We Are Going to Make a Fortune the Next 5 Days

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Ladies and gentlemen we are going to make an absolute fortune in the stock market this week yes i am putting the positive vibes out there in the market guys uh in this video we’re about to go through essentially everything that’s going on over the next five days okay and what i’m going to tell you is uh we have a lot going on i’m uh pretty optimistic on this whole

Situation let’s put it that way i have millions of dollars riding into this week and um i’m i’m feeling uh pretty pretty confident but with that being said in this market where we’ve gotten absolutely decimated you can’t get too confident but it’s important to put the positive vibes into the universe okay now the dow has gone down six straight weeks you heard me

Right six straight weeks okay not only that the stock the stock market indexes have gotten destroyed the past seven months essentially russell and nasdaq have gotten it the worst by far the down s p have also gotten hit both of those are in correction but um honestly the russell and the nasdaq has been what’s really really gotten hurt so yeah let’s go through this

Week i want to show you what’s going on some of the biggest companies that are the most important to me personally are reporting this week okay and so yeah we got a lot to get into hope you guys enjoy this as always if you want to check out ftxus check out the first link in the description down there get up to a hundred dollars in free crypto when you use my link

Down there and use the referral code holy smokers so it’s pretty darn awesome when you uh you know place your first trades on there so check that out okay first off i just i just had to add this up here i saw this and i thought it was funny 2021 calculating how much taxes i’m gonna owe for capital gains and then calculating how many years will be able to write

Off capital losses oh man yeah if you guys don’t know basically this is the uh worst start to the nasdaq year um in history i’ve never seen a year worse through the first five months a year it’s been an extraordinary okay so first off this is an absolutely insane week for like i said not just me but everybody that’s in the retail uh crowd okay palantir this is a

A huge stock in the retail crowd and i’m telling you it’s a huge stock pltr they are reporting their earnings monday before the bell okay so we’re gonna get started with a bang uh you know when it comes to palantir this is a stock that’s down it’s almost been cut in half so far this year the stock is down a 48.8 percent year to date okay that’s a disaster um but

With that being said palantir here’s what i’ll say about the company okay the company has in my opinion a great future in front of themselves the issue with palantir in the short term is a lot of people are very very caught up into um you know growth rates of of specifically kind of the corporate customers okay and here’s what we do know about kind of corporate

Clients we know a lot of them definitely have interest in palantir but palantir can sometimes be a longer sales cycle so the quarterly numbers for palantir can sometimes look all over the place you know one moment it can look way better because they close a massive deals and they’re and when we’re talking about palantir some of these deals are huge like you know

Massive deals and then other times like you know if it’s a slow sales cycle for that particular period and they didn’t get lot closes everybody thinks it’s the end of the world for a stock like talent here so when i look at this one it’s actually a stock i’m very very interested in i should already be buying it to be honest it’s just the problem is it’s like 800

Other stocks that have gone down this market if it wasn’t for that fact i would already have probably a big position built into palantir going in these earnings instead i have nothing and the reason being is it’s just there’s a million stocks going down right now and it’s just hard to build positions but i can tell you if for any reason this baby goes down the the

Probability i make a position here is pretty darn high they got an extraordinary opportunity it’s one of those companies that in this sort of uh you know uh industry i mean these companies command some some insane valuations like they’re in the creme de la creme you talk about artificial artificial intelligence in data and using that for companies to make better

Decisions things like that i mean that’s the creme dollar crap and the premium you can get on a business model like that because recurring and sticky business model oh my gosh okay so yeah they’re reporting monday before the bell monday after the bell the chef is reporting the chef is reporting okay tattoo chef so just like palantir look at this one it’s it’s

Twin okay look at this it’s also down 48 this one’s down a little worse okay 48.9 percent remember palantir was down 48.8 percent incredible they’re almost identical uh down moves um so when it comes to chef i mean i don’t need to talk to you guys about all the great things they have in their future and all the great things they’re putting up now in regards to

