We are at WAR Hold on for dear life

We are at WAR Hold on for dear life

What’s up people we are at war here if we’re just gonna be a troll don’t even hold the coin and stop spreading food and if you’re in the flak room and you’re scared let’s get out of there you don’t belong in there and if you’re gonna talk to the people that are trying to encourage the people to hold then you don’t belong in there for gtfo it’s the haulers

Creek his is a cho dealers creed written by our slack member crypto i am h a dealer a new breed and then market an unconventional trader i choose love over agreed honesty over wealth a pure heart over hate i know no pain only growth i know no failure only challenges and every challenge is an opportunity to bring forth the best of my being panic i do not know what

That mean i am the calm before during and after the storm i do not fear poverty i will h o dl until i am homeless therefore do not bring the mere pump and dump er to destroy us you better bring and tsunami of wales and when we fall we get back up when our wall is down with rebuild it with sweat and heart my fellow each odl er is a brother we are warriors protecting

One another at all cost i will protect his investments the same way i would protect mine and never will i let him down i will mentor the new member of the community and teach them the true tenets of the aho dealer movement even in the worst times i will never spread fear uncertainty and doubt in the heart of my comrades i will always hold the vision high and trust

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The process until we succeed because i am a cholo dealer and that is what hr dealers do we are haulers will be offered dear life and that’s what we do so you’re not you’re not hot lean get out we don’t need you is the healthy chart guys fellas at the floor i wall i build that wall as soon as it has that it’s probably a good buying opportunity right now

Guys there’s always after floor so just dog jump back up chane coin is at a dollar sixty-five right now but i think am i at the floor but this tyson is doug’s gonna go back say guys they’re real i mean if you guys even don’t know about it’s wrong coin desk so we are in pr news excuse me first the wallet 6e brought that wall up a little bit and setup

Two-factor verification for all your wallets exchanges i already have me my big sister cherie we kind of put our coins together and we’re running a master note we’re trying to get it master not going so this is how it looks like right now after this video i’m gonna say that yes little man guys it’s accumulate while you can get a nasty note and just hollow

You know we are at war here you know this fight those whales that are trying to crush us at trolls data try to spread flood and hate and false news don’t feed them losing norm you don’t need that negative negativity in your lives just keep the positive energy and the universe will manifest itself all right guys have a good night and peace

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We are at WAR Hold on for dear life By RICH TV LIVE

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