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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at richpixdaily.com where you can learn how to win and trade hi how you doing today i’m your host rich here we have a rich tv live with our very special guest the cfo of wellfield technologies brian locke how you doing today brian good thanks so much for having me on

The show oh excited to learn more about your company we love decentralized finance and let’s get right into some questions welfield technologies is focused on unlocking the power of decentralized finance otherwise known as d5 by building open and accessible decentralized protocols and blockchain-based consumer products can you tell us a little bit more about the

Company and what you do for the company sure yeah so i am um the cfo um formerly an accountant um drank the bitcoin kool-aid a long time ago and was looking for an opportunity to get into the space and came along um levi hanan and some of the other leaders at welfield and jumped at the opportunity to join um we really love what we’re building at wellfield so at

A very high level we’re focusing really on two things the first is that we’ve developed some pretty hardcore technology that lives on top of public blockchains that’ll help give blockchain the power it needs to really redefine the global financial system and then the second thing that we’re focusing on is building applications that make blockchain relevant to

Our everyday financial lives i’m super excited to watch you guys grow and evolve we’ve been following d5 since its inception and i’m a huge fan of decentralized finance why is there so much buzz around d5 right now and why should investors be paying attention yeah uh i think blockchain bitcoin ethereum defy in general has really proven that it has staying power

And it has the technology and potential to do what the internet has done which has really redefined the way people live and interact with each other and how businesses connect directly to consumers and end users and so like the internet we’re still trying to figure out exactly what defy is going to evolve into but um and so that there’s a ton of interest in

Many different areas of the d5 ecosystem of people trying to put money to work and test ideas and business models to see what will stick and how finance is going to evolve in the future i want to just make sure everyone knows the symbol is wfld and one of the things i like to understand is there’s a lot of other new projects that are coming out with d5 right

Now as a major focus so what sets wellfield apart from other companies in the d5 space yeah so if we want to look at the d5 ecosystem i think it’s really important to understand if a business is building a blockchain if they’re building smart contracts or services directly on the protocol layer of defy or if they’re strictly building applications and so there

Are a lot of companies that are building great apps or dashboards that that plug people and give them an interface to connect them directly to smart contracts and direct directly to the blockchain or d5 there are a lot of companies who are using the blockchain and d5 language but actually provide services to people that are not powered by d5 so a traditional

Cryptocurrency exchange or a bitcoin etf is leveraging the hype but we don’t actually consider that to be a defy company we think wellfield’s very unique in the public markets in that we are building smart contracts and some hardcore protocol technology that lives directly on top of bitcoin and ethereum and other public blockchains and we are also taking a

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Unique approach to the applications we’re building instead of creating a platform for people to largely speculate on trading and staking we are trying to build out applications that work for people’s everyday financial lives so think about uh a savings account which is better interest rates because it’s powered by defy or the ability to take the bitcoin you

Already own and get a loan based of based off of that collateral with better terms and lower interest et cetera so yeah i think that’s really what separates us yeah i’m excited to see you guys evolve can you tell us about the money clip app i’m very excited about this and why it’s unique compared to other digital wallets in the market yeah so um money clip

Today exists as a peer-to-peer payments application in canada and the reason today money clip is appear to pure payments app is that defy is in its early days just like the early internet companies like netflix they wanted to stream high resolution content directly to our phones but the best the internet could give them was mailing dvds that we order online

And so in many ways there are infrastructure gaps in d5 and blockchain right now and so as money as seamless um the seamless technology that welfield’s building and others fill in some of those infrastructure gaps money clip will evolve to be a broader financial app that makes dfi or blockchain work for the way we live so we really built money clip because

We believe blockchain will put people at the center of money in finance where today the institutions are at the center and they’re the ones that are charging economic rents and defining the terms and so money clip really is our brand to use and create a new way to do banking and finance for everyday life now you touched a little bit on seamless welfield is

Gearing up for some exciting launches in the new year starting with the seamless protocol can you tell us a little bit more about that sure yeah so uh because we have products that are applications and then we have some pretty hardcore technology and smart contracts that live on public blockchains the end users are different and so we’ve decided to have

Different brands and messaging so money clip is the brand we use for our application and then seamless is the brand that is used for welfield’s hardcore tech and seamless really started off in early 2018 maybe late 2017 as a group of phds that really banded together to solve some of blockchain’s biggest infrastructure gaps and so a lot of the the um i

Mentioned that d5 is kind of in its shipping dvds in the mail phase right now there are a lot of um infrastructure gaps in the blockchain space that require us to use a cryptocurrency exchange whether we like it or if we don’t like it if i want to trade bitcoin for an asset on a different exchange on a different blockchain i need to use an intermediary a new

Type of bank or institution and so seamless has a very unique breadth and depth of academic expertise and we’ve been working on some pretty unique solutions that we will be launching all next year in 2022 and so um at a very high level one of them is across blockchain trading exchange a decentralized exchange that removes the need for me to send my bitcoin