This earnings period very very important earnings and um one of the reasons i’m pretty optimistic going into this earnings specifically with the chef is one the stock’s been devastating okay but the second thing is um the second reason i’m pretty optimistic going into these earnings is when i look at the chef i see a company here that um as for this year 2022

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Their lowest expectations or this quarter were in that they’re about to report on monday after the bell i like a company that’s going into an earnings period with low expectations the reason i like that a lot is because when you come into an earnings season you’ve got big expectations huge numbers for growth right you you have to come in with such an insane number

To just make people want to you know buy the stock essentially when it comes to the tattooed chef ttcf going into this earnings period the the growth rate’s low number expected if they have anything positive to say about guidance in the rest of the year i think this baby’s ready to fly so um that that’s why i’m pretty darn optimistic going into these earnings now

Regardless if the chef goes up or down in these earnings i will continue to be a buyer the chef this entire year so i want to make that very clear like if the stock goes up it’s still a deal it’s still deal in my opinion for a long-term investor like myself if it goes down great i’ll buy more shares um if i had to place odds in i think there’s a higher probability

The stock will be up on tuesday and this week and we’ll have a a good week overall we’ll see how it all shakes out but i love i love when my company’s going to those earnings with with low expectations and believe me the chef it has very very low expectations going into this earnings period especially when that stock’s been devastated okay so this is basically

Just looking at monday like i said palantirs reporting you got tyson reporting you got lordstown motors which is uh it’s not as nearly as popular in the retail crowd as it once was because it fell so much uh you have amc obviously reporting after the bell that’s obviously a big one you have pp reporting after uh the close on monday plug power you have clover

Reporting which is a pretty decently popular in the retail crowd as well obviously like i said the chef um and then you have lemonade which lemonades an insurance company that’s just been absolutely devastated as well so yeah you know this is why i say this week is massive for retail crowd because these are you know there’s a lot of companies reporting a lot of

Things going on that are going to move retail stocks with the biggest thing being on wednesday okay so after the bill on tuesday a company named rocket reports rkt now the reason i have this one up here and i wanted to mention this is you know first off it’s not like super popular in the retail crowd there are some folks that own rocket but the main reason i’m

Think rocket numbers is something everybody should look at is what do they have to say about guidance okay this is a company that a lot of their business comes from mortgage refinancing as well as uh people taking out mortgages right and buying a home and this is one of those companies that you know is likely going to be in a tough place over the next one to two

Years if real estate’s really slows down massively which i think real estate is going to start slowing in a massive way this summer i think it’s honestly already kind of starting i think it’s going to become probably undeniable at some point this summer that oh boy real estate you know is slowing massively i don’t want to predict a crash in real estate because

That’s a whole other thing but a massive slowdown i think is definitely coming that’s not good for rocket no one’s refinancing anymore like the rates have gone up too much now if you’re refinancing it would be refinancing at a worse rate almost for everybody now everybody already refinanced for like a two-year period they refine financed in the twos threes and

Fours and now we’re in the fives you know going to maybe the sixes no one’s going to be refinancing that their business is dead absolutely dead intel eventually down the road whenever they lower rates again which who knows when that is is dead and so um you know if you tack onto on top of that like you know the demand just not being there for home because it got

So unaffordable and simultaneously the rates have gone up you know obviously it’s an ugly thing for rocket but rocket’s a good company just kind of look at for how real estate’s doing zillow reported last week no bueno okay no bueno i think companies like zillow and rocket are important to look at if you want to get a gauge on um you know essentially how companies

Are doing the other place you can always look obviously is companies like toll brothers companies like pulte homes kb homes uh the home builders those are always good ones to look at as well all right now as far as tuesday peloton piton uh not nearly as big of a retail stock as it once was us workhorse not nearly as big of a retail stock as it once was you have

Kronos reporting sofi definitely a pretty big retail stock i would say sofi very low expectations for sofia and that stock i think it’s down to five or six bucks now this company roblox uh not my cup of tea you have ttd trade desk reporting that stocks for how bad the market’s been it’s actually done decent at least in my opinion compared to the rest of the market

