What Is The Next Hot Cryptocurrency

What Is The Next Hot Cryptocurrency

What’s up guys so i’m just trying to show you guys some of the views here so i’m taking in two views and i’m just thinking what’s going to be the next hot cryptocurrency what’s gonna be the next hottest cryptocurrency that’s gonna go up like 10,000 percent what’s gonna be the next hot cryptocurrency it’s gonna go up like hard harder than anything else you guys

Know anybody know you show you guys some of these views rui-zi you guys think it’s rhys hang it on the beach thinking like okay what’s the next big investment is it neo is it omg is it rise is it 10x is it o x is it bitcoin itself is it bit kinect is it bitcoin cash is it – is it ripple is it pie 10x looks good and there’s so many i cos i’m literally watching all

The i see ohs every single day and there’s so many of them coming out how you supposed to know which ones which right are you supposed to know which is gonna be the winner how he’s supposed to know that’s the million dollar question we could just figure that out in advance then we’d all be very very rich wouldn’t we well one thing’s for sure we know that bitcoins

Gonna keep climbing i also think based on the way bitcoin cash is performing that probably bitcoin cash is gonna keep performing – i don’t know if you guys have been watching this beach here today but it’s just progressively getting busier and busier and busier i just came out of the water myself it’s absolutely just perfect got a lifeguard on duty we all just

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Chillin over here playing some frisbee oh trying some behind the back passes so what’s gonna be the next big cryptocurrency anybody know you think that the next big ones gonna be in the 300 or the 400 region all right all right yeah we’re always watching on market cap coin market capcom world coin index as well hold on go toss it toss it throw it to the right

Hand oh that’s sweet catch right there oh the one-handed catch oh the one-handed catch oh where’s the hands man where’s the hands where’s the hands where’s the hands where’d you leave your hands oh the one-handed the one-handed what do you mean i wanted to make you run a little bit there is the no-limit card that no limit coin and i’ll ste and that is actually

For fantasy sports so that’s a pretty cool card pretty cool coin i like monaco definitely the monocle coin i also like the monaro coin 200 tried to make me dive with a phone in my hand wow look at all these people guys look at this get all these bikers it’s nonstop flow non-stop flow invest in feed coin a guys like equine what is it about the feed coin that you

Like give me your winners guys men i hate i hate when people say to me they’d give me a winner after oh man by neil oh man bye-bye rise by this by that i want to know what’s gonna go up before it goes up i want to know what goes up before it goes up come on put your thinking caps on guys what’s gonna go up before it goes up what’s gonna shoot up before anybody

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Else notices it i’ll tell you guys one that i really believe in take a look at uny unity in got working really closely with the company we’re gonna get them on the show uny guys i’m telling you it has huge potential and they’re gonna be backing their coin by gold so i think it has huge potential that one yeah it is nice here man that’s why i’m here man beautiful

Go to my left oh sure can sure can oh jarrod’s getting in the game just give it to jarrod here there we go there we go let’s back it up a little bit here let’s back it up a little bit here it’s kudo the escudo coin is there an issue 0.0 an ice toss hit i can’t throw much of a spiral with this football for some reason oh i can’t throw much of a spiral with this

Football oh off the bounce bounce come on bounce come on bounce come on bounce so yeah man just wanted to know what you guys thought apparently everybody’s on a sunday thinking about what’s already up as opposed to what’s going to go up if you guys have any coins that you guys think that we need to buy that’s on the rise i want to know okay obviously we know

Like coin we know ripple we know aetherium we know bitcoin we know bid connect those are all common very well known coins obviously dash has been on fire they just been exploding so let’s look for some other coins guys let’s be the first to identify some other coins before they explode okay let’s not jump on a coin after it’s already exploded let’s try to be the

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First ones to identify a coin before it explodes position ourselves and then when it explodes we’ll be able to have a huge return on our investment okay all right guys just want to touch base again one more time show you a little bit of the views here i’m sure you guys get bored of watching me behind my computer but don’t worry i’ll be back to the computer tomorrow

It’s a sunday it’s a fun day trying to join myself friends and family you should do the same love you guys peace harmony to everyone have fun make money and remember if you’re not winning you’re not watching one more review for you guys ready more people are you guys get back to your lives this is rich you

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