To an exchange if i want to buy ethereum for example sort of like a uniswap there are a lot of ethereum decentralized exchanges that only support ethereum assets we’ve built from the ground up a brand new architecture and technology that enables us to do what ethereum or uniswap does for ethereum but for all blockchains and then we also have a very one of the

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More exciting products to me because i’m a bitcoin uh holder is a product that makes bitcoin compatible with decentralized finance one of the biggest problems for bitcoin right now um whether or not you you believe that it’s had some compelling store of value qualities is that um you cannot use it to get a loan you cannot use it to earn interest unless you

Send it to another controlled address or counterparty and so we have some very interesting smart contracts and technology that we’re launching next year that will enable you to keep custody of your bitcoin but port it into ethereum and other d5 blockchains and actually put it to work to earn interest or get a loan etc wow um last thing yeah yeah i’m super

Excited about that there’s there are already there’s already i think quite an obvious market demand for this type of product um in wbtc is an example of um what we may unfair unfairly characterize as a cartel of exchanges right that’ll take your money or take your bitcoin and send you an iou on ethereum and there are already i think there’s 12 billion dollars

Worth of bitcoin ious on the ethereum blockchain in the form of a centralized solution and so we take the idea of your bitcoin on ethereum and allow you to keep custody of it and then we have a a suite of other solutions that solve some of the new challenges that result from the way that automated market making and decentralized trading on ethereum and other

Blockchain works one of them being impermanent losses so for those who are hardcore they know and permanent losses are a big deal at the moment there’s no way to really hedge your impermanent loss risk without just removing your liquidity from the marketplace and so we have uh a novel solution that we don’t see anyone trying to build at the moment that allows

You to hedge during permanent loss risk and to make markets or provide liquidity earn the fees and offset those risks as well so wow that’s really exciting now you touch base a little bit on this can you tell us more about the cross blockchain decentralized exchange and what sets it apart from other exchanges sure yeah so um just like uh uniswap sushi swap

Curve as an example there are a lot of automated market making decentralized exchanges on ethereum but they are technically restricted to only serving or supporting assets on their native blockchain ethereum there are groups that have tried to take the idea of an ethereum dex and bring in and support other blockchains we have not seen anyone be able to do

It successfully in a fully decentralized manner and we have built a novel approach that we think is very unique provides high performance and full security to the end user that’ll enable people to trade their assets across different blockchains without needing a centralized exchange and so we do that without for the people who are interested in the tech we

Do it without the need for a bridging asset or some of the other needs to custody your assets in a pooled account controlled by third parties so here rich tv live we really like to understand the fundamentals of the project welfield has put together an impressive management team to help see through its vision who are your key members and what do they bring to

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The table yeah i’m fortunate to be flanked by some an experienced group of people um on the leadership team uh levy cohen is the ceo of wellfield and he is the founder of the seamless seamless um the protocol or smart contract brand at wealthfield he has decades of experience working in leadership roles in technology and finance companies in israel and the

Silicon valley and then yi shai steinhardt is the cto and hanan steinhardt they’re brothers he is on the board and the cso they have decades of experience together starting scaling and selling companies in the silicon valley as well what are some of the key catalysts investors should watch out for from welfield in 2022 yeah we will be doing a lot in 2022 so

Starting with money clip investors should expect to see the brand and the product for money club to evolve from a peer-to-peer payments app to a broader financial application that communicates we are using blockchain to make your everyday financial life better and we will be getting to we will beginning we will be beginning to do that uh very early next year

And then seamless as three suites of technology um uh hedging and other liquidity optimization pro protocols cross blockchain ex trading and then also making bitcoin compatible with d5 will all be launched in 2022. i can’t wait super excited it’s going to be a huge year how can investors that are interested in learning more about the company get in touch

With you guys yeah so our website is wealthfield.io we have an investors section of the website where you can find our corporate presentation our some contact information our press releases and other filings that we do online and then we’re on twitter social media we love to see how people are interacting and responding to the products that we’re bringing to

Market as well so but primarily i think that reaching out to us from the investors section of the website is ideal i must remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes past performance is not always an indication of future results please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk

About or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that i do believe that defy is one of the hottest fastest growing sectors in the world especially when it comes to cryptocurrency and investing we’ve had great success as a trading club investing in d5 stocks and d5 cryptocurrency projects i think this is another project that everybody should be aware of put

Wfld on your radar put on your watch list if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe and thank you for joining us today the cfo of welfield technologies brian locke thanks richard i’d love to come back and chat again love to invite you back on the show anytime you guys have any big breaking news or

Anything you want to discuss for our community or for anyone that’s watching we’d love to invite you back on the show and i know that our entire community be watching very closely in 2022 and beyond phenomenal thank you thank you for watching everybody if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners just like well-filled technologies

And we bring them to you first this is rich from rich to be live with brian locke cfo of welfield technologies saying have a nice day we’ll see you soon you

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