What I Sold and Why

I sold a bunch of stuff on Facebook marketplace. Let me show you how easy it is and how you too, can let go of a bunch of stuff you never use and liquidate all of it! It can make you feel so free and clear your mind to concentrate on things that matters more to you.

This is a behalf to proceed so far from selling on facebook marketplace today i’m gonna go over a selection of twelve things i sold on there and why hopefully me going over this will help you sell your stuff too now this right here actually is not all 100s it’s about $1,300 i mean i only have a few hundreds over here a lot of 20s and a lot of ones i don’t think

I’ve ever handled this much cash in yet when i get a paycheck yeah i’m gonna get like $1,300 or more usually so there’s a significance it is because i collected 100 bills on here and this is about the thickness it would be if you have 100 100’s which is about $10,000 now this gives me an idea if well maybe if i had $100,000 what will it look like it would be 10

Of these usually you don’t see this many bills together unless maybe you have a vending machine and then you get a lot of ones this thing actually weighs 3 and 1/2 ounces yes i weighed it and all the bills are actually a little wrinkled so if you kind of measure it it’s about 1/2 an inch thick if you squeeze it down then it becomes maybe 0.4 inch thick meaning

Three and a half ounces actually has some heft to it you can toss it at things and knock things over now enough about this cache pile over here it’s interesting to look at and frankly i feel it’s a safety concern because i don’t want anyone to rob me now i’m gonna deposit this real soon after making this video now it’s really easy to list on facebook marketplace

They are not a sponsor of this video so why i like to do is take a few pictures in the square format because this is what facebook marketplace uses mostly okay one take the other side maybe take the bottom okay let’s say three pictures is enough i start up facebook and you got to make sure you have the latest version of the app click the facebook marketplace icon

On the bottom right it’s a second icon and then you click sell and then click ok i’m selling an item and then now you just add your photos that you took before you can take the pictures natively however you can’t the square format which works better within facebook marketplace so i’m gonna add photos into it instead you see t-rex is on the top so i’m gonna go okay

Picture is this one on the left side of him and in second and then third and i click done and then on the title i’m just gonna go okay t-rex stuffed and them all and then i’ll say the price is $100 okay i don’t want anyone to buy him really toys and games and then condition he is used i don’t know if he’s like new i guess he’s kind of like new but he’s actually

Really old whatever location and then i can go this is t-rex and then i’ll add some product tags at the bottom i’ll go stuffed animal plush it’s just some tags to help people find this thing and then i go click next and then i go publish and it says it’s publishing and a few seconds later it says as active so i’m gonna click on t-rex stuffed animal and you can see

My pictures i can swipe left this is the ad that people will see after they click on a little icon of your thing and then when someone messages you about this product it’s gonna appear in your messenger app along with all the other chats with your friends let’s say someone bought it and then i can go okay marques sold and then that’s it so you can see that from

Beginning of listing the item to when it’s actually published it only took maybe i don’t know like a minute per item as long as you have some item that’s just sitting around you can just snap a picture and it’ll go on there really quickly i’d say the most effort goes into trying to negotiate with a lot of people you’re gonna have five ten people that you have to

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Talk to before someone will actually buy it some people will just go oh is it available so most of time i would just say yes it is and the majority of the time people won’t even respond and then i delete that chat right away because it tend to gets cluttered up if you have a lot of items listed kind of keep it organized so that you only have people that are really

Gonna buy your items now let me go over some of the stuff i actually sold and how much i bought it for how much i sold it for and the reasons why i actually sold that said item all these items i’ve held on for many many years i want to give it as an example and sort of like an inspiration so that you can look at your own stuff and then go wow you know beat the bush

Was able to sell this even after you know 5 10 years of holding on to it just because you know i wasn’t actually using these items and after i got rid of them i’m like okay i don’t even notice that they’re gone i have this pile of cash over here i it’s liquid and i can just deposit in the bank and then i can use it for other things it’s actually very portable so

