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What does money mean to me what does money mean to me it’s a great question and on this channel what do we talk about every single day money like in the end that’s what we’re talking about every single day on this channel it’s the financial education snail dammit you know we’re talking about money we’re talking to either personal finance we’re talking entrepreneurship

Which is like how to make money on your own and making money right we’re talking investing like how to make your money into money that’s what we talked about on this channel money money money so but what what does money actually mean to me so i really like sat down and just thought about this like what does money mean to me personally it means five things i’m going

To go to depth and tell you guys what all five of these and why they matter to me and i would love to see four new guys in that comment section like what does money mean to you like when you think about money like what does that mean to you i would just love to hear from you guys down there because you might have some different ones that then my new points and and

I would love to hear from you guys on that so before you leave today let me know in that comment section what money means to you because i would really love to just see everybody’s different opinion on this subject so number one number one what does money mean to me it means freedom it means freedom so there’s a couple different freedoms right you can be a beach

Bum right and you have freedoms like like you don’t have a job you don’t have any where you have to ever go you got some kind of freedom you could be a beach farm right like that can be what you do you just live in los angeles and you’re homeless and you don’t do anything that’s you’ve got some bit of freedom there right or you could be have a freedom as like i want

To go to dubai tomorrow how do i get to dubai i got the money to do it like that’s that’s a different type of freedom right i want to go stay at the nicest hotel in paris tomorrow i could do that that’s the type of freedom that’s a different type of freedom you know someone might have the freedom that i want to buy 135 foot yacht that’s definitely not a freedom i

Have at this point i’m but someone else that’s that cool freedom like you can have your own yacht a human sail around anywhere in the world you want to go you can go you can go into the snap of a finger you can go on that yacht do whatever you want might be somebody that says i want the freedom to have five lamborghinis answer freedom you know not everybody can do

That there’s a very select few people in the world that can do something like that you know so that’s number one what it means to me just freedom just the ability to do things the more money you have the more things you can do the more things you can do the more money you have an end because a lot of things cost money in this world right almost everything nothing’s

Free right if you want to climb mount everest that even costs money you got to fly all the way over there unless you have to live there you got to stay somewhere you do this you got to do that you got to do all the prep for it like even climbing mount everest that shit’s not free like everything costs money in this world so the more money you have the more freedom

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You have to do things experience different things you want to experience in life in the end so that’s number one what it means freedom number two it means security money to me means security if you don’t have much money if the lack of security right the more money you have the more security you have security meaning do you have to worry about your mortgage next

Month do you have to worry about your bread like what happens if you got laid off from your job what happens if you lost your biggest customer in your business what happens if your your number one stock went down 50 percent what happens if this happened that happened what happened if you have a disease like what happens if all these different things happen more

Money you have the more security you have in thinking in sleeping at night thinking if something bad happens if this happens i’m okay like i’m okay like i’m going to still make it through if i lost 100 percent in this investment i put over here i’m still going to be just fine because i got this income that income this investment that investment like you’ll be

Okay in the end so if money can definitely mean security or lack of security if you don’t have much money you got to always think like man i’m one month away from losing my job in and that means i’m one month away from you don’t get in my car taken away from me my car repossessed that means my landlords going to throw me out means i’m i have to move back in with

My parents or move back in with my aunt or uncle or something like so the more money you have the more security you can have an end of knowing you’ll be okay if something goes wrong and so that’s number two what money means to me number three number three success success absolutely a lot of people are trying to deny this one they’ll say oh no you’re not successful

If you make a lot of money or if you make money he’ll know you’re successful at that that doesn’t mean you’re a successful personal or you know all the way through you could be a scumbag and be a billionaire right you could be the worst person in the world still be you know have a hundred million dollars in the bank like that doesn’t mean you’re an all-around

Good person you’re successful person but at the same time it means you’re damn successful at making money your success at that so absolutely money to me and means you’re successful your york success at making money doesn’t mean you’re an all-around great person or a successful person but you’re successful at making money you is like a competitive thing once you

Have enough money right don’t you have enough money to pay your bills everything after that’s like a game and it’s like a competitive game you’re either playing with yourself or you’re playing with others personally i play the game for myself i’m competing with myself i’m no longer be the richest man in the world like i know or anywhere close to that right so

