Wedding Budget – How much does a Wedding Cost?

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today on the financial education channel i am jeremy and as always my goal is to provide great financial education and today we’re talking about wedding cost wedding budget we’re talking about something i actually went through last year because i got married last year so it’s a subject i’m pretty familiar

Familiar with and i’m gonna give you guys some suggestions on what you’re looking at for cost before the wedding during the wedding after the wedding i actually have my board here so first we’ll start off we’ll go with you through some of the before costs for the wedding some of the during the wedding costs the day of and some of what after the costs will be so in

The before cost you’re gonna have things like a wedding dress now a wedding dress can run you thousands and thousands of dollars obviously we all know this a normal person’s wedding dress can run you a really nice one you can get a really nice one for between four hundred to a thousand dollars that’s what you’re looking at for wedding dress so that’s one cost we

Have right there next cost is we have a tux that you can rent from a men’s wearhouse are really nice one for 250 bucks or you could be looking at five hundred to a thousand bucks if you want to buy and obviously if you want to get some super expensive one you could be looking at thousands of dollars but for most people renting a tux is sufficient because there’s

Very limited amount of times you would ever even wear that tux so to rent it from men’s wearhouse for two hundred and fifty bucks that’s fine you have the wedding rings now obviously the guys ring usually don’t cost us that much i mean a guy’s ring will cost between 250 and 750 dollars on average that’s not a huge expense the women’s ring however that’s a lot of

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Money you’re gonna be generally looking at the thousands of dollars for that so you can pick up a nice wedding ring for between three and five thousand obviously you know some people are going to go way above that and try to get the most amazing diamonds and some people don’t really have that kind of money and they’re gonna go for the you know the 400 500 $600 rings

But most people probably gonna stay in that you know three to five thousand two to five thousand dollar bracket there so that’s a big expense that you have before the wedding even starts or what not more before the wedding things are like some people like to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of them before the wedding in their talks in their dress

And get some pictures out in a scenic place or whatnot that’s a before the wedding expense if you’re getting if you’re having your wedding out of town you’re gonna be looking at booking hotels airfare those can all be very expensive you say you live in st. louis you want to get married in vegas you want to get married in miami why wherever airfare and hotels are

A big expense and then if you’re getting married somewhere where you’re gonna need to drive as well then obviously you’re gonna have a car expense so it’s gonna depend on where you’re getting married if you even need a hotel for those kinds of things that’s going to cover most of your before the wedding expenses now we’re talking about day of during your number

One expense right off the bat is gonna be the venue you’re gonna have to pick a venue you want to get married at and that is gonna be a pretty big expense most venues will run you around a thousand a two thousand bucks for say two to four hour period but of course on the higher end you know we’re talking about 5,000 6,000 even $10,000 just for a venue we’re just

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Talking about the venue writing out the space for two to four hours those kinds of things and then you’re gonna have you need to pay the guy who’s gonna marry you sometimes it’s a pre sometimes can’t remember the formal term but if it’s not a priest or someone like that or a minister there’s someone else that can go there and marry you that should be a hundred

To two hundred dollars to pay that person you’re gonna have the professional photographer there to take all photos throughout the wedding after the wedding all those kinds of things that’s usually 500 to a thousand dollars depending on how many hours he’s there and whatnot or she is there and you’re gonna have what is to be served at the wedding or they’re gonna

Be mixed drinks there is it just going to be beer and wine is there going to be no liquor is there going to snacks is gonna be a full meal served like a lunch or dinner is there gonna be like a full meal served there flowers these are all expenses that could really add up especially if you’re having a big wedding where we’re talking 50 100 200 guests and you’re

Talking about feeding them you’re really gonna rack up a big bill there that covers most of the during the venue stuff now you have your after the wedding expenses after the wedding stuff could include say you get married you know kinda in the morning or lunchtime but you want to take everybody out to a nice dinner that night at a restaurant and celebrate and kind

Of relax in a more relaxed atmosphere than being at the wedding and whatnot that’s another big expense you know if you’re taking fifty a hundred guests to a nice restaurant and you’re flipping the bill for that it’s gonna be three four thousand dollars for that then you have are you guys all gonna go out to a bar and or things on you at that point still or is it


Everybody you know treats themselves you know are you gonna go to a club lounges things like that after the wedding where everybody can you know kind of celebrate afterward those are all costs to take into account also you know you’re gonna have all these beautiful photos now do you want to get them framed you want to get them put into yeah big frames and things

Like that those could be hundreds of dollars the wedding dress bright david’s bridal and places like that they now offer like a box they can stuff it in and whatnot that’s gonna run you about a hundred bucks so these are all types of expenses in my opinion a nice wedding can be done a really beautiful wedding really nice for fifty hundred guests that can be done

For ten thousand dollars cost and total in my opinion i’ve heard estimates around thirty thousand on average i think that’s insane i think if you’re having a $30,000 wedding that’s like insanely strapping him or you have two hundred three hundred people there it’s so big base it racks up the bill but there’s no doubt about it i think for 10,000 maybe 12,000 dollars

You can have just a great time you’re gonna have nice rings nice dress then you good food all that stuff for ten to twelve thousand dollars so that is wedding budget i hope this helped guys anybody that’s planning on getting married congratulations that is awesome i’m happy for you have fun and it’s a little expensive but you know what it’s once in your life you

Can really celebrate and have a great time anyways thank you for watching subscribers if you have not subscribed you may wanna i talked about tons of different subjects always on a financial wavelength so we’re talking about finances and a lot of different issues anyways hit that thumbs up button if you liked thank you guys have a great day

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