What a Man that Buys Nothing Buys

You could say I am extremely frugal by the way I spend money. But sometimes I surprise people by what I buy because it appears to contradict my frugality. I don’t buy most things but I spend heavily on things I carefully identify as valuable to me. As you can imagine, this is very different for each person and everyone is to a different degree of materialism. Even I need some modern day things.

How’s they going everybody this is beat the bush you could say that i’ve arranged my life in such a way where i’m almost buying nothing at all now i’m not at the point where i’m completely off grid i still have to go buy food i still have to be connected to utilities and i pay my bills but my expenses ends up to be really low and some people might wonder when i

Do buy stuff what kind of things i actually buy so this is why i’m gonna talk about in this video since quitting my engineering job about two years ago and i can’t believe it’s been that long already just maybe a month or two more it’ll be my two-year anniversary of not commuting i haven’t commuted for that long and not getting a regular paycheck instead i get you

Know a smaller paycheck from youtube since that point i personally have changed so much and sometimes it’s kind of a scary thing because i’m in uncharted territory i’ve never experienced this before i do not know where i’m gonna end up i came to this realization that i do not need or even want new things if you’re trying to do exactly what i personally am doing it

Might be a hard pill to swallow what i’m doing is a little bit extreme i cannot possibly ask my subscribers to do exactly what i’m doing in order to save money but what i can do is just kind of demonstrate just show you what i am currently doing a couple months ago i made a video detailing the amount of money i spend every single month it was about $1,350 and this

Is the basic amount that i need when i’m not buying brand new things and when i’m not traveling now sometimes i do travel and buy electronic stuff and you know other things that’s not part of this set base amount what was included in this amount was all my utilities property taxes everything that i need in order to live on a regular basis if i do not do anything

Special that’s how much roughly that i would spend now this video it’s gonna be about things i do buy outside of my regular burn rate so these are gonna be special circumstances things that i buy most likely on a one-off basis here’s a list of the special things i bought in the last month or so and if you watch my last few videos you probably know that i went on

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The helicopter flight 305 i work under $30 and outside of these i like to regularly buy this triangle cake i posted on my instagram and this is something i really enjoy however it has dairy in it so i’m trying to not have it as much even though i really like it i also like sushi so i’m gonna try to eat that maybe once or twice every month or so so you might ask

What’s the commonality of all these things i would say a lot of these are actually one-time instances kind of like bucket list items where i am trying to do something i’ve never done before so to me this is really really worth my money because i’m going to do it once and i’m not gonna do it again long time ago i went skydiving for i don’t know $150 or something

And i do not feel like i want to risk my life again doing it again maybe i shouldn’t have done it once even but i feel like okay i did it i do not need to experience it again so then i never have to pay for that same category of you know skydiving just jumping out of a plane type of thing the last two that i mentioned triangle cake is sushi it’s kind of like an

Ongoing thing just to you know satisfy my personally needs of something special that i like to eat and yet is not something i personally make every single day if i tell you guys what i eat every single day these days it might be ultra bland to most people and i feel like i personally am living kind of like a monk i don’t need very much things i don’t buy anything

I just eat super duper plainly i don’t add that much salt it’s just plain by itself i cook some beans some rice steel-cut oats and also some vegetables and you know often times i would add in an apple or something this is super duper healthy and i’m okay with it it’s not the best tasting it’s not like i’m going to have something super savory or something that’s

Nice and sweet it keeps me alive and it also gives me proper nutrition i feel sometimes if i do not have certain ingredients for example maybe a vegetable or something or maybe i don’t have apples for a few days and now i just go okay you know i don’t really need it i’ll just eat whatever i have until i finish it off and then when i do need something i’ll go to

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The grocery store i’ll buy that full range of products such as produce vegetables fruits and all this you know just everything that i normally eat and you know i can’t even make a video out of it because i feel like asking people to live this way is kind of unreasonable i can do it myself for for my personal self because i don’t really mind because i feel like

For health reasons it is a justifiable thing to do so you know sometimes you might crave to have a lot of salt sugar fat all these things they taste great but then they’re not really good for you now i want to mention i do plan on going traveling and this is one of the things i’m gonna be spending my money on which is to thailand i’m gonna be enough bangkok and

Also chiang mai with a friend i do plan on having a subscriber gathering there if i have any subscriber there at all i feel like i might have a few maybe because like i went to tokyo and i had a few over there so i feel like maybe there might be some retired people in chiang mai or somebody in bangkok you know when it gets closer to that date i will announce when and

Where but please if you’re gonna either be in bangkok or chiang mai in the next few months and you’re interested in attending please leave a comment down below and let me know that you know you’re around and so i can have a ballpark figure of who might attend in those cities i also want to go over the last few things i bought on amazon which is kind of significant

Because i used to buy so many things maybe three four items every single week now it’s down to about once every single month and something really weird happened i have about $600 of amazon credits in there that i’m trying to spend these days i’m actually trying to go in amazon and i’m trying to actively find something that i actually want and i am coming up with

Nothing i cannot buy anything right now so let me just tell you what i bought recently in the last few months last month which is the last thing i actually bought from amazon which is a garage door belt because my garage door belt broke and i’m like okay i have a need to buy something so then i actually bought it i repaired my own garage door belt thing and then two

Months ago was the purchase before this was on those solar panels and i made a video about this and then before this was three months ago and i bought those darn tough socks which is also another video that i did now making a video on something certainly offsets the amount of money i have to spend because in a way you can kind of think of it as content for this

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Youtube channel where i have to buy some products in order to make the video itself so you can think of it as you know expenses as a business you guys might have seen my fireworks video just on wednesday i spent $130 on that fireworks and i possibly possibly might make more from that then i actually spent i also spent three or four hundred dollars on gasoline on

Uber now whenever i know i’m gonna spend a certain amount of money on something if i know it’s in an effort to make more money then it makes it a lot easier for me to spend that amount does this make sense another example from a long time ago where i actually do you spend money is that when i was doing the resale stuff and i would actually buy a stock of whatever

Gadget and then i would have maybe 20 30 of them and and i would slowly sell them off at 30 dollars cost of each item it might be like a thousand dollars worth of expenditure but the way i look at this is that okay you know this is just stock that you have to buy you’re eventually gonna get this money back plus some more this might not be actually spending because

You’re just spending on your business this is not spending on yourself really where you’re actually consuming that item yourself so all in all this is what i spend my money on and i think my way of spending is uniquely specific to myself so when you go and try to spend money for the bose bang for your buck you gotta recognize what you actually want are you buying

It for yourself or are you buying it to show off to other people or are you just trying to buy something so that other people won’t keep on complaining to you don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know what are the few things that you would buy personally if the rest of your life was kind of like living like a monk and as always don’t forget to

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