What it is like to live In Las Vegas!!!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today i just wanted to do a fun video with you guys so basically if you didn’t already know i live in las vegas now i don’t live in technically las vegas i live in a really nice suburb of las vegas but i’m still like within a 30-minute drive of the

Strip so i live in las vegas metropolitan so i thought it would just kind of tell you guys what it’s like to live in vegas because a lot of people really have no clue that anything even exists outside of vegas honestly because if you’ve ever seen movies and whatnot like the hangover and those kind of movies they portray vegas but they only portray the strip right

They’re only on the strip focus and all those kinds of things if you’ve ever even been to vegas the chances are you just are on the strip and that’s it and then you get on your plane and you’re off or maybe you drive but you’re just on the highway and then you’re off to where you need to go so you never really get out and explore other than the strip you’re just

Kind of like on the strip and there’s so much to do there that step is where you stay and that’s where you’re at and that’s where you eat and all those kinds of things you have really no clue that there’s like a big city that’s outside of las vegas and there’s actually things that are going on and whatnot so what is it like to me i love it i love it if i could

Live anywhere i would live here honestly i love it here i absolutely love it here i love the part of town i live in or what not like i said i live in a suburb of las vegas it’s beautiful it’s really nice it’s fairly safe the city i live in voted like one of the safest cities big cities you can possibly live in and all those kinds of things i love it is really

Beautiful everything very new if you’ve ever been to and this is in the only place it’s like that if you could also go to a lot of places in arizona if you’ve ever been to arizona everything is new like like vegas arizona like it obviously like right around the strip like there’s not such nice parts kind of like no different than if you’ve been to phoenix arizona

Around the city kind of like older and kind of like kind of like more crime ridden i guess you could say but then as you get out into the further parts of vegas or phoenix or allow the newer cities it’s all really nice and almost everything’s new it like almost everything’s built within the last twenty years is absolutely crazy from the houses to the restaurants

And everything when people come and visit from from other states you know whether it be sharla or wherever they come from where when they ever they come out here they’re like man everything’s so new out here everything’s so new and nice and clean and it’s just crazy so that’s something you’ll definitely notice as you as you come out here the cost of letting pretty

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Dang cheap i mean it’s it’s not the cheapest place i’ve ever lived but i would say it’s one of the cheaper places you know gasoline’s not too bad house in place is very affordable very affordable housing prices compared to most of the country and and just overall cost is is pretty nice it’s like if that’s not the cheapest i would say actually phoenix arizona where

I lived was actually cheaper than out here but still i was fairly a cheap place to live because the housing is abundant now weather why summers are very hot and in the winters can be pretty dang cold especially kind of where i live because the strip is basically at the bottom of kind of the valley of las vegas metropolitan right the strip’s kind of at the bottom

And then basically as you go further out from the strip it kind of goes up it kind of goes more and more into the mountains and more and more into the mountains so where i live it’s kind of way out there kind of in i live maybe 3,000 feet above the sea level and whatnot so it gets a little chilly up here you know nicer 3040 degrees usually that’s not like really

Cold like east coast type of cold new york and boston look into places but it can certainly get cold and the summers are hot districting up i mean pretty much every day is over 100 degrees some days you’re above a hundred and ten degrees so it’s no joke it’s hot not as hot as when i lived in phoenix and that’s where i grew up and whatnot but it’s still so freakin

Hot so that’s something would be ready for if you ever actually come out here and you’re visiting whatnot in the summertime be prepared for the heat but of course if you come out or visit you’re going to probably be in the hotels and whatnot most of the time and the casinos and all those kinds of things so is it like a party lifestyle out here absolutely not like

The strip is a party lifestyle absolutely but once you get in the suburbs it’s just normal it’s just normal life the hole is getting messed up that doesn’t exist but you will notice everything kind of is like 24 hours out here like all the food stores around me 24 hours i can go them i could go there and do my full food shopping at 3 in the morning from one i’ve

