Wearing Darn Tough Socks for 40 Days Straight

Lifetime Socks:

How’s it going everybody does this beat the bush if you think about it how do you actually spend less on a certain product that you always buy the phrase is minimum cost per use that is every single time that you normally use it you want it to be at a minimum cost so sometimes if you buy a very cheap dollar store product and it only lasts for a week and then you

Have to keep on buying it in the end the aggregate costs of it it’s a lot more than if you bought something a lot more durable on the other hand if you buy something very expensive thinking that it’s very durable however maybe it only lasts about twice as long as a regular item then you again are not really saving all that much because you paid too much for the item

Tick socks for example which is the topic of this video i bought this pair of darn tough socks it cost $22 now i would not normally do this i sort of did it because i wanted to make a video about it to test these because if it does work out then i can actually adopt it to my life what i used to buy are these cheap white socks and i tend to buy a lot of them because

I want to put them on and you know as soon as there’s something uncomfortable it may be i got it wet or something then i’ll take them off put on another pair what would it fit in here is about four packets of six pairs each now each of those six pairs cost about $10 so you could say that this pair and the pair on my foot right here together is about $44 what would

It fit in here is also $44 now will these actually replace all those different kinds of socks for one this pair of darn tough socks it’s not invincible okay so it will eventually break but it does have a lifetime guarantee so if you eventually get a hole in it you can actually send it in and they’re gonna send you a new pair this is a lifetime guarantee with no

Questions asked it’s also made out of merino wool which has antimicrobial properties so that technically if you get bacteria on it then it won’t smell as much it feels like four times as thick here then on top which is what’s needed whew look at this it’s like super soft right here victor on the bottom thinner where you don’t need it you do need a thicker here and

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I think this thing just being here makes it more comfortable this video it’s gonna take a while because what i plan to do is try to wear ds as much as i can i mean i’m not even gonna wear other pairs of socks if i can help it just kind of wear a day after day as long as it doesn’t smell if it smells well i need to you know just kind of wash it real quick and then

Put it back on and keep on using them and i’m just walking around in there right now you see i have them on and they’re very comfortable very very comfortable the part i’m stepping on is right here you can see it’s like really fuzzy kind of squishy it feels nice anyhow i’m going to wear these and we’ll be right back still wearing them got a new pair now this pair

Similar looking but a different shade of color these are the ones i’m wearing right now this is the new pair so in order to test out this idea i started wearing them on may 16th the next day i smelled them and i could not detect any smell of course you can say well you know you can’t really smell your own socks with that said i think i can so i’m just gonna keep

On going assuming i can smell my sock if it smells really bad on me 18 i smelled it again and it tended to not smell as good i would rate it at 1 out of 10 if 10 being super smelly generally i have to say i weren’t ease the whole day from morning till night except i do not wear it when i go to sleep the day after died aboard the whole day again the smell went up

To 2 out of 10 surprisingly the day after that may 20th it went back down to 0 when i smelled it again it i don’t know maybe i got used to it or something on may 23rd which is 7 days later what i felt was it is the saturation point of the sock itself because when i normally wear socks your feet sweat right and i feel like your sweat gets into the sock even if it

Dries off there are something you know oils or something thats gets left into the sock so what i felt like is after a week the sock felt saturated so this is the point at which i feel like ok you know i don’t want to go on any longer with this pair of socks i really want to wash it you know just stick it in water even hand wash it or something on 26 which is three

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Days later actually went camping over that weekend and i got the socks really dirty i got dirt in it and stuff so it was definitely required that i wash it so i ended up washing it on may 26 which is about 10 days after i initially started wearing these socks from may 16th until 40 days later which is today there are some days where actually did not work because

It is summertime right now and it just felt too hot to wear socks right now i am wearing it it’s kind of on the edge of feeling too hot and for these 30 days just for in the name of science i normally really do wash my socks because you can tell if i had so many socks and i would want to switch it every time there’s something weird about it if they feel a little

Sweaty or something i went out and it came back and they don’t feel so good i tend to like to switch my up my socks but right now i really don’t want a word these pair because right now i can actually smell a little bit it’s been 30 days since i actually washed it the last time so i might not recommend it i think for the antimicrobial properties you might be able

To push it all the way to 10 days this is the maximum limit i think but 7 days is when it actually feels saturated already so i would think that in a comfortable range you might want to wash it you know every day but then you might be able to push it to four days you know taking advantage of the my entire career poverty’s so here it goes i smelled this a little

While ago and i did not like it i’m sorry i didn’t leave this for the camera but i actually really want to do this video and finish it so that this experiment is done with and i actually can go ahead and wash this pair of socks so here we go okay that actually doesn’t smell too bad over here oh oh right right there that smells too good okay the heel doesn’t smell

Too bad yeah the toe yeah the toe to toe the toe is not to smell and good see what i do for you guys okay okay well the thing is you can kind of smell it that it smells bad okay so that is the conclusion here wash it before 10 days i would say wash it before seven maybe even four days some people might just think it’s really gross so even if you don’t wash it for

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One single day but i was testing out the antimicrobial properties so this is all in the name of science let me show you guys what it looks like after 40 days of wear though i guess i still got to handle this a little bit you can see that it’s worn down a little bit because there’s a little bit of fuzz over here and over time that might wear down on the bottom here

It is thicker then on the top which is you know exactly how you want to build a sock because if you make it thick all around it might actually get way too hot so from these forty days i cannot tell that it’s super worn down anywhere it does look like it will last at least a year but the thing here is it might be a moot point to try to wear knees down because even

If i wear them down i can still send them in for that lifetime warranty no questions asked okay here are the new pair yep i didn’t wear them they smell brand-new this in effect might be able to reduce the amount i have to carry around when i go travel then i only need to carry two pairs one pair i’m wearing another pair i can wash and then let dry look i found like

A little piece of wool thing i think this shed it from the sock so you know it will lose a little bit of material as you’re using it so thanks for watching this video if you guys are interested in this pair of darn tough socks i’ll leave an affiliate link down in the video description below if you guys know other products that have lifetime unconditional guarantees

And that you know at least maybe it lasts a really really long time feel free to leave a comment down below i might actually go get it and then make another video about it thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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