What I Carry Going Out During COVID

Here are the tools I carry around to minimize touching of public items.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today is gonna be a more practical video where i’m gonna show you what i keep in my pockets whenever i go out especially during this pandemic the reason i’m sharing this is because i’m probably the only one carrying all of this whenever i go out i don’t see anyone else have it but i find it extremely useful i’ve

Separated all of this into what’s in my left pocket and what’s in my right pocket i carry my phone in my left pocket and if i carry any of these items in my left pocket it’s going to scratch the screen so i mostly just only carry the phone on my left pocket on my right pocket i carry this little wallet thing and here are the special things i carry i’ve hidden

My keys with a little piece of tissue paper because you can extract the key information from a video like this and i also have a set of downbeats which is just basically ear plugs where it has a tiny little hole in it so that you can use it in very loud bars or concerts or whatnot or little kids little screaming kids that are at a supermarket or maybe you’re in

A train there’s like screaming kids and stuff it’s really really high pitched and i get very very uncomfortable so that’s why i carry this with me all the time whenever i go out and there’s always situations where i might actually use it over here it’s just a pen you got to make sure it’s a click pen so that you can retract the tip so that it doesn’t write all

Over inside your pocket the reason i carry this is you don’t want to use the pen when you go to a restaurant they always have some sort of community pen you might be able to catch some covid or something so i carry my own pen and i do the signing without touching anything as much as possible and you know put my pen away now you would also be using credit cards

Right ideally you would use non-contact credit cards with your phone but this is not always possible not all places accepts non-contact credit cards or apple pay or whatever pay or qr codes or whatnot so i have this right here a conductive pen sort of thing and it also acts as a poker so when i go to a grocery store that doesn’t have a non-contact reader i swipe

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My card and sometimes you have to enter in a pin so i just use this poker there’s a piece of cloth over here that is lined with silver threads which makes it conductive and i would use this as a poker to you know push in the pin number or i can use this to sign for anything that requires signing so that i don’t have to touch their little pen that comes with the

Console so this is very helpful you could also buy something like this on amazon but you see how i have a cap here this is very very customized because after you touch it this is dirty so you want to put a cap over it so that you can stick it back in your pocket over here is a thing i printed out from thingiverse it’s a non-touch tool it’s basically the only

Tool that does a retractable thing you see i can open this up this is the second time i printed this little hook thing because the first time i printed it i didn’t increase the density enough so that it was kind of weak so the second time around i changed it to like 50 percent density or something and so now i can use this as a hooker to you know pull open doors

Push open doors and after you’re done with it the tip of this thing is basically dirty right so i’m gonna pull back on this little spring-loaded thing and you know i pushed it back and this is all clean all around you can touch everywhere and this just basically hangs from my belt hook um on my pants and i put this in the change that little pocket in my jeans

I also got this pepper spray because there is this crime against certain people and i can’t even say what it is because apparently the last video i made where i explicitly talked about this um it got demonetized you know who knows right i was talking about my own experience a single story and it got demonetized so now i’m not gonna say the key word over here but

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This is for self protection i’m not gonna carry around a knife apparently that is illegal you can’t carry um a non-foldable which is a a straight knife with a handle in your pocket and conceal it now i know better i’m gonna carry this mace around and i think this is good for like 20 30 shots or something so whenever i feel threatened i have to always be aware of

My surroundings and if i feel like it’s a little dangerous i actually take this out and i turn this to the ready position i’m like ready to spray whoever you know if they jump at me or something you know i’m gonna i’m gonna spray them apparently to use this properly you have to spray them in the eyes and once they’re hurting you gotta keep on spraying spraying in

The nose and spraying in the mouth and then you know then then then you let off and and go away obviously i got my sunglasses my white ones these are cheapy ones i have actually measured the uv protection on these they are not polarized so you know cheapy sunglasses but i actually like these a lot and i have this hat over here that i sometimes bring out if i’m

Gonna be um in the sun for extended period of time you actually need a lip all the way around just in case the sun you know whichever way it it shines it’s going to protect you and your neck and over here i have an n95 mask of course people have said you shouldn’t be wearing n95 masks because it protects per person that is wearing it because there’s a one-way

Valve over here when you breathe out if you happen to have covid it’s going to come out and it’s not a very good protection for other people’s protection for yourself so what i started doing is instead of being selfish i wear this secondary mask i wear two masks one to protect myself one to protect other people of course i can’t breathe as well with this on

And you’ll notice that this is a weeble this is a weeble secondary mask they sent this to me and this is a great time to let you guys know that you can get two free shares of stock just for signing up and depositing a hundred dollars as soon as you deposit this you’ll get two free shares you can liquidate it it’s just free money and then you can i don’t know

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Do whatever you want with the account going back to this conductive pen type of thing it actually works with most screens not all of it because there are some kiosks out there that have active pens or something or like they’re very very picky about the shape of the stylus this works in most cases and if it doesn’t i have to put my fingers a little bit closer to

Reduce the resistance a bit because sometimes i notice if i touch all the way up here it doesn’t work as well so it’s actually kind of strange how the stuff that you have to carry in your pocket has increased dramatically before kovit you just need your cell phone your keys and your wallet right now look at i got all this like other extra stuff maybe sunglasses

Right so now because of covid you gotta carry a pen conductive pen a non-touch tool and even mace and also these masks so you got extra stuff to carry around i find this interesting because you know when i go out i almost feel like i’m going to battle i have like all this gear i’m like you know putting on one thing after another it takes me maybe a minute to put

All this on so maybe let me just show you guys i’m gonna sit up here let me put uh this here put this here put the wallet and then i got this thing this is my mic thingy that i’m speaking to right now i put this in my pocket over here this non-touch pen over here the regular pen right next to it and also the mace i guess i’ll put this the mace like that and

Then i put on the mask okay and then the sunglasses and then you know maybe i carry the hat maybe 10 of the time so thanks for watching everybody i hope you guys enjoyed this got some ideas on how to protect yourself a little bit more going forward be it physical or viral give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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What I Carry Going Out During COVID By BeatTheBush

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