What Happened Before and After YouTube Space Tokyo

I could not include this in the Youtube space video due to strict policy on not showing any brand markings or even the building it was located at. Here, let me just show you a vlog of me walking to Youtube Space just before I went in and a few short clips of going to eat right after. For those that are curious of course.

I’m just realizing what the heck this is see transfer an exit nine or so if you want to go to the table fools and it tells you which car you need to be and in order to get somewhere else easier because by the time you get there you need to get off and get on the escalator then you would know which car to be in so like over here you go to a service station then

The car to be in is like shinjuku i want to get to the jr line maybe then i’ll be in car six i am getting hungry and there seems to be a dozen different things that you can have generally it’s those different things like ramen or you can have superman which is the noodle that you slurp you can have a beef bowl you can have tonkatsu which is a pork cutlet you

Can have sushi you can have curry you can also have tempura but generally these various things they just kind of rotate around and i can imagine that maybe after a month of this i’d make it a little bored of it i’m like then maybe i don’t feel like japanese today maybe i want like real pizza or maybe i want a real chinese food like maybe i want dumplings or

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Something like that i mean they have gills uh along with the ramen but it’s all you know somewhat similar i think so anyway i haven’t had sushi for a while i’m gonna try and find one of those conveyor belt sushi that’s only one dollar for a pair to me the quality is like you know really good compared to the really really good restaurants i mean i get like 80 90 %

Of satisfaction out of the cheaper one so let’s go and find a sushi restaurant a conveyor belt one problem with finding that thing is whenever i’m walking around easily find us $1 conveyor belt sushi but when you actually want to find it it becomes a little harder we’re at roppongi hills and you can see a poodle everywhere so because no one else takes a drink

While they’re walking now i’m gonna sit down before i drink this how delicious is this you know maple syrup it has this maple lee taste right so instead of sweetening it with sugar or honey you sweeten it with that maple syrup instead and mmm what a great combination i never thought of that maybe i should get some maple syrup and flavor my milk tea with it i

Can do this that’s myself at home but do i worry about this bottle being heated inside this display case and it’s basically plastic being heated to a certain temperature maybe the plastic would be leaking into my drink well you know sometimes you just can’t worry about all those things all the time when i’m at home well i’m not gonna do it all the time but you

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Know i’m just gonna have a few bottle of these for now later on when i get into the youtube space i’m going to go online find another place i’m gonna stay tonight just register for one night only and go from there so the youtube space was cool we came gonna go to this shake shack thing let’s go here is the shake shack thank you here and must impart a wolf bag

Amongst burger and cheese fries what is this arnold palmer they call it 50/50

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What Happened Before and After YouTube Space Tokyo By BeatTheBush

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