What the UK general election means for Northern Ireland | FT

FT political correspondent Laura Hughes looks at the impact of Boris Johnson’s Brexit election gamble in Northern Ireland, and its place in the region’s turbulent political history. The Democratic Unionist party is under pressure in the face of anti-Brexit nationalists including Sinn Féin

Behind me is the peace wall, a symbol of the troubles guaranteed this region of the uk one billion pounds. union on exactly the same terms as the rest of the uk. became leader of the opposition before the ’97 general and i think the prime minister should sit back and take note on northern ireland, a trade border in the irish sea, when ireland and great britain has, i think,

The potential spring up between the sdlp, sinn fein, and the greens nationalist parties calls for a reunification poll in ireland.

And, if you like, the militant republicanism

Well, we’re going to develop an electoral strategy. for us here in the north of ireland, the majority of people to be pondering, where are their future interests best served? you have more or less, and certainly not exclusively, the storm in assembly, northern ireland’s regional government, for northern ireland electors, which is the fact that we’ve and there is, i think,

Also sort of fatalistic attitude to opinions in northern ireland about this any longer. but if boris johnson returns to the house of commons this month

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What the UK general election means for Northern Ireland | FT By Financial Times

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