What Does Wealth Buy If Not Happiness

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today we’re gonna talk about money how much money is actually enough this is more gonna be a hypothetical video so that you can sort of find a finish line for how much wealth you want to attain so that your finish line just does not keep on moving or else you just keep on striving to get infinite wealth basically

Before making this video on the surface i just quickly thought yeah you know maybe you don’t need infinite money you’re striving for happiness instead it’s like what the going says but something feels off because can you imagine if you’re perfectly happy and yet you don’t have all the money in the world don’t you feel like something is missing don’t you feel like

You can still have more so the real question here is let’s say you have a poor person that’s happy you have a rich person that’s happy what’s missing why does the world over try to still obtain more wealth still what is the difference between the rich person and the poor person if you don’t necessarily gain more happiness just because you’re more rich now before

I dig deep into it let me go over some of the things that you hear commonly the first thing that’s very popular among the millennial generation is that you should spend on experiences and not on things the going thinking is that you should buy less things because the things brings you temporary happiness it fades away quickly now this sword it works for me and

Sort it doesn’t because there are some things that brings me you know pretty good satisfaction and happiness over the long term even though it’s a material object the second thing that we know is that most lottery winners ends up in financial ruin after a few years and they end up being not as happy as before even though they gained all this money i believe what

They say it but i also believe that the people that usually wins does not know how to use the money that’s why they dig themselves into less and less happiness i think you’ve given to a person who’s happy already and they know how to use the money then i think it’s gonna add to the experience and the skin improve their life that much more maybe not in terms of


Happiness but probably in other metrics the third popular saying is that you only need about $80,000 a year in order to be as happy as you need to be making any more money than this does not bring you additional happiness it says with that amount of money that you can obtain as much happiness as people that earns a lot more but when you think about this in life

In german i guess is happiness the thing that you should strive for is that the metric that you should try to max out there are other things that you want in your life other than just plain happiness you can’t just go okay 24/7 when you wake up you’re like hahaha you know i’m happy super happy let’s say you’re manic or something and you’re like this constantly

Just pegged to the top you know 24/7 is that the goal of course not that’s that’s just insane now let’s transition to what do people actually need people of course want happiness but you should take a look at maslow’s pyramid of human desires here there are other things that people want and it comes up in various steps and second to the top is esteem esteem is

Basically having a whole bunch of other people like you and appreciate you for who you are now how do you become liked by others is when you help other people when you talk to other people you show genuine interest in their lives i have to add that sometimes you might go overboard with this you just might be like oh help others okay let me just sacrifice my life

And just do everything that other people ask no you don’t want to do this because then you just become a pushover because you know someone just asks you to do this run across town to do this do all these errands for them yeah you can do this they’ll like you for doing it but then you end up being a pushover so this is not something that you want you don’t want to

Just do everything that people say you want to help people but not do everything that everyone says so what’s the most efficient method here is basically when you really think about it obtaining happiness you can do this on the cheap you can try to obtain all this happiness with an $80,000 salary and you can you know basically have as much happiness as the richest

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Person that there is you can shift into this mentality where you’re not trying to earn as much money as you can like $100,000 $200,000 you can change your career to something much happier and you can obtain the maximal happiness because you’re reducing your amount of time that you’re at work you’re not working a hundred hours a week or something because when you

Do this you’re sacrificing your current happiness for something that might not happen in the future you might just keep on working until you die now this video is not about hey just give up on money you have to earn as much as possible focus on happiness no this is not it this video is more about discovery of what’s the difference between the rich person and a

Person that’s making a dk that has the same happiness level what do you get for that additional amount that you’re making the extra money allows you to obtain more of these things in maslow’s pyramid it may not actually make you extra happy but it may increase your satisfaction level on all the other things under the match lows pyramid for example having more money

Opens the doors for you to obtain more achievements which is under the esteem level having the flexibility of more money allows you to travel to places that you never would have been allows you to do things that you could not have done and also experience things that you’ve never experienced before and sometimes these things cost a lot of money for example if you

Have a lot of money you can potentially fly a jet plane you can experience weightlessness you can buy that ticket to go to the moon or you can use your money to create change and this in itself will be a huge satisfaction having a lot of extra money can allow you to buy equipment that you could not otherwise have i for one can imagine if i had a lot more money

I can buy high-speed cameras which i don’t know $20,000 $30,000 and i can record high speed things with this that is completely off limits to me right now and i cannot buy such a thing i’m sure you guys can imagine a whole bunch of equipment that you possibly want to buy and you cannot possibly afford but if you have such thing you have access to be able to do

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Certain things with that equipment laser cutters being one of them just off the top of my head that’s like $20,000 as well video production equipment you know very high-end stuff and the list goes on and on depending on where your interests lies so in the end yes maybe money won’t buy you happiness but it can buy you a lot of other satisfaction under the maslow’s

Pyramid so i hope you enjoyed this way of thinking about it and why you want to have extra money even though it’s not gonna bring you extra happiness it also goes to say that if you want to obtain happiness you don’t necessarily need a lot of money either so i hope this video was interesting for you and sort of gets you thinking about what you’re going to do with

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