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100,000 subscribers let me just start off this video by saying if you told me two years ago that less than two years i would have a hundred thousand subscribers on youtube on a stock market related channel an entrepreneur related channel with a little bit of personal finance in there i would say you are crazy that’s never gonna happen that’s never been done before

It’s not gonna happen and we’ve done it guys we’ve done it over a hundred thousand subscribers in less than two years talking about mostly stock market a little entrepreneurship and a little personal finance like this is mind blowing stuff to me so first off i just want to say like thank you to everybody for being here it means a lot to me that i’m able to do this

Because i love doing it and that’s why i can post every single day a lot of people always ask me like how do you do it how do you post every day how do you come up with subjects like how do you come with the energy and whatnot when you love doing what you do it’s pretty freakin easy guys i’ll be completely honest i mean a lot of people will look at the amount of time

I put into everything they would say that’s a ridiculous amount of time but when i look at it i’m just like it’s fun for me it’s fun for me i love doing it i love doing it so much so there’s a few different things i want to talk about i’m gonna be all over the place here with this video so bear with me guys this was a lot i want to say the first thing kind of is

Around i think this the the channel has become even bigger than just talking about stock market and entrepreneurship and whatnot because what a lot of subscribers have seen it’s days they have seen a personal brand be built off of youtube which i think is huge guys because it’s one thing to know about the stock market like no one about stock market investing that

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Will definitely help you in life that will definitely help you knowing about you know personal finance and tips and those kind of things like that will help you that will help you in the long run absolutely and i’ll help you you know save more money or make more money for investing but building a personal brand is life changing it is life changing guys i mean it’s

Just nothing that even compares to it when i compare it to you know stock market investing or anything out there when you build a personal brand you your entire life changes especially if you build it where it’s a success right in the amount of you know things that are thrown at me on a daily basis from companies and this and that it ridiculous and the amount of

Things i throw away because i’ll really well all i want to do is make videos and as far as money goes i just want to make my adsense revenue i want to sell courses and that’s it like i don’t care about sponsored products i don’t care about you know this company wants to sponsor me and do this and that late i don’t care about all that all that stuff just complicates

Things and it makes it harder to produce videos that i want to produce when i want to produce and because right now whenever i want to produce a video on whatever topic i want i just put it out there i don’t have to go through channels and all this kind of stuff and and talk with this company and do this and do that it’s so simple and i like simple and that’s why

I’m able to put out a video every single day guys which is a huge thing on why this channel is built so big because you know every single day i’m gonna have a channel on something up here maybe you’re only here for the stock market videos maybe i don’t have a stock market that video that day so maybe you don’t watch maybe i you’re here for the entrepreneur type

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Videos right and maybe your own click on the video that takes i’m talking about stock market or whatever right so there’s different people here for different things and there’s some people that are that are super loyal to chill and they want to learn about all the subjects know i’ll like i’ve like i’ve stated in past videos the reason i kind of do this guy’s is

Because the more you understand about one of these subjects the more it’s gonna help you okay if you understand about the stock market then you really understand about big business okay you more you understand about big business the more will help you with entrepreneurship and understanding small business okay the more you understand about small business more men

Will help you understand big business more you understand about personal finance tips if you understand how to run your own balance sheet in your own life then very similar type you know similarities are come to you know running a company okay and their balance sheet and whatnot so all these things are interwove and all these things are are together and that’s why

I love to cover them all together and it makes it keeps the inner channel interesting for me and you know obviously you get a lot of hate when you’re in this position the bigger you get you’re gonna get more hate i’ve come to realize that that’s just the way things go you know if you’re someone out there that ever wants to build a personal brand like realize that’s

Gonna happen and just don’t get too frustrated over it you definitely have to have fake skin in this business no different than i talked about in stock market you got to have a stomach you know for you got to have a stomach for that you can handle these type of things you’re in the social media game you know this much negativity that can come at you the bigger you

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Get because you’re gonna more more people coming on the channel right or whatever platform you’re on and think about it this way if you had a hundred people before you know and there’s only you know one percent of people that would come and attack you right so there’s only one person today right then all something about a thousand now you got ten people coming at

You a day think about a ten thousand dollars and you got a hundred people coming at you think about it at a hundred thousand austin you got a thousand people coming at you so the numbers just get up and that’s a way but you get obviously a ton more love than the hate so that’s what i always try to focus on and things like that guys so um it’s definitely changed

My life it has literally changed my life as far as like my outlook and things and you know my views on things and just kind of understanding people better and why people make certain moves and whatnot and i’m happy you guys have gotten to see this i’m happy you’re getting to see that you know how a personal brand is built literally from the ground up from nothing

When i started this youtube channel i had zero subscribers i had zero you know people on other social media i’ve never been on tv before any of these things i just started from nothing and you’ve seen what we built guys so i’m very happy to have you here and that’s kind of where i want to leave it today so anyways um thanks for being here guys it’s all i have to

Say and if you’re not subscribed go ahead and hit that subscribe button thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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We Hit 100,000 Subscribers! By Financial Education

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