What is Brexit?

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What is brexit almost three years into this process people still aren’t really sure exactly what it means i’m very clear brexit means brexit straightforward right it’s just a word hmm maybe not so so can you explain what is breakfast well brexit is ultimately a disaster for our nation it’s leaving the european union leaving our friends partners well it breaks

It is simply enter the uk taking control of its being a sovereign country again it was as a result of a referendum when the british people decided by a slim majority it’s a decision made by seventeen point four million people so brits it in a nutshell is the uk’s decision to leave the eu back in the summer of 2016 52% of the country decided they wanted to leave

The bloc and untangle four decades of legal economic and trading ties it seemed a quite straightforward proposition back then but implementing the result that referendum has proved rather complicated and has almost brought down the government several times but breaks it is not just about the uk’s ties with europe its unveiled a lot of other issues to do with the

Country its identity and what sort of political system we should have well this referendum has uncovered deep divisions within the nation deep divisions within the parties and it has shown that the two horse race labor conservative in the 21st century it’s not fit for purpose not fit for britain it’s been a pretty divisive thing both the referendum um what’s

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Happened since i think it’s incredibly divisive i you know certainly entire families have have split up my own family is victim to that you know we have different views and and we’re very much a divided family it’s a horse of europe you see but trouble is the winds blow the wrong way so lots of people have different ideas about what brexit mean or the issues

Uncovered but nobody disagrees the whole thing has been so chaotic and has put britain’s whole political system into paralysis nothing has been done for almost three years now while mps continued to try and see breaks it through and now they are still saying it’s it’s so difficult no it’s not it’s not difficult there’s a simple answer we we leave we leave when

We are mentally the promises were made that were undeliverable and finally when it comes to the crunch haha they can’t do it a straightforward result yes but they also said the easiest deal in the world blah blah blah they sold unicorns pots of gold the eu hasn’t really needed to do anything except watch the uk parliament tear itself to pieces mps have spent

Three years trying to do this and i’ve still got no closer to figuring out of saying what breaks it actually means and i mean i think that flows fundamentally from a referendum that was a binary question do you want to leave the eu or not and i think everybody in the country really is much wiser now as to how complicated that is and actually how far that the eu

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Reaches into our lives the fact is that when the uk does leave that you if indeed that does happen the issues to do with threaten of identity the country’s place in the world and the deep issues unveiled in society will be debated for years and decades to come trying to resolve these deep divisions will go far beyond anything to do with the uk’s place in europe you

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What is Brexit? By Financial Times

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