What Is Warren Buffett Buying Now? Top 5 Stocks He Owns!

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So in this video today we’re going to be talking about what are the biggest positions that warren buffett currently has in the stock market so a little over a week ago i did a video talking about buffett surprising the world by selling out of the airline industry entirely and one of the most common questions i was getting from people on that video were number one

What is warren buffett doing with his money currently and number two what stocks does warren buffett currently own so we’re gonna cover all of that in this video today now to answer the first question of what is warren buffett currently doing with his money well he is not investing it in any stocks right now pretty much the only thing we are seeing him doing with

His massive cash pile is investing in us treasury bonds which is essentially a way to make some small rate of return on the cash that you have sitting on the sidelines and speaking of that cash pile warren buffett now has a record-high cash pile through his holdings company known as berkshire hathaway and berkshire hathaway now has an all-time high cash pile of 130

7.2 billion dollars and just to put that into perspective here guys that is enough money to buy the entire company of nike with enough left over to buy kroeger the national grocery store chain so he could literally gobble up so many different companies right now if he wanted to based on the amount of cash he has on the sidelines and essentially warren buffett has

Said that right now he just sees too much uncertainty in the market and he doesn’t see any deals to be had at this current point in time so that is why he is hoarding his cash pile he even sold out of airlines and built his cash pile even further and the only thing he’s doing right now is pretty much directing money into us treasuries as a way to protect his buying

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The description below and also guys this video is going to be mid-roll ad free since i had a sponsorship within the video all right so first of all warren buffett’s largest position right now in terms of the stocks that he owns is one that actually deviates from his original investing strategy because his largest stock position is currently in apple warren buffett

Owns around 250 million shares of apple that are worth around 77 billion dollars this is the largest holding he has in stocks and he currently owns about 5.7 percent of apples entire company through his stock ownership now in the past warren buffett was not one to invest in technology companies he did own ibm and some other tech companies for a period of time but

It was not something that he focused on with his investing strategy but he deviated away from that in a major way with his purchase of apple stock and here’s what he has had to say on this investment in an interview when talking about the company apple warren buffett said it is probably the best business that i know in the world so he speaks very highly of apple

And he really likes the brand behind this company he also said that he wished that he had purchased the stock earlier on back when he was more stubborn about investing in these technology companies and one surprising detail here as well even after years of sticking to his flip phone he finally decided to get an iphone again showing his dedication and interest in

This company so apple is of course a very high-quality company to invest in with a very strong brand and this is warren buffett’s largest stock investment so bank of america is his second largest position and he owns just about 1 billion shares worth around 22 billion dollars today and that means that berkshire hathaway owns 10.9% of bank of america now warren

Buffett does own numerous different stocks in the banking industry and other financial industries but this is of course his largest position in the big banks and this came from a large investment that warren buffett made in bank of america back in 2011 after the financial crisis he invested a massive amount of money into bank of america stock essentially overnight

Warren buffett invested five billion dollars into bank of america in a very wild move here essentially buying into the banks when everyone else was selling them like crazy due to the massive uncertainty and according to an interview with the bank of america ceo he said that buffett was in a great position because he had a lot of cash while others didn’t and this

Allowed him to scoop up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and essentially people wonder why warren buffett sits on such a large amount of cash that is because in the past he goes in very quick and will direct a lot of money into a company when he sees value and if there’s one time that you want to have money on the sidelines it is during a recession when deals

Like this pop up coming in at number three here is coca-cola which is one of buffett’s most well known investments buffett owns an even four hundred million shares of keio which is roughly an eighteen billion dollar stake giving him nine point three percent ownership of coca-cola and again this is very consistent with buffett’s strategy of investing in well-known

And quality brands since he owns apple as well as coca-cola in his top three positions both of which are arguably the most well known brands in the world back in 1988 buffett bought more than 1 billion dollars worth of coca-cola stock giving him at the time a 6.2 percent ownership stake in the company and over time he has added more shares to his portfolio but

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He is a longtime investor in this diversified beverage company now he timed this investment in coca-cola after the stock market crash of 1987 because he saw this as a quality company to invest him that was dragged down by the overall market and again this is something typical of warren buffett which is investing large sums of money into the market during times of

Uncertainty like a recession or a stock market crash and one surprising fact here about warren buffett which is honestly a little bit concerning is that at 89 years old he is known for drinking five cans of cherry coke every single day full sugar coca-cola and that makes up about one fourth of his daily calorie intake in sugary soda seems like a bad thing to do

Health-wise but he’s still kicking so maybe he knows something that we don’t alright so coming in at number four is another one of his well known investments and that is american express and this investment dates all the way back to the 1960s so buffett owns about 151 million shares of american express with a combined value of around thirteen point five billion