If i go to anywhere else if i’m in like japan or something i can tap onto this money and buy some nice snacks and eat or whatever so the first thing is a jor nada 680 i bought it at a cost of $20 mainly because i never had such a thing i remember when i was little this thing was very very expensive it’s like a portable little laptop thing and i always wanted it

So it’s kind of like one of those things where you just kind of buy and then go okay now i have it great and then you just kind of play around with it but then there’s it doesn’t serve any real utility other than that you can gawk at it you can’t really receive email even because it uses a modem anyhow the funny thing about this is that i also sold it for $20 so

I bought it for $20 played with it had my fun and i still sold it for $20 so you can go okay is it break-even not really because there’s inflation right i think i kept it for three to five years or something the next thing is a breville juicer i bought this for $200 its refurbished so actually i’m not losing out as much if i bought it brand new it might have cost

Three hundred dollars so i sold it for $130 for a loss of seventy dollars let me talk a little bit about taxes on these sold items a lot of people think oh maybe you have to pay taxes because it’s kind of like profit no it isn’t because i bought it at some point for a certain amount of money and if i sold it for the same amount there is no profit here so usually you

Pay taxes only on profits of a sale for this juicer i lost seventy dollars so then certainly i don’t have to pay taxes on this $130 i got back because i actually use this money to buy it and then i actually took a seventy dollar lawsuit in order to reclaim this hundred thirty dollars you’ll see in other items like the next item i did make a small profit but if you

Add up all the profits and losses like you would with a normal business you’ll see that i still lost money so therefore no taxes needs to be paid the next thing is actually a storage container which i got for free with a coupon from safeway i think it was from the monopoly game and i was all come home about it i got a free item i think it was listed at something

Like six dollars at the store so then i’m like okay you know it’s brand-new let me sell it for five bucks so i was able to sell this for five dollars i paid nothing for it so i got five three dollars i also sold a hand blender for ten dollars however i also bought it for ten dollars many many years ago even on the package it said $10 so i’m like i kind of feel

Bad i don’t want to show it to whoever that bought it i put it in a bag instead and then throw away the box so then whoever bought it also bought it for the same price that i did it was completely functional so then it’s just you know no loss no gain over here i want to mention something about hand blenders just like the amount of vacuums i have i had seven now i

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Only have three vacuums hand blenders anything that i can blend i actually can count about four of them a kitchenaid stand mixer a hand blender and one of those single blendy things blender thing that also comes with a chopper so i still have three even after selling this hand blender so if no big deal there i’m able to sell these things and i still have something

That can blend stuff or mix things with i also sold a metal detector this is kind of crazy that i even have it it was more like a purchase of a hobby that i thought i would do i’m like hey you know i’m gonna spend some time going on the beach like i saw other people do and doing a metal detecting thing just picking up stuff on the beach and you know just kind of

Have a good time trying to find metal things i bought this for $20 it’s like some super fire sale and then just because i bought it for $20 doesn’t mean i have to sell it for $20 i looked up how much these things go online and then it was like $60 for a similar model so i’m like okay you know fire sale i’m gonna sell it for a little bit cheaper than what’s on the

Market it’s unused i never brought it to the beach but it’s open box so i sold it for $40 i made a profit of $20 in in this instance so the power strip that i bought for $25 and i sold it for $20 for a loss of $5 a shop-vac yet again a lot of these products i bought it at an extremely low price it’s just like you know any person that buy stuff sometimes when you

See things that are really low price you just buy it and then go hey you know i got a good deal so i bought it for $40 and i was able to sell it for $50 i actually use this item four and a half horsepower or something so i made $10 here there’s that pizza float thing if you guys seen my video for a long time one time i had blown up pizza float over there because i

Was like sailing down some river just floating down that thing but this for like $25 i don’t remember exactly how much sold it for $10 sometimes you can’t sell things for the exact same price that you bought it for sometimes you can’t even sell it for what you want it for which i thought was you know maybe $20 was a reasonable price $15 was a reasonable price but

