What If I Lost Everything

In the catastrophic event that i lose everything I have already accumulated, it’s interesting to speculate what I would do to try to build myself up again. It certainly wont be easy but it certainly wont take the same amount of time given the experience I have accumulated. Like they say, you can take away the money and material things but you cant strip away the knowledge as it is inherently part of me already.

How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush some of you have asked me what i would do if i lost everything including the house all the assets that i have no education i can’t go around getting an electrical engineering job and also no savings now this type of question hinges on those kind of videos where hey you know what if i just pretend i don’t have anything

And then you just drop some guy off in the middle of a city somewhere and then see if they can make enough money the thing with these videos is that these people inherently have a certain skill built into them although they’re strip of all their assets they still have knowledge on how to earn money so i actually do not think it’s very educational to just put someone

In that situation it might be very interesting video that you can see someone essentially make something out of nothing again so it’s kind of like having a billionaire if he lost all his money but he has all these business skills and then he can go out there sort of brand new business and yet he’s gonna end up being a billionaire again sometime later he still has

A bunch of business connections but i think what is more instructive for you guys is if i were to put myself in that situation what would i do so that you can sort of look at what i say and then help yourself if you are sort of like trying to dig yourself out of poverty or if you are in a i don’t know lower asset situation and then you want to build yourself a

Little bit better now the conditions how i lost everything is very important because if i lost a job i would probably apply for unemployment get get 18 months or so of eighteen hundred dollars every single month i’m gonna apply for all these low-income subsidies if i qualify of course maybe covered california in terms of the health insurance i’m gonna apply for

Food stamps if my income is low enough i mean it’s justified if my income you know goes that low if i lost everything i’m basically on the streets i don’t have anywhere to live this is what i assume that you guys mean losing all the assets losing my place to live i eventually need to rent somewhere i need to like you know live in a car short term let’s just say

It happened today i don’t have anywhere to live right now you might go okay maybe i can use my formal degree let’s just say i don’t have the degree itself and then i can use a bunch of other skills that i acquired over the years i actually think i can make some money outside of work maybe someone will pay me to do car repair work maybe i can charge a really low

Fee just to get my reputation up or something because i am able to repair my own car so because of this i can offer my services to other people and you know charge them a really low fee just so that they can trust me first because i don’t have a background in car repair but once i start doing this maybe i can be a mobile car repair person they have some issue and

They can pay me like a hundred dollars or something and then the rest they have to pay in parts or something i’ll go over to their house fix their car and i mean if it doesn’t work then you know i guess it will be on me i’ll have to promise that you know if there’s any damage it will be on me and then if i do fix it right then i get paid i can do similar things

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Such as plumbing tasks i can fix you know the mains waterline i can fix the toilet i can fix a bunch of other things just kind of like a handyman now you might want to consider did i acquire these skills because i became an engineer because becoming an engineer allows me to do this sort of critical thinking and then because of that maybe i was able to learn all

These other different skills that could potentially generate money now let’s just put that aside for a bit right so all of these had to do with me acquiring skills just because i am a person that really likes to learn new things i still have a bunch of electronics repair skills that i did not obtain from my formal degree this is just all from me tinkering so you

Might go oh maybe i still have electronics tinkering skills right i can fix a whole bunch of things because let me tell you someone that graduates an electrical engineering degree does not necessarily know how to fix electronics right because sometimes they are just kind of like a i don’t know a desk person or maybe they’re not a type up hands-on type of person

That will like go around having their own soldering iron or having their own digital voltmeter or something at home so some engineers they’re very hands-off they are the type that only does this at work and they don’t do it at home for me i’m a do-it-yourself hobbyist type of person so you know i fiddle with that all the time so i could also use my electronics

Repair skills repairs people’s tvs vacuum cleaners i don’t know thermostats or whatever install thermostats install security cameras i can do all kinds of different things if i am you know hurting for money let’s just say youtube disappears right then i could potentially make sort of get by right i have a really burn rate of about thirteen hundred fifty dollars every

Single month i might be able to get by i never actually tested this but i’ve made money on the side before with my other skills let’s just say you don’t have any of these skills i actually worked at the amazon warehouse this is without any formal credentials even i didn’t even say i graduated high school i forget if i did or not but it was basically no college right

And then i got paid fifteen dollars an hour it was very grueling work but right off there right without a formal college education that i can write down on a resume anywhere i was able to apply for amazon warehouse $15 an hour so if i work 40 hours a week this is $600 every single week 2,400 dollars every single month so i might be able to get by living on this even

If i don’t have a house right if i had two thousand four hundred dollars every single month just from working full-time at the amazon warehouse i probably would spend 700 to 900 dollars on rent renting a room somewhere maybe i get roommates or something this is the cheapest i looked around this is exactly how much i would actually pay i could possibly even work as

An unskilled server or a fast food restaurant person making whatever amount that they make over there and probably get somewhere similar maybe a little bit less maybe $12 an hour maybe $10 an hour but you know if as long as i have somewhere between 1,500 to 2,000 dollars i think i can survive on top of this because i have youtube knowledge okay i have to start from

