What I Do at Home All Day

As a YouTuber, this is what I do at home all day.

I’m semi-retired so you might wonder what i do at home all day? my self-imposed subject that resonates with me. this video, well, it’s just easy to do if i’m just gonna talk about what i normally do. what is gonna resonate with me on this video, is the way i’m making it you see i changed a style drastically. when almost every single one i know is chugging along in their

Nine-to-five job, i’m at home, alone, thinking i like to do. stuff i want to do. you could say i probably would never run out, but after i finish every project i seem to find new projects to do. first i wake up when i feel like it of course. if i happen to feel slightly sick, i might sleep in. if i feel like i need more sleepm i will sleep in. when i eat meat, i seem to

Need a little bit more sleep, maybe two hours more to my usual six to eight hours every day. i haven’t used an alarm clock in over a year. when i wake up, i wake up. then i proceed with my morning routine, brush my teeth, take a shower, put on contacts. then i make coffee and toast, grind coffee by hand boil water preheat my coffee mug with water, and because i already have

This hot water i pour it in the thermos is safer later. toast the bread, put peanut butter on the bread, and sprinkle with date sugar, add in three and a half tablespoons of almond milk, sit down keep the whole thing in silence. then i turn on the computer respond to youtube comments for one to two hours. i generally am more likely to positive comments rather than negative

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Ones. while i’m doing this i check my emails, i check ebay to see if anyone bought anything, i checked my facebook, and everything else on the internet. all did you see my new computer it’s a new i monitor then i proceed with my current projects recently i built a tablet stand out of legos i have a need for it and i figure well i – well build one other legos because i have

That already then i figure i make a laptop one too so here if i need to nail some ebay stuff off i will do that. then one of my main projects currently is decluttering. the reason i feel like this is important for me, is because i feel like after i declutter i can become a better me. each step of that i advance in my declaring i feel like i’m lifting off another burden off

My shoulders and it allows me to be that much more creative. maybe it’s a slightly less clutter in my life that’s allowing me to free up my mind space to be a little bit more creative like in this video. perhaps. equally important is to meet my self-imposed three youtube videos a week obligation, so i alternate days where i make videos and just sort of have time to myself

To declutter. today is youtube video making day so i am dedicating basically the whole day towards making this video. it takes me about six to ten hours to finish one video, the script for this video i complete in probably about one hour. i don’t write every single thing that i say i just write key points that i like to talk about so people like to argue i just switch one

Job for another. that youtube is really just like another job to me. so depending if you think i really am working or not you might just say well, okay? now you’re working three days a week instead of five days a week. you still have a job. the thing here i like to emphasize is, number one i don’t have a commute. anymore number two most of time i like it so much that it

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Does not feel like work. including scripting it, even recording it, and even editing it i like the whole process kind of like playing to me. because i remember making videos way before that youtube came out where you can start monetizing or anything. i would actually make videos. there is no hope of ever making any money with it, and i would gather some friends to make a

Very very short video clip. and i spent countless hours doing that, and it was fun for me and i knew back then that i would never get paid, skit. the most fun is when i try out new techniques. you would probably notice if you’ve been a longtime subscriber if you watch every single one of my videos sometimes as you watch brand new videos you’ll notice, i try out something

That i have never done before in all previous videos. the style of this video is one of them. sometimes the way i edit is another. outside of making youtube videos, there are other leisurely type things i like to do. currently, my one main leisurely type of thing that i like to do is watching star trek deep space 9. sometimes i would read, sometimes you know i would watch

These shows, i bought the whole season for about $48, so this rounds out to be about 35 cents per episode. i generally really enjoy science fiction shows, so it’s a great pastime to me. i like to imagine what it’s like sort of in the future when faster than speed of light travel. things like that. generally i don’t use these shows as like a binge watch thing, where i just

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Sit there all day long. i simply can’t do that, because, every other day i need to make these videos. so i only have a very small amount of time to spend on leisurely activities. so what i do with this time where i’m watching episodes is, when i’m too tired decluttering or something because i’m walking around, moving boxes and things like that. when i get too tired, then

I would go okay i need a break, so then i would go back to my computer, watch a show,and it would be kind of like a dual duty type of thing, one i get my entertainment, and two i get so i rarely watch more than one show at a time. i had this series for about six weeks now. i’ve been watching about one and a half shows every single day. well currently this is what my life

Looks like almost weekdays. i do other things as well, like going shopping for groceries, but i would say this is typical of every single weekday. when i finish my decluttering, i’ll likely transition that time over doing something more worthy. i’m thinking i may spend more time making youtube videos, or something just as worthy of my newfound freedom. in some ways i feel

Like currently i am handicapped a little bit compared to people who are less of a hoarder. i feel like this is something i must overcome in order to transform myself

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