Sometimes when people buy things they don’t value it what you value it so i just had to keep on lowering it maybe people don’t like inflatables it’s sort of a little personal because you know you might be laying on it in your shorts and stuff you had skin contact on it so people might go you know this is kind of gross you don’t want things you don’t want use items

That have been in contact with other people so the value of things like that tends to go down drastically if you’ve used it before so for that i have a loss of $15 i bought the risk board game for 17 dollars it goes on for like $25 retail price so i sold it for $15 for a loss of only $2 even though i took it out and actually played it once or twice or something

It’s like completely still very very new i sold this maybe some people might like to buy a lot of board games i know some people like they have a whole closet full of board games but i found out that well i’m just not the very board gaming type where i invite a bunch of people every single week to play board games it turns out this is not something that i do very

Often i make youtube videos more often than playing board games so just a way of life it’s like you have this way of life that you think you want to do you go oh that’s great and then you start buying things to tailor yourself towards that thing is you can’t buy things to tailor your life towards a life that you want to live you have to look at the life that you

Actually live for me making view tube videos make sense and have items that surrounds this rather than buying things to think that you can go towards that way of life i sold two lamps for $40 i sold this for $15 for a loss of $25 keep in mind that these are halogen lamps i’m like energy saver person so most of my lights are led or cfl i think i cut out most of my

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Cfl bulbs now so i sold this at a loss of $25 also keep in mind that these lamps i used it for like 10 plus years i brought it everywhere i went i think i brought it with me even to college so it’s long time ago that i use these lamps they’ve been just sitting in my storage area for the longest time i haven’t used them for like ten years so keep this in mind if

You have a whole bunch of stuff just sitting there for you know just sitting in some closet that you never use and you think there’s some value to it well these this is the time to unload on facebook marketplace close five let go you know go use those apps as well but i choose to sell it on facebook marketplace it seems to do a lot better i sold a tape measure this

Is for three dollars i bought a collection of tape measure somehow when i went to the store it’s like hey we’re gonna sell you three of them 115 foot 125 foot and 130 foot tape measure and i’m like okay yeah more the better right it’s only nine dollars or something ten dollars for the whole set so then you you know somehow the store is able to sell you on three

Of them and yet well i really really needed at the time was just one tape measure thirty feet okay even 25 feet one would work i decided to sell the middle one because then i’ll have a really long one in case i need the thirty foot one and i’ll have a really short one for portable reasons for you know everyday measuring of the size of packages where you only need

Like three feet or something so i sold this for three dollars i party bought bought it for around three dollars as well so this is another idea of don’t keep that whole set that you bought it for at the store you’re allowed to sell one of the pieces in this set because you may not need the whole thing another thing is these feet protectors i bought this for a set

Of chairs i thought that i’m gonna put these on these chairs and yet i don’t have these chairs anymore i think i returned them mainly because they were the fabric kind of chairs and i thought well you know the fabric kind it might get dirty over time so i opted to get like these plastic ones where you can actually clean much easier rather than the fabric type so

I must have bought this for twelve dollars it says fourteen dollars over here i sold it for five bucks it’s okay because it’s been also sitting there for five ten years or something actually five years not been ten years so if you add up all these profits and losses kind of like how a business does i lost a total of 91 dollars from the original price of all these

Things i bought so as a loss know i don’t need to report this as a profit or anything although you know if you add up all the actual cash i got it must have been i don’t know two hundred fifty dollars or so from all these things so now a bonus item that i sold is a five-pound weight now there’s no reason that i would ever need this i can lift five pounds this

Very easily and i think this t-rex is almost 5 pounds i don’t even remember how much i bought this for maybe five dollars maybe ten dollars i’m just glad to get rid of it so i sold it for four dollars now if you guys got this far thank you for watching all this way by the way i was just kidding about selling t-rex even though you know i took pictures and stuff i

Actually need to go delete the listing before someone you know asked if they can buy it thank you for watching this video this is interesting to hold this much cash don’t forget to give me a like over here push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon

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