Scratch let’s say i don’t have a big following on my channel i don’t have any big channel okay i have to start from scratch we just grabbed my cell phone i would record a video just like this not with in 4k 60 frames a second that is it is right now i’ll just use my iphone 6 record a video use a cheapy laptop and i can still edit in 1080p on from the video source on

My phone and then i would start uploading and then start building my channel that way maybe in a year or two i can get again build a channel with enough people following that’s i can generate at least some kind of extra revenue from it some kind of profit so that i can you know save this up now with all these activities i think i can pull in about thirty thousand

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Dollars a year this should be pretty reasonable in terms of not having a degree and trying to get money trying to earn money from some salary from some job from side activities side gigs and stuff seven to nine hundred dollars rent every single month translates to about eight hundred to ten thousand dollars every single year now this takes a big chunk off of the

Thirty thousand dollars already i can probably get this a little bit lower but it really depends on my luck on how i can find a cheaper place what i would really consider is all those places are actually ii screwed or a bowl distances from this general area so if i’m gonna work at an amazon warehouse i just live i don’t know within five mile radius of this which

Is very very doable there’s a lot of places to live around the amazon warehouse and then i would just get an electric scooter and then ride my electric scooter to work and then this way i do not have to pay insurance i do not have to buy a car because this is a huge huge expense especially for someone making only $30,000 a year buying a scooter i only need to pay

Like a thousand or so and then i can charge it at home and then basically this is gonna be a lot lower costs than a car of course you have to worry about the dangers of riding a scooter every day because if you do this every single day especially during rush hour it’s gonna be more dangerous for you it might have health impact so you really want to find a route

That is outside you know not too close to all the traffic maybe if you can ride outside of heavy traffic hours maybe when the cars aren’t as fast this is something to consider you can even ride a bicycle if you wanted to if you are more athletic i would probably eat the same way i just eat rice beans bunch of vegetables bunch of fruits and i average about $40 every

Single week so this is only gonna cost me a hundred sixty dollars every single month and from this right this is not that much burn rate or anything so the rest of it i can save up okay this is how i can build myself up and then from this i might be able to save somewhere between five and ten thousand dollars every single year and then using what i save i might be

Able to build up a down payment and finally buy a place even if it’s a very very tiny place buy like a studio condo or something that’s probably what i can afford after saving for a number of years maybe five ten years or something it might take of course just working at a salary job probably is not the best route because i think if you do so you’re just gonna keep

On doing this and there’s actually no room for expansion right if you work at a warehouse this is manual labor you’re only trading your time for money whereas if i go do some other endeavor like say i do my own car repair remote car repair do my own plumbing with the intention of turning this into a real business right at first yes maybe i have to do it myself do

All the work and then maybe later on if i get more and more successful i have more work than i can actually do i might have to actually go and hire someone to do these work for me maybe electronics repair maybe car repair maybe plumbing or whatever then this is a way for you to expand yourself same with youtube because once you do this expansion type of thing you

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Get bigger and bigger and then you’re gonna be able to get more and more revenue i think in terms of a youtube channel you do have a lot of side work right right now i am the main character on this youtube show right i need to appear or else people are not gonna watch but behind it is all the video editing all the prep work on how to get gigs so that i can go to

Certain places and record so you could have a plein air person you could have a video editor all these people that can do the side work where it does not involve me being on camera so this is how a lot of youtubers actually are able to expand to generate more content i mean there are other ideas that kind of floats around the same realm over here including maybe

I should buy a van live in a van for a while maybe i should just get a tent live in you know my backyard over there i actually don’t know what the purpose of these things will be because i generally like to do something when i have a goal in mind maybe my own personal goal because usually when people just kind of bring some ideas up i would be a sceptic to the

Idea but i need to know what i am doing it for am i just doing it just for fun just for people’s amusement which isn’t something that i tried to do all the time i try to do something for my own amusement hopefully this is in line with the audience’s amusement so purposely making myself uncomfortable for no reason at all is not my cup of tea but something you know

Sometimes i live in a car i lived in a car for a week for two times already and then i go and subject myself to all these really low cost places just because i’m a little cheap but in those cases there were reasons for me doing that i did it short-term just to i don’t know just to test myself a little bit but now that i know that it’s a certain comfort level right

I kind of get a more appreciative of what i currently have if that makes sense and for example i know i really don’t like living in a car i don’t like the stuffiness of it i don’t like the insecurity of it and also getting airbnb in certain areas really really scares me so i’m like okay you know whatever i’m not gonna pay $23 for some place i’ll pay $40 instead

So i’m not sure if i’m ever going to purposely make myself simulate losing everything in other words oh i’m gonna be homeless for a day or something just sleep on the streets i think there is some security issue with that because if i just grab a tent and sleep on the street sometimes i think about hey you know you just have a little piece cloth over there people

Can just come up to you and attack you you know over in the bay area there are these instances happening where people get stabbed and stuff so you know it definitely is a security thing because if you have windows and walls and doors then you can at least hear people coming people are like they have to break the doors down before they can get to you you have some

Time to prepare versus if you’re in a tent it’s not as secure so thanks for watching this video i hope this really helps you guys in the process of way i think about getting back on my feet if i ever do lose everything don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think let me know what kind of things you would do different

In terms of getting yourself back on the feet and as always don’t forget to press the subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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