What Happened to this Channel?

I’ve been uploading content sporadically. I’m here to explain all the strange things you have been noticing.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i want to give you guys a quick update on what’s happening to this channel because i haven’t been uploading as frequently you know probably once a week now and then i skipped two weeks for some reason and then right before this i started uploading all these different videos that’s just not finance related at all

I think all of this comes down to me being a little bit too arrogant because all along the way from the very very beginning i thought i could just upload any video that i want like do it yourself stuff whenever i cook something i uploaded it and then i uploaded a whole bunch of finance stuff as well because these are just all of the stuff that i was interested

In but somewhere along the way uh people got more and more interested in the finance stuff and there is probably a group a loyal subscriber group that really really likes everything right you always have a subgroup that likes everything that you do and this is very great and all however this is not the way the youtube algorithm works and i have you know went back

And forth on this couple times already because i remember making a video long time ago and saying i’m gonna split up all the videos i do into their separate channel and i did this for a good what a month or something and then i realized this is not something i want to do because well simply because i was a little bit too arrogant and i got a little bit encouraged

By the 10 of subscribers who are loyal subscribers and i am sorry if i have to uh split things up but the loyal subscriber group would say you know i like all your stuff you should just you know you should not do this uh you know just put it all together you know if people don’t want to watch a particular video like if i just make some random one unrelated to

Finance uh they can just not watch it but the thing with youtube channel is that if you’re subscribed to it and you get a notification of something you know some random thing that you don’t like like let’s say i subscribe to a channel for finance and then all of a sudden the same person makes some ballerina thing you know something about dancing ballerina style

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Or something like that and you know i’m not interested in this most people are not going to be interested in every single topic that i make i am interested in certain things and so i’ve broken up these different topics into their own separate channels and now i’ve broken it up even more and that means that i am not going to be able to upload to all of them as

Frequently however each channel is going to be very very specific in terms of its content on this channel beat the bush the main channel it’s going to be only finance related from now going forward now i’m gonna try my best okay if i don’t maybe i’m just too arrogant because i you know if you’re too arrogant then you think everybody’s gonna like everything i

Do then you upload everything that you want on the same channel so now i have many many different channels beat the bush that’s my main channel beat the bush diy that’s my second channel diy is kind of you know just do it yourself you kind of repair stuff sometimes i do um you know reviews of stuff now i have six total i think beat the bush be the bush diy beat

The bush foods which i upload somewhat frequently because i am very interested in eating in cooking stuff so i’m gonna load all those videos in there i have beat the bush tesla which i am uh hoping to make more videos on the car because sometimes when i upload tesla videos on this main channel you know people say why are you doing this are you just showing off

Or something i’m just enthusiastic about the car so i’m making a separate channel for that it’s already out there there’s uh beat the bush tech and beat the bush travel now food and travel are a little bit conflicting because when i travel i eat so do i put that in foods or travel so um i’m still working that out so tech is you know review of tech stuff i’m i

Enjoy tech things so it’s quite a bit broken up and not everyone’s gonna be interested in all those things so if you’re interested in any of those things just you know search it also on my main channel beat the bush you can go on the about tab you just kind of scroll down and it’s going to list all those channels over there and to address a little bit of what

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The heck is going on how come i switch the background multiple times is because i am not in the same area i have arranged to do remote working well typically as a youtuber now i am not fixed to a particular place so i have managed to take everything mobile the camera all this recording equipment i even take t-rex ice bat the steak and stuff with me i do not

Own this particular place this is a rented place in any case you guys are probably interested more in what’s gonna happen to this channel going forward i’m trying my best to upload more content but i am limiting myself until i have a good topic to talk about over the years i’ve probably talked about every thing under the sky in terms of um finance stuff right

I talked about roth iras 401k investing bitcoin credit cards churning bank accounts how to save money getting out of credit card debt like everything so if i ever cover something again which like i said some loyal subscribers are asking for me to redo those videos but i think you know i i feel like most people are not interested in hearing that again once they

Get a video they’re like oh i i heard this video like three years ago so you know why are you making this same thing again part of the reason i can’t upload as often is because i am not thinking about money as much as before now that i am semi-retired i have less and less need for money especially when my needs are kind of tapered down my expenditure per month

Is really really low so making more money almost seems like just just additional numbers that is probably why um i’m not coming up with as much financial content because my mind is just not there anymore these days i’m thinking more about how to structure my life so that it’s in a happier mood i guess because you know you read everywhere that more money does

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Not bring you happiness and i think this is probably true so then rather than pushing the most towards money although you know i you know churn credit cards and stuff i’m trying to earn money and stuff but i’m also thinking a lot about how to be a happier person so then you know appreciate life as it is right now whatever income i’m getting right now i need

To be happy about it and just not live for the future where i’m like oh i’m hoping i’m gonna make more you know once i reach this more milestone maybe i make twice as much then i’m going to be happy because well if you reach that milestone of making twice as much then you’re going to want to make twice as much as that and then so on and so forth and you know

Needs and once are insatiable even if you’re a billionaire you’re gonna be like ah i wanna make more money on top of that so this is probably the reason why i can throw down 50k on dog coin it’s an investment this is money i believe it’s not going to go to zero i believe i’m gonna make money on it that’s why i’m throwing money down also i don’t actually need this

Money my burn rate is so little that i feel very comfortable having this amount sit there i still have a whole bunch of cash that i can draw from if i need to buy something big for my daily living costs i don’t think i even need to draw anything from those accounts so there you have it a little update about this channel i hope this gives you some idea where i am

Gonna bring this going forward if you guys are interested in those other channels remember beat the bush beat the bush diy beat the bush foods beat the bush tesla beat the bush travel beat the bush tech hope you guys enjoyed this update on this channel don’t forget to subscribe you’re only going to get finance content going forward from this particular channel

Although i am not removing the past videos that were there already don’t forget to subscribe if you guys want more financial content thanks for watching you

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What Happened to this Channel? By BeatTheBush

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