I’m playing my own game competing with myself and trying to take things to the next level by myself against myself like in in depending on how i do in that game depends on how successful i am with that particular game i’m playing there so it can definitely mean success and that’s definitely something it means to me number four it it means the ability to do great

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Things money can actually be the ability to do great things in this world like you can the more money you make right the more you’re going to paint taxes pretty much in any economic system out there right the more you pay in taxes the better like everybody else’s situation gets around and the more you pay in taxes the more the roads are going to get fixed though the

Stronger the military is going to get to protect yourself right the the more this and that this and that guys is all like like making money on itself like that’s a good thing you’re helping out everybody in general because you’re paying all that tax money into that which then hopefully generates a better situation for everybody’s living experience right otherwise

Governments definitely failing if it’s not right so definitely the taxes is one part philanthropy slant philanthropy is that exactly that right philanthropy basically giving money to charities and things like that right great thing like you mean give you can start your own charities a lotta money you can give money to charities all these kinds of things that can

Help people if there were third world countries that don’t have the economic or governmental system to produce a successful person as far as financially they don’t or they got to worry about diseases that we had to worry about a hundred years ago but are still like a situation in their country because they don’t have the medical ability to do it because they don’t

Have the economic and a system set up with a governmental system set up in place for them to succeed that way like you can do great things with money you could you know feed fit is like like if you having a business right and you have a hundred employees that’s a hundred people that you’re putting food on the table for them a hundred people you’re putting food

On the table for them they get to feed their families because of the business you start that’s cool that’s freaking cool think about that guys you’ve got a business that has ten thousands employees right that’s ten thousand families are being fed at night are being fed at night or be paying their mortgage are paying their car bills because of you starting that

Business and hiring them that’s freaking cool even if you got one employee that’s one person that you’re feeding them in their family and you’re providing their and living so they can live and do things in life like it’s pretty cool you know and medic your pain i’m a good wage and then go on vacations like you’re paying for that too lego that’s cool that’s really

Think ool so money is definitely the abilities to do some great things this world through rather through taxes through giving money to charity starting your own charity or just you’re a pure business owner you’re feeding families in the end guys and even one more even if you’re a consumer let’s say you’re you’re a hedge fund manager right and you know that might

Be something that vilified but you know some people say why they need that huge house why they need all those cars well think in the end that house they bought that took a lot of dam builders to build that house right that create a lot of jobs those five cars they built that’s a lot of jobs employed right there that private jet has a lot of people in it build that

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Jet to maintain that jet to fly that jet wherever it needs to go that yacht you know what type of crew you need to have on to running yacht like that employees i’m ton of people in it soul so money can be good whether it’s taxes or whether it’s spent or whether it’s given to charity like all them and end or good things in the end because they all produce a great

Outcome and number five last thing money represents to me is a balancing act a balancing act so money you can either take it one way you can just go crazy toward it and that’s all you care about in life right and you don’t care about building a family you don’t care about any of that you don’t care about friends you don’t care about anything you just care about the

Money and i’m not judging you if that that’s the way you want to go also you can go the other way which i don’t care about money at all i you know i just want to get make enough to get by in life and that’s fine as well but i do care about my family maybe maybe you don’t care about anything whatever to me what it represents the balancing act of how much money how much

Time do i spend toward making money which is like this channel which is like anything related to this channel which is like my actual business which is like my investments like how much time do i dedicate toward all that versus spending time with my son and my wife spending time with friends spending time with extended family members like how much time gets thrown

Over there versus over here so it’s a balancing act i’m always trying to go hard over here but i’m also trying to go hard over here because i want everything to be successful and whether it’s the money the families everything i want it all in then so it’s definitely a balancing act because if you go too far one way or the other the other one’s going to get jealous

You go too far to the family and the friends and spending time and having fun right guess what your money is going to start lacking and if you go too hard toward your family and all that stuff guess what your friends and your family and all that becomes a little more distant and may become a little bit jealous so it’s a balancing act to keep them all and those are

The five things that money mean to me you guys let me know please in that comment section what money means to you if it means one thing or multiple things what love to hear your guy’s opinion on this even if you you agree just with my five and i’ve definitely same exact way you think let me know that comments get this video thumbs up if you really enjoyed guys i

Hope you did if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talked personal finance on the channel we talked entrepreneurship on a channel i’m an actual business owner we give away so many business tips we talk the stock market the most of everything making your money into money we just talk a lot of many subjects thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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