Done it before i can do that i can do anything almost any time the day if you want to get a haircut at 3 in the morning you can do it you can get almost everything done the amount of restaurants open 24 hours the bars hooters i mean anything you can think of is pretty much open 24 hours unless it’s a business that’s obviously not going to get income but so many

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Places have slot machines or video poker and things like that so they want to stay open later because they can make money off that they can sell drink and you know it’s soul is so i guess you say wild west dish and that kind of gives me my next point about starting a business i feel like nevada is probably one of the easiest places to start a business and that’s

One of the reasons i lived here explained he was going to start businesses so i wanted to move out here because i knew it was one of the easier places to do it it absolutely lives up to that reputation so if you’re ever planning on starting a business it’s a great state in my opinion to start one is it’s not as many regulations you have to deal with as other states

Some states i don’t even imagine open a business in some of these states or the regulations are just oh my gosh that nevada it’s very easy and it’s like wild west and also taxes you don’t even have to pay taxes i don’t mean the final state taxes it’s freaking awesome because we don’t have any state taxes because the casinos pay all the taxes here so you know some

States like california whatnot you got to pay eight nine ten percent tax rate or whatever for state taxes you don’t have to deal about that here you don’t even have to file you don’t even have to file state taxes is no such thing the casino industry pays for all that they’re kind of the ones that kind of run the ship as far as all that goes so it’s a beautiful thing

Another beautiful thing you’ve always had huge conferences here i go to ces and things like that all the time and many other conferences you know are not conferences but like shows and whatnot nad show that’s another one that’s kind of more for professional side of video production and photography and those kinds of things it’s kind of like a more professional

Version of see yes i guess you can say but all those take the things it it all happens here because this is where the hotels are and all those kinds of things so it’s awesome to be able to go to that it’s also awesome even though we don’t really ever do it because the shows are so stinking expensive but you know the entertaining here it’s like nowhere else in the

World the amount of shows you can see the amount of musicians there’s always the hugest name musicians here all the time it’s for new year’s and all those types of things anybody who’s anybody tries to be in vegas at that time because the amounts of money they get or ridiculous from the hotels in the resorts and whatnot so there’s always so much entertainment of

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Course you gotta pay up for that entertainment so we hardly even go to shows and whatnot because it’s like a hundred bucks a person it’s like okay one shows two hundred bucks when you’re when you’re on vacation it might not seem like that much but if you’re just in normal everyday life dang do i really want to spend 200 bucks just to go to that show tonight or 300

Bucks or something or whatnot but at the same time those possibilities are out there and you can do all those kinds of things the amount of eating options out here unparalleled probably anywhere in my opinion but you have every type of five-star place you could possibly imagine on the strip right you know some of the fanciest resorts and whatnot they have some of

The finest food you could possibly imagine if you want to have that type of experience but also we have about every fast-food place i could possibly ever want you know i’m talking good ones like chick-fil-a in-and-out burger some of those kind of places that i just love so the amount of e’en options is phenomenal out here but that’s basically kind of what it’s like

To live out here i don’t think i have too much else to say let me know in comment section if you guys have any more questions for me on what it’s like to live out here and those kinds of things because i just think it’s a fun video to do because i just i think like the portrayal from from movies and whatnot is just totally different and i love the hangover you know

It’s just getting messed up on the strip and when you come out here you just on the strip i remember my first time out here i didn’t really get to see anything outside of the strip it was just a strip and we win hotel the hotel hotel and then it was time to go left and that was kind of it you don’t explore anything it’s not like other places you might go where you

Might explore actually outside of the tourist spot this is when you come to vegas you stay on the strip and that’s it so i hope you guys enjoyed this video i really enjoyed sharing it today i hope i simply keeps texting me over here i hope i kind of told you guys everything i remembered to tell you and whatnot leave me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video today

Guys if you came across this you know not subscribed yet you may want and we talk personal finance let’s channel usually we usually talk entrepreneurship i’m a business owner with a lot of my business tips and we usually talk about the stock market and how to be a successful investor but not today today’s just a fun video thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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What it is like to live In Las Vegas!!! By Financial Education

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