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Um you know and how many how much other stocks they’ve gotten hit but we’ll see what happens there i don’t know i’m not feeling too confident about ttd going in these earnings uh coinbase is reporting right which crypto not in the best place let’s just put it that way win resorts is reporting um you know vegas is doing great but the macau you know it’s just it’s still

Limited in a massive massive way and until that you know fully reopens for real for real wind’s just in this kind of like not a great place matterport’s not nearly as popular of a retail stock as it once was that one’s had a lot a lot a lot of trouble there okay wednesday after the bell dutch bros reports which is a decently popular retail stock and when it comes

To dutch bros you know i’ve been a customer at dutch bros for many many years and always loved the brand and and the company but when it comes to dutch bros i haven’t been able to buy this stock mainly just for valuation concerns and reasons and in a market where everything’s getting absolutely decimated and in a market where you know there’s great deals all over

The place like i don’t have time to buy a stock that i feel like is not at a great valuation standpoint and that’s how i feel about dutch bros i think it’s a risk going into these earnings um i think it’s a risk in 22 but i love the company i will say that great company they do a great job but i think it’s i think it’s a risk i think it’s a major risk because you

Know you gotta understand with these newer companies public market man you come in with something that’s not great and you’re devastated right and the buyers are just looking at so many other stocks and it makes it tough okay so dutch bros beyond meat is reporting after the bell on wednesday now when it comes to bynd mcdonald’s that’s all that matters mcdonald’s

Mcdonald’s you know i can guarantee you it’s gonna be a ton of questions on the conference call about mcdonald’s the stock has gone down 44 year-to-date and um it is a stock i have a smaller position in but i do have a position in it and i if this one goes down in any major way i would love to build the position bigger but when it comes to bynd the grocery store

Business good okay they like you know that’s that’s good business for them awesome but i can tell you what everybody’s concerned with or wants to know about is mcdonald’s because basically they have partnership with mcdonald’s and they are in a few states now and there’s talk that that could go into a nationwide essentially launch okay there’s nothing bigger than

Mcdonald’s and so beyond meat and from my understanding beyond meat’s done phenomenal in mcdonald’s in europe okay and so if we’re talking about a nationwide launch of beyond meat with mcdonald’s that’s so big for for beyond meats and numbers and not just that but for their branding okay when you’re talking about one of the biggest fast food chain in the world

Having your product and maybe giving you marketing all in the stores and whatnot it doesn’t get bigger than that it would also be a huge movement for the whole plant-based food movement if you have the biggest fast food chain in the world launch a product like that okay and so for a company like beyond meat you know i gotta say the mcdonald’s thing beyond me has a

Lot of other companies they work with other fast food companies restaurants things like that and obviously they have their grocery store business but i can tell you there’s nothing bigger than mcdonald’s and that’s what everybody’s going to want to know about on that conference call mcdonald’s mcdonald’s okay now wednesday you got yeti reporting decently popular

Retail stock fiverr as well krispy kreme donuts has had something interesting recently um in regards to like i don’t know it’s like you get a dozen donuts and you have to pay like the gasoline price or something like that so it’s quite interesting you have pay safe reporting uh other than that not too much going on like i said rivian this one’s important rivian’s

Important because of actually amazon so anybody that’s been buying amazon stock ruby is important for them it actually hurt amazon’s eps in a massive way recently we’ll see what happens is quarter disney’s reporting after the bell i think that’s one to watch big time we talk about dutch bros we talked about beyond meat and um bumble sonos reporting also but the

Biggest thing for wednesday by the way much bigger than the earnings coming out is basically um the inflation numbers come out wednesday okay now here’s the deal this is the most underrated thing in the entire stock market by a mile okay basically the rate of increase of inflation has been almost on a runaway for you know the past year plus right from 1.7 to 8.5

But the thing was you know over the summer time of this past year we kind of had like almost like um a flat lining which gave the market some comfort and the market did well into that well here’s the issue okay in early november the october numbers came out right because they always have to lag a month so the in early november the october numbers came out and