Dollars giving him an ownership stake in american express of about eighteen point eight percent now warren buffett began investing in american express back in 1964 when they were involved in a large scandal now at that time buffett’s strategy was not what it is today and he was known for investing in kind of crappy companies at very deep discounts and at that

Point in his career he met another well-known investor known as charlie munger now charlie munger convinced warren buffett that he was in fact better off investing in great companies at fair prices rather than investing in these crappy companies at these massive discounts and this changed warren buffett’s investing strategies from that point forward and american

Express is an example of him deploying this strategy of buying a great company at a fair price due to a very rare event or circumstance that occurred so at the time american express was involved in a massive scandal that dealt a huge blow to this company and caused the stock to go into a massive sell-off essentially a commodities trader was dealing in vegetable

Oil futures and had massive inventories of oil and he was using that vegetable oil to secure a loan essentially the vegetable oil back to that loan as collateral well it was eventually found out that those barrels in fact held mostly water and were essentially worthless and american express was backing those loans and essentially they lost tons of money because

The asset backing those loans was water and utterly worthless so american express saw some substantial losses as a result of that scandal and warren buffett saw it as a short-term bad event for this company and decided to begin investing all right guys so and finally warren buffett’s fifth-largest investment is actually not one of his best investments in fact it’s

One that has not done very well and that is his investment in kraft heinz so warren buffett owns 325 million shares of kraft heinz worth a combined nine point six billion giving him roughly twenty six point seven percent ownership of this company now kraft heinz has actually been doing pretty lousy over the last couple of years and this is largely due to changes

In consumer tastes and products that we are buying you see kraft heinz owns a lot of these brands that were popular with older generations that are not really sticking with the new generation so as a result their sales are falling and that stock has tumbled and during an interview with cnbc warren buffett said i made a mistake in the kraft purchase in terms of


Paying too much so he admits this was not his best investment and it has lost him money in the long run so essentially back in 2013 berkshire hathaway and 3g capital bought heinz for a twenty three billion dollar deal and two years later there was a merger with kraft where this company essentially became the kraft heinz that we know today and again this is consistent

With buffett’s investing strategy of investing in well-known brands because we now know he owns apple coca-cola as well as american express which is pretty well known and the heinz brand he just unfortunately picked a brand that was falling out of favor with consumers now beyond his five largest stock positions warren buffett also owns a lot of different companies

And i want to go over a list now from largest to smallest of the other companies that warren buffett owns that are positions of a billion dollars or more making them a substantial part of berkshire hathaway’s portfolio and this is according to the cnbc berkshire hathaway portfolio tracker that keeps track of warren buffett / berkshire hathaway’s investments and i

Will link that up down in the description below ok so his next largest position here is wells fargo after that it is moody the credit rating agency after that we have jpmorgan chase after that we have us bank corp followed by bank of new york mellon so a lot of bank stocks here in warren buffett’s portfolio next up we have de vida followed by charter communications

Followed by verisign next up we have goldman sachs followed by visa next general motors mastercard then we have costco then a surprising one for many we have amazon followed by pnc and finally liberty sirius xm so based on these stocks that warren buffett owns here’s what we can gather about warren buffett’s investing strategy first of all above all else i think we

Know that warren buffett likes to invest in companies with a well known and reputable brand which is the case here with kraft heinz as well as coca-cola apple and a number of his other investments here that’s a very big thing he looks at when investing in a company buffett doesn’t invest in technology companies for the most part apple being the only real deviation

There amazon is also a tech company but mostly involved in e-commerce but you don’t see a lot of tech names in warren buffett’s portfolio warren buffett is a big fan of the financial sector and he owns a lot of companies involved in banking as well as payment processing he also invests in consumer staples with companies like kraft heinz and a few others on his

List warren buffett also takes advantage of market pessimism and often invests substantial amounts of money during stock market recessions and other times of uncertainty and lastly we can see that warren buffett buys great companies at fair prices again really focusing on the overall quality of that investment not so much whether or not he is getting a bargain of

A lifetime so anyways guys that’s gonna wrap up this video i hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure you drop a like and leave me a comment down below and the last thing i want to say here guys is the fact that warren buffett owns these stocks does not necessarily mean they are a good deal right now as you can see some of these stock purchases are dating back to

The 1960s so warren buffett is known for taking advantage of opportunities that arise in the market but it does give you a good idea of what he’s doing with his money and what are his largest positions currently but thanks so much for watching guys subscribe if you haven’t already and i will see you in the next video

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What Is Warren Buffett Buying Now? Top 5 Stocks He Owns! By Ryan Scribner

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