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Test drove a Lamborgini Gallardo. At $100k or so for a used one, it may seem like a great deal but you’ll end up paying $100-15k a year just for maintenance even if you drive it minimally. I just rented it for a few laps to get a taste of it and guess what? A car is a car but this one just goes faster and handles like a go kart. .

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today we’re going to test drive a lamborghini and i’m going to describe to you what it feels like to drive one you get six slaps the first slap is just to get you familiar with the course you only drive that 15 mile an hour on first gear and then the rest of them you’re only on second gear you never really ever switch to

Any gears higher than that so that you don’t go too fast with that let’s just check it out like a spaceship be great moving a seat i’m a graffiti today 800 bucks for this and and shaking we’re good good all i can say is yes it’s really fast i can compare to my porsche boxster and it’s about twice as fast i feel like it has twice as much horsepower my my boxster

Has about 240 horsepower this thing has about like 540 it’s about twice as much and yes it does a cell are much faster but i cannot get a good feel for in second gear only on the fifth lap i kind of felt like it’s limiting itself because i had the gas all the way down and i don’t feel the power that is supposed to be there on the previous laps either maybe the

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Instructor has some side control that limits the power or maybe the lamborghini was heating i didn’t really ask after trying this it’s a great experience to just try it once and all but $100,000 for this car used it sounds like a good deal but then the maintenance is going to be very very hefty it’s going to be about 10,000 to 15,000 a year just for maintenance and

That’s just really not worth it it’s much more worth it’s just to try at once and let the other guys take care of all the maintenance when you’re sitting in there you feel like you can see very close to the front of the road because the nose it’s very short and so you can see very clearly everything in front of you and handling wise it kind of feels like a go-kart

Except it’s a full-size car that feels like a go-kart which means a lot because as i was powering through the turns i can feel the back slipping but i was actively compensating moving the wheel so that you know the lamborghini wouldn’t spin out or anything so if you ever go to a go-kart race and drive one if a lamborghini kind of feels like that driving a go-kart

Really gives me about 80% of the excitement in a real car actually it might give me a little bit even more because you’re not worried about damaging the car a go-kart you just kind of go all out go crazy and you’re flooring it most of the time with the lamborghini yes i was also flooring it most the time but i was a little bit worried about crashing it so i tend

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To slow down be slightly cautious even within the six laps there you have it’s great to try once this place is in stockton if you’re interested in going to the same place i went to don’t forget to give me a like over here comment down below and let me know what your experience with lamborghinis are if you ever driven one an don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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