Hey guys how you doing this is rich here may have a rich tv live and today i wanted to talk to you about wiebel so we bull is a new app that i’ve been testing and i’ve been working with and i’ve been trying out and i really really like it we myself and some of my partners got in contact with them and they got in contact with us because we have a very large community

And we decided that we wanted to become an affiliate of weeble so what we’ve done essentially is we’ve learned now how and i’ve started to learn setting up an account how to use this platform it’s absolutely free to use now unfortunately if you’re canadian you cannot actually buy or sell any stocks or do any trading whatsoever with the way if you’re in america

However you’re american you can actually sign up i’ll have a link down below which is a unique link just for rich tv live members and actually you can get access to two free stocks if you sign up if you put in a hundred dollars you get access to three free stocks which i think is a really cool tool now one of the things i like about this it gives you analyst

Estimates so let’s just say you want to buy crush bottles it’s at five dollars and 53 cents you can see analysts ratings you can see the analysts price target right now it’s eight dollars and forty four cents stocks at 553 i like this because it gives me an idea of you know what’s going on i can read the basic information about the company company name industry

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Website summary on the company i can learn about the financials of the company as you could see crush bottles revenue is just growing exponentially so i really like this company you can read all the company’s filings news everything is right here your fingertips with we bolt all in one stop shop which i really really like and the thing i love about this platform

Is it’s absolutely free additionally what we bulls going to be doing is they’re going to be adding options trading so they have a lot of different options available here you can trade china hong kong the united states globally forex trading cryptocurrency commodities mutual funds and etfs and soon they will be offering options trading so i’m really really excited

About we bull i am just getting comfortable using this platform i’m starting to use it i have it on my on my desktop i have it on my laptop and i have it on my phone and i’m getting comfortable using all the different indicators and all the analysis every single day i’m getting more and more comfortable using this platform so love to know what you guys think now

Remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we try to bring you the winners and we try to bring them to you first we try to bring you tools that can help you and we

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Try to bring you tools that are not gonna cost you anything this one is absolutely free however if you are looking to trade you want to put in at least 100 bucks so you can get access to three free stocks okay and they can be valued anywhere from three to four dollars up to as much as $1000 so imagine you put in a hundred bucks and you get a thousand dollars worth

Of free stocks what a start right so we’ve got a direct rich tv live affiliate link down below in the description love for you guys to be a part of it i’m a part of it like i said i’m canadian so i can’t buy or sell with it but i’m still using the indicators for example tilray currently at fifty three dollars and the analyst price rating for this is a hundred and

Seven so what they’re essentially saying with their analysts is that tillery has a chance to double i love being able to get other opinions it really helps me make good decisions when buying and selling stocks so hopefully you two can start to use weeble and it can be a tool to help you create more success for your trading and your freedom this is rich from rich tv

Live we bring in the winners we bring the tools and we bring them to you first it’s true what do you think about weeble i like it i’m using it every day and if you’d like to use it too i’ve got a link down below feel free to click on that link join the winning team rich tv live and we both are going to be working together to help create more visibility for weeble

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And hopefully have or our members have more tools that can help them win at their fingertips this is your boy rich from rich tv live talking to bo weeble a trading app that you can put on your phone your computer your laptop and i think it’s great and i’m oh i’d love to know what you guys think if you liked this smash the like button comment down below share the

Video everywhere if i win and you win we all win it’s true what do you guys think i’m out peace

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