That showed a steep increase in the rate of increase of inflation okay now what happened what started to happen in early november after those numbers came out the whole market started a tank right the russell was the first then followed the nasdaq and followed the s p and lastly has followed the dow right and all those would be far worse if it wasn’t for oil and

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Gas stocks holding trying to hold things together in apple stock and microsoft trying to hold things together it’d be so much worse if it wasn’t for that okay but essentially the market started tank because it started to be like oh my gosh inflation is now six plus percent then it went to seven plus percent and then eight plus percent okay and so what i think is

Going to have played out it is in the month of april or in the month of may the rate of increase of inflation is going to start going down that’s a big prediction i’ve been making and i think i’ll be right on that we’ll see okay and so here we are in the situation where if this number comes down and goes to like an 8.2 a 7.9 a 7.7 something like that is going to

Be massive for the market even a flat line would be would be a win in this market right because you don’t understand we went up over a half a percentage point you know from february to march so you know as long as we don’t go to nine something like that’s a win now never mind if we start going down i’m telling you this would give the market a huge sigh of relief

Because the narrative changes the narrative for the past year plus has been inflation just continues to get worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse right the the rate of increase is just you know getting out of control and it leads to a lot of fears if some are justified and some are irrational but it leads to fears and so if we

Can finally get that trend to break i am telling you there’s nothing nothing bigger in the market than that because when you start to have that narrative change the next narrative starts to change is well if it goes down again the follow the following month and the following month then the fed can stop being so aggressive with their commentary and their movements

In regards to raising rates right and that would be a phenomenal thing for the markets because the market’s not going to feel extremely comfortable until it’s confident that inflation is getting back under three percent if we start trending that way that’s when the market starts to have that sigh of relief like okay we’re trending down toward three percent um it’s

Going to take a while to get down to those numbers i can tell you that but as long as the trend goes is going that way the narrative of the entire market starts to change and this is crazy big and so like i said this is the most underrated everything this is way bigger to me this is way bigger than what powell came out and did last week way bigger okay and trust me

In the inner circles of wall street what powell did last week that was that was child’s play this is the much bigger game this is the super bowl power last week was a regular season this is a super bowl this week okay and so yeah that that’s going to be massive for the market guys and tell you you know let’s hope let’s hope hope for the best thursday you know i got

A company reporting tapestry tpr um not too much other going on a firm i think that’s a fairly uh i don’t cover from you know very often i own a company named paypal i’ve been buying over the last few months um that i like a lot better than a firm long term on a risk reward standpoint but i think there’s a decent amount of retail that owns a firm figs is decently

Popular um in the retail crowd nothing else really thursday okay now friday after the bill hnst honest reports this the stock’s gotten devastated it’s down 55 year-to-date it’s the 300 million dollar market cap a price of sales ratio of one on this company it’s just it’s laughable but honest came public at a bad time in my opinion you know they came public in a

Situation where you know retail was already leaving the market and they haven’t been able to get wall street behind them yet they came public it was around may of last year and so they’re about to lap there one year i’m extreme extremely bullish on honest for the next three to five years i mean extremely bullish i am buying this stock heavily and i’m not going to

Stop buying the stock and regardless if this stock goes up or down on these earnings i will just i’m going to be a relentless buyer this entire year of honest i think the stock’s going to 20 plus over the next uh three to five years and so i’m buying these shares at three dollars like you gotta yeah like i feel like i’m stealing money in this situation so i’m just

Going to continue to buy shares um i’ll listen and they’re obviously their conference call and hear their numbers and i’m happy to do that so this week is massive guys it’s massive for me and i know it’s massive for a lot of you guys and i can it’s massive for the entire market because of those numbers on wednesday coming out okay hope you guys enjoyed this as

Always make sure you check out first link in the description down there ftxus get up to 100 of free crypto when you trade through ftx and use my referral code holy smoke as much love as always and have a great day

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