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Here’s what happened when one woman decided to reign in her makeup spending by cutting it out for an entire year, and how it changed her spending choices going forward. Learn how a family changed their lives in one year in this video:

Making it work is brought to you by wealth simple which gives everyone access to simple affordable investing on cruise control i love makeup i love experimenting using tricks i learned through the vast world of youtube beauty tutorials i love putting it on in the morning as a soothing moment of self-care before i face the world so it should be no surprise that after

Enrolling myself in the internet school of beauty i managed to gather a rather large collection of makeup products i finally decided that taking control of my makeup purchases would help me financially if not it would at least help me practice a bit of self control i challenged myself to a project pan meaning i would have to use up a product before i could buy its

Replacement this eventually morphed into a less impressive low buy period i just could not seem to stop buying makeup beauty products seemed to effortlessly show up in my shopping basket every once in a while even though i was trying not to buy them i thought i could never go more than a couple of weeks without purchasing makeup but i finally made it happen in

2017 that year i spent absolutely nothing on makeup my streak even lasted a few months into 2018 of course this achievement did not come without some struggling and learning some tough lessons here’s what i picked up along the way number one i learned more about my makeup habits before i had decided to take control of my makeup purchases i was more interested in

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Lip products and i didn’t care much for face products i thought that it would stay that way for a long time but i never really understood my actual makeup consumption rate until i couldn’t restock my collection i found that by far i use up face products faster than anything else i own during the course of my project pan i often worried that i would run out of face

Products before i was through with them which did happen on several occasions but admittedly not understanding my actual makeup habits was the reason why my project pan turned into simply a low buy period as for my lip product collection i initially thought that i would be using my lip products left and right to this day i have yet to finish a single lip product not

Even a lip balm the lip products that i did finish were the ones that ended up becoming too gross to use number two fads fade makes a lot more sense when you can’t participate in any as a recovering makeup junkie i used to crave all the newest makeup trends the temptation was made worse when i decided to block myself from buying things it was difficult to handle

My desire to try out new makeup trends when it would require me to buy things that were not in my collection and break my promise limited-edition products were the worst because i knew i would probably never end up getting my hands on them but after a couple of cycles of desire fomo and disappointment i realized that what came afterward was indifference the world

Moved on to another fad and i still managed to get by using what i already had if i had given into any one of those desires i would have just another makeup product to the back of my beauty drawer the desire to purchase a specific product is only temporary but unless i keep track of every single receipt unlikely the act of spending my money is permanent number three

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I learned to stop engaging with the beauty community i used to binge watch beauty videos all day long until i perfected whatever look i was going for now i barely watch any at some point i simply stopped feeling a desire to watch them it came so gradually i didn’t even notice i stopped watching them until i realized i had no idea what the latest beauty launches

Were perhaps my brain decided i should stop punishing myself by looking at any online content relating to beauty and in turn it helped me stop craving the latest makeup releases number four stopping myself from buying makeup redirected my money and energy to other things since i stopped binge watching makeup videos i’ve had more time to watch and do other things

The natural progression for me was skincare videos mostly because korean skincare became a trend promoted by the same beauty gurus that i used to watch this was a welcome departure because nothing changed up my beauty routine like a good skincare routine makeup products could hide discoloration but they couldn’t hide the tiny bumps on my face added bonus i use

Fewer makeup products now that my skin is better and when i am not learning more about skincare i am learning how to hem and alter my clothes to make them fit me better i know that i am merely switching one form of self-care to another but i’m alright with that at this point in my life learning take care of my skin and making sure my clothes fit feels much more

Productive and helpful for my self-esteem than buying another tube of lipstick and i am definitely not spending as much money on myself as i used to so the one year spending ban was more than worth it learning what works for you and what doesn’t is crucial for getting good with money for instance maybe you know you need to be investing but aren’t sure how where

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