can feel it so i don’t know it might take some breaking in before it’s completely rounded and comfortable as with any kitchen tool you got to wash it first so let me go

Do that funny over here it shows you all these cube watermelons but the thing is when you use this thing it gives you slices like over here in the back here one big slice like this if you want to make it into cubes you got to cut that yourself pre-planning a little bit i noticed that this watermelon slicer it can only go down to the depth about five inches or so

So that means if your watermelon is too deep you may not reach the bottom with this little hook so the best way is probably to cut your watermelon lengthwise so let’s do that okay so i guess you just take this and dig the hole in here okay at this point you can use this to take it out like that but i want to cut it a little bit smaller so i’m gonna go this way

As well okay so you can see it leaves these little square cubes at the bottom i probably need a little bit more practice to get it more clean so let me do the other side okay i’m gonna be more careful this time it seems like if you push it too hard into the ryan it’s too hard to pull out so let me not go as deep yeah if you don’t go as deep it’s much easier when

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I moved it down here i kind of lift it up a little bit that’s why i didn’t cut this last part if i went parallel to the bottom i would have gotten it this piece here yeah this is probably from lack of practice so you see this thing always needs to cut at a right angle so you’re not gonna be able to go all the way over here and cut the inside of your watermelon

Perfectly like that you see there’s a piece right here so you got to do something with the rest of this maybe you take a spoon and just eat the rest of it i guess the cool part is that you don’t have to cut the skin of the watermelon too many times you just do it once and the rest of the watermelon you dig out i hope you enjoyed this unboxing and usage of this

Watermelon slicer i’ll leave a link down below in the video description if you’re interested in getting one of these it’s an affiliate link so if you get it through that link you actually help out this channel don’t forget to give me a like down below comment down below let me know how fast these